6 Tips For Working Effectively On A Global Team

There is no denying technology has revolutionized the way we live and work today. Here are 6 tips for working effectively on a global team.

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6 Tips For Working Effectively On A Global Team

There is no denying technology has revolutionized the way we live and work today. From the use of sophisticated equipment to implementing modern techniques and business strategies, we have come a long way. People and organizations working in different parts of the world interact and communicate with one another conveniently because of telecommunication. Humanity has come a lot closer despite vast geographical distances between communities and cultures. But this is just the beginning.

While modern technology influences our way of living, it has also impacted our way of doing things. For instance, the concept of utilizing global teams to accomplish organizational goals has become common. Today, professionals belonging from numerous cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and locations can work as a team, irrespective of boundaries, differences in values, and distinct time zones. However, it probably requires better management. So, if you are a part of a global team, these few tips will help you work effectively as a unit.

Enhance your existing skills and knowledge

One of the most effective ways to develop coherence on a global team is by acquiring the right skills and knowledge. As a team member, you must understand the challenges you might encounter while working with people from other countries. Perhaps your other team members have a different work style. Or maybe you are not fully aware of global perspectives and how to harness technological tools. Similarly, you should also have the expertise on how to thrive in a worldwide economy.

Therefore, to overcome all these challenges in international business, enhancing your current skills and knowledge is essential. For this purpose, pursuing advanced studies such as a Master of Business Administration can help you develop key international business skills required to fulfill job responsibilities. These academic programs equip you with global business insights, an understanding of the worldwide marketplace, and providing real-world experience. Consequently, you’ll then be able to effectively deliver international assignments while helping your organization meet its objectives.

Organize and plan business meetings

Working on a global team is very different from conventional teams working within an organization. Your team members might belong to a completely different background, culture, race, or location. This is a challenge most remote teams face throughout the world. If your team members belong to a foreign country, you may have to deal with communication issues. Sometimes, you might also have to face time zone clashes. Hence, bringing the entire team on the same page should be met with adequate planning.

So, to counteract these challenges, it’s always important to organize and plan your every move. Conduct business meetings with your team members at a feasible time, keeping the time zone differences in mind. Moreover, schedule daily, weekly, or monthly project discussions to stay updated with its progress. This way, you’ll be able to induce coordination while also accomplishing organizational goals with optimal efficiency.

Use the right tools

Before you start a new project with your global team, acknowledging the availability of technological resources and infrastructure is vital. Your team members might be separated from one another with large physical distances, and establishing a connection through physical presence is not possible. Under such circumstances, using the right tools and software to facilitate communication is the best way forward.

Having good video conferencing software or an instant messaging app to deliver and receive crucial information on time can benefit the entire group. Or deploying the right project management tools to monitor your team’s progress can certainly help you in the long run. Therefore, you must effectively utilize the available tools and software to thrive internationally.

Emphasize effective communication

It is without a doubt that effective communication is the road to success. No business in this world can survive without effective communication. Every successful business has a proper communication channel it uses to swiftly perform its business operations. Just as communication between a company and its stakeholders is essential, communication within employees or teams is equally important.

Since global teams tend to operate remotely, the need for reliable communication is higher than ever. Because your team members are not physically present in the same location, their quality and communication level can be affected. Keeping this in mind, you must ensure that a dedicated communication channel exists to communicate with your team members. It can be anything from a video call to video conferencing software to an instant messaging app. Your team’s performance may suffer without effective communication, thus failing to achieve desired outcomes.

Develop cultural awareness

Perhaps the most challenging part of working in a global team is to be culturally aware of your team members. Your team members may belong to a completely different region, religion, and culture, which can be tricky to cope with. Unless you and your team members are on the same page, meeting organizational objectives can be a nightmare. Therefore, most business professionals suggest being culturally aware and considerate when working in a global team.

If you’re willing to work on a global team, the best thing you could probably do is develop cultural awareness. For starters, you can research your team members regarding their cultural backgrounds. Perhaps reading a few books, website articles, or watching movies that depict your team members’ cultural background, can get you enough information. Or maybe you can talk to someone you know who belongs to that specific culture and get to know your teammates better.

Learn to compromise

As part of a global team, you must understand that your teammates might not necessarily work the way you do. They might talk and work differently, and it shouldn’t be met with feelings of incompatibility. Instead, a practical approach to this situation would be to memorize your team members’ communication and work style. This way, you’ll be able to develop a suitable plan to make things work.


As the world is turning into a global village, the concept of international teams is becoming popular. Most organizations believe acquiring a culturally diverse workforce can breed innovation and creativity. However, it is equally important to understand the challenges that lie with it. Therefore, you can turn the tides in your favor through proper planning, effective communication, utilizing the right tools, and being culturally aware.

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