6 Magical Properties of Cinnamon You Must Know About!

There’s no questioning the deliciousness or versatility of cinnamon. It’s used in everything from sweet foods like breakfast cereals and pastries to savory treats like curries and soups.

What you might not realize is that aside from tingling your taste buds, cinnamon actually has a few other amazing abilities up its sleeve that will make you love it even more. Let’s look at the most incredible properties of cinnamon, a spice that keeps on giving!

There’s no questioning the deliciousness or versatility of cinnamon. Let’s look at 6 magical properties of cinnamon, a spice that gives!

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Cinnamon can last indefinitely

When you Buy Cinnamon Sticks, you can safely keep them in your cupboard or on your spice rack for as long as you like, because this is not an ingredient that will go bad in a hurry.

So when does cinnamon expire? Well, if it is exposed to moisture or left uncovered for long periods, then it will become unusable.

The solution is to store it in an airtight container, out of the way of sources of water. If you do, it could last for years.

Cinnamon can lower your blood pressure

Studies have shown that if you consume cinnamon, your blood pressure will be reduced in the immediate aftermath.

While this is not a long-term solution for high blood pressure, it does show that cinnamon and other spices can have health benefits that are definitely surprising and somewhat magical, to say the least.

Cinnamon can prevent and manage diabetes

Another clinical application of cinnamon is in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. This comes down to the way that it interacts with blood sugar levels, partly by being interpreted in a similar way to insulin, as well as by reducing how much glucose ends up in our bloodstreams.

Again, diabetics shouldn’t instantly switch to scoffing cinnamon over taking prescribed meds, but it’s not hard to imagine a future where this wonder-spice is more widely used in this context.

Cinnamon can combat Alzheimer’s

The blood isn’t the only thing that cinnamon can influence, as researchers have also looked into how compounds it contains interact with the proteins in our brain cells which are responsible for the onset of Alzheimer’s and other age-related, degenerative diseases.

So far the scientific studies on cinnamon’s impact on Alzheimer’s in particular is fairly limited, but that doesn’t mean we won’t learn more about its incredible abilities in this area in years to come.

Cinnamon can benefit your digestion

Getting the right combination of bacteria in your gut is the key to a healthy digestive tract, and to allowing you to process the different foods you enjoy the most without suffering unwanted side effects.

Cinnamon is thought to be able to deliver some of the bacterial balance within your intestines which certain people are lacking, either naturally or as a result of their lifestyle and diet choices.

Again, the benefits won’t be immediate and we still don’t fully understand the extent of cinnamon’s role in this regard, but it’s nice to know that it is probably good for your gut, not bad for it.

Cinnamon can improve your overall health

A number of traditional medicines make use of cinnamon as an ingredient, and while its taste no doubt plays a part in informing this decision, there is some scientific evidence that it does actually have a few other medically relevant properties to shout about.

It’s the cinnamaldehyde extracted from the essential oils which cinnamon contains that can apparently offer a range of benefits, such as counteracting viruses and fungal infections.

We wouldn’t recommend rubbing cinnamon sticks on any part of your body that is experiencing issues; sticking to using it as a flavorful ingredient in food is best. But even so, now you know more about the magical properties of cinnamon, there’s no reason to skimp on it as a seasoning.

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