6 Tips For Decorating Your Home With Art Correctly

Got a blank wall you need to decorate but have no idea how to go about it? Here are some tips to guide you when decorating your home with art

Got a blank wall you need to decorate but have no idea how to go about it? We’ve got some tips for you!

Hanging wall art is art itself: the process can be refreshing and creative, and the beauty of the finished work portrays how much thought has gone into it. From boho bathroom decor, to artistic bedroom displays, we have you covered.

So, here are some tips to guide you when decorating your space with art.

1. Identify the feeling you’re trying to create

Half of the work lies in knowing the feeling you’re trying to evoke. Once you do, you will have clarity on what type of art goes into what room. For example, brightly colored paintings and artworks exude fun, while a countryside landscape or nature photograph can evoke relaxation. For your workspace, you want to look at pieces that motivate you, like a quote.

2. Use colors once in a while

Even when you intend to go neutral, it doesn’t hurt to use brightly colored art pieces here and there. A vibrant photograph can add excitement and focus to an otherwise boring space. Think about going out of your comfort zone and touching up your space with a punch of color. But if you already have a room filled with colorful beddings and accessories, you mustn’t go this route.

3. Group by theme

When hanging up wall art, an idea that always works is to group art with a common theme. It doesn’t have to be paintings or canvases. It could be your personal or family portraits or a group of 20th-century photography for which Joel Meyerowitz photos are known. The uniformity brings a sense of creativity and order to your space. When choosing, try coordinating colors and go for art pieces containing these colors. That way, your space will end up looking more pulled together.

4. Use art in empty spaces

We all have that weird corner in our home that looks devoid of life. Why not transform it by hanging up one piece of art? Doing so can give the space a new sense of purpose. What’s more, you may just get to like the corner after all.

5. Don’t neglect height

The standardized approach when hanging art is to allow about 57 inches between the floor and the center of the photograph. This will allow anyone of average height to view the pieces comfortably, such as in a museum. But you don’t live in a museum, and this rule of thumb won’t work in most rooms where we sit mostly, like dining rooms and bedrooms. So you have to consider the height of the room and the furniture so that the wall arts feel like a part of the design rather than a separate piece near the ceiling.

6. Experiment with a gallery wall

A gallery wall can make a space look more pulled together. But you first have to choose between a free-flowing organic arrangement and a geometric one. If you like symmetry, a geometric one will work, but it takes time and curating the right sizes of frames.

A pro tip is to place one large-sized photograph surrounded by other smaller ones. Before installing the photographs, trace the frame of each piece with paper and stick it to the gallery wall. If the arrangement looks good, you can go ahead and hammer the nails into the wall.

You can browse Pinterest for ideas, but feel free to experiment.


So, there you have it! But it’s important to understand that there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your home with art. It’s more about what you want to create and how to achieve it. We’ve covered some tips for you on best practices, but always have the freedom to experiment.

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