6 Things to Do Before You Leave For Vacation

Getting the family ready for a vacation is supposed to be fun, but it can turn into a stressful situation if you’re not prepared. There is a lot of organization to get on with before you go, and you have to get it all done before you go away so that you can have a good time. You may only go on vacation once a year, so you want this to set off perfectly.

Aside from the constant packing, unpacking, choosing clothes and arranging your airplane carry-on bag, you have a lot to get straightened out. Do you have your airline tickets? Your Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club confirmation for your accommodation? Are you set up with the right visas (if necessary)? You need to be prepared, and with the list below, we’re giving you six more things to get done before you set off.

6 Things to Do Before You Leave For Vacation. Getting the family ready for a vacation is supposed to be fun, but it can turn stressful fast.

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6 Things to Do Before You Leave For Vacation:

  1. Clean the House. No one likes to come back from vacation to a messy house. If you dedicate a couple of hours the day or two before you go to clean everything, you can guarantee that you’re going to come back to a house that’s tidy and ready for you. Get rid of perishables in the fridge, too, just in case you come home to rotting food. No one likes a rotten fruit bowl and you can avoid it with a proper clean before you leave for your vacation.
  2. Air The Beds. Strip all the beds in the house of their linens and fold the duvet onto the pillows on the floor. The mattress needs time to air out after being slept, and while you’re away you have the perfect opportunity to do it. Plus, there’s nothing like fresh linens available when you get back to sleep on!
  3. Plan for a Fire. It’s highly unlikely your house will be on fire while you’re away, but planning for one is a must. So, unplug all of your electronics, your routers and your oven, and make sure that you have turned off any Aga, fireplace or stove you have. Turning the oven off at the wall socket will also reduce the risk of any sparks or fires that could occur.
  4. Turn On The Security. Lights, cameras, action! You’re going away for a length of time, so you need to ensure that your security policies are up to date and you have the cameras pointing in the right direction. Make sure that you have set up your security systems properly, too, so that they are active the moment you leave the house.
  5. Program The Thermostat. A house without proper programming is one that will be freezing cold when you get back from vacation. Make sure that you are coming home to a comfortable temperature and a boiler that hasn’t randomly failed working since you’ve been away and program the thermostat properly.
  6. Give A Friend A Key. Lastly, line up a friend you can trust to check on your home while you travel. You can give them a key and they can come in and bring your post, check your security and generally make sure your house is still standing!

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