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6 Hacks for Hosting a Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday party? Your friends and family are eager to celebrate. Holiday guests expect tasty treats and impressive décor, so feel free to use our list of hosting hacks. This list makes it easy to plan and organize. We’ll show you how to serve tasty snacks like appetizers and gourmet chocolate bars while you take your holiday décor up a notch. Then discover how to keep the party going and make your guests feel appreciated. 

Hosting a holiday party? Your friends and family are eager to celebrate. Discover how to keep the party going and make your guests feel appreciated with these 6 tips.

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1. Serve Portable Snacks 

Holiday parties are about socializing and spending time together. Instead of making a big dinner, you can save time and serve portable party apps. Guests will love portable, seasonal treats. Whatever recipes or products you choose, your selections can be just as wholesome as they are delicious. Plant-based gourmet chocolate bars look impressive and festive on a holiday tray. Give your guests the gift of dark chocolate and oat milk chocolate filled with indulgent seasonal flavors like eggnog and pumpkin. Choose from a variety of plant based chocolate bars with colorful wrapping. Chocolate gift boxes will make the spread look even more elegant. 

When searching for something savory, appetizers like vegetarian stuffed mushrooms or garlic pull-apart bread are enough to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Spinach puffs are made with a delicate puff pastry and taste like baked spinach dip in an edible cup. More tasty choices include spiced candied pecans and antipasto skewers featuring roasted peppers and olives. 

2. Send Digital Invitations 

Print cards are still popular for the holidays, but save them for your photo cards and family greetings. Digital invitations are just as festive, and they’ll help you with the planning. First, find a fun holiday graphic that you can customize and edit. 

Now it’s time to fill in the details. Send the invitation as an email or a text message. You can even send it out as a group text. Ask your guests to RSVP by email or text reply. If you want the invite to stand out, create an animated greeting card or a clickable email newsletter. Your guests can update their RSVP directly, so everyone knows who’s attending the party. Keep your list so you can send thank you messages later. Feature the same theme on all your messages, and your party will feel like a luxe seasonal experience.

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3. Find Easy Ways to Decorate 

Holiday parties at home have plenty of festive décor. Add a few details, and you’ll make the space look special enough for a party. Feature a chalkboard sign outside the door to welcome everyone to your celebration. You can draw colorful chalk illustrations of evergreen trees or presents to inspire a festive feeling.

Play lively holiday music at the doorway. Or use your speakers to play a soundtrack of jingle bells. Bundles of red and green balloons will help to create a fun and festive atmosphere. You can even add gold streamers for more of a celebratory party feel. Set up buffet tables and display tables with snacks and favors. Create a cozy ambiance with holiday lights and a few flickering LED candles. 

4. Plan Fun Activities 

It’s okay if everyone socializes and snacks, but sometimes the party needs a pick-me-up. Plan a few activities just in case. Fun ideas include holiday karaoke and holiday movie trivia. Join your loved ones in a game of seasonal charades or plan an affordable White Elephant gift party. Ask a few friends to plan with you beforehand. When it’s time for activities, they can help everyone together. Decide if you want the entire group to join. You can also create an activity area for those who want in on the competition. Consider making the activities more exciting by offering small prizes for the winners. 

5. Create a Unique Playlist  

A holiday party is always more festive with seasonal music. We recommend mixing classic holiday songs and contemporary favorites. Then add dance music and pop hits for a song list that everyone can enjoy. Keep the tracks upbeat to encourage guests to sing and dance. You may get some photo opportunities! Choose an ample outdoor space or a room for music lovers. Then feature the songs on a lower volume in the other areas. Everyone will get to hear the playlist, but those who want to catch up and socialize can do so comfortably. Share a digital copy of the playlist for guests so they can listen to it later. 

Hosting a holiday party? Your friends and family are eager to celebrate. Discover how to keep the party going and make your guests feel appreciated with these 6 tips.

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6. Give Pre-Wrapped Party Favors  

Now, it’s time to wrap up the party with an unforgettable holiday favor! To save time, choose premade or pre-wrapped presents. Some of our favorite festive ideas include chocolate bars or dark chocolate truffles decorated with tiny bows or gift tags. You can even give out gourmet candy canes or mini tree ornaments. 

If you’re a fan of cozy gifts, mini candles and Goat Milk Soap sets are always appreciated during the holidays. Tiny vials filled with drinking chocolate crumbles and spices can inspire a DIY drinking chocolate kit. A holiday matchbox adorned with an evergreen tree or an elf hat is simple yet unique. Or give away tiny red spatulas or cute holiday cookie cutters.

Host a Memorable Holiday Event 

Your guests will feel at home when you use these simple party hacks. Family and friends deserve to be comfy and entertained, but you also deserve to enjoy the season! With the help of these tips, you’ll save yourself time and effort so you can focus on your loved ones and make the most of the festivities. 

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