6 Fun Activities To Enjoy On Your Smoky Mountains Vacation

There are many fun activities in the Great Smoky Mountains, whether going alone, with companions, or with the entire family. The Smokies have something fascinating for every kind of traveler, from hiking to water sports to cultural endeavors to wildlife gazing.

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The Great Smoky Mountains, situated on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, are a stunning vacation spot. High mountains, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls make the Smokies a haven for nature lovers.

There are many fun activities in the Great Smoky Mountains, whether going alone, with companions, or with the entire family. The Smokies have something fascinating for every kind of traveler, from hiking to water sports to cultural endeavors to wildlife gazing.

Let’s start with a few of the most thrilling and enjoyable things you can do when traveling to the Smokies.

1. Hiking

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s natural splendor can be explored fully by hiking. Hikers can choose from paths that range in length and challenge level from more than 800 miles of trails. Trails are accessible for each degree of hiker, from comfortable walks to challenging treks.

The path that leads to Clingmans Dome’s summit is the most popular hike in the Smoky Mountains. Hikers are welcomed with stunning panoramas of the nearby territory from the park’s highest point.

The Laurel Falls route is a great decision for those searching for a more relaxed walk. It goes to a wonderful cascade that is a most loved spot for photography.

There are valuable chances to experience creatures like deer, elk, and wild bears while climbing in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s crucial to keep in mind not to feed the animals and to maintain an adequate distance from them.

Also, keep the right equipment before a trip, such as durable shoes, a bag for carrying food and water, and a trail guidebook.

2. Camping

Many campgrounds in Tennessee provide various campsite options, from deluxe riverfront sites to wooded sites, letting campers select the area that best suits their interests. Some options match each camping style, whether you want to set a tent next to a beautiful river or a more quiet and shaded site.

Camping in the Smokies helps you completely escape technology and enjoy being outdoors. Camping enables tourists to take in the splendor of the Smokies, from the calming sounds of the woods to stargazing beneath the night sky.

Bring all the necessary materials and gear, including a durable tent, mattresses, culinary items, and food, while camping in the Smoky Mountains. In addition, it’s crucial to follow the Leave No Trace guidelines, which seek to reduce the negative effects of human activity on the environment.

3. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating activity that is captivating for exploring the Smoky Mountains’ natural splendor. Whitewater rafting lovers now and again visit the Pigeon River.

The Pigeon River offers an exciting journey that will get your heart racing because of its swiftly rushing rapids. Many options are accessible for all ability levels, whether you are an expert rafter or a beginner.

You can use guided excursions to properly negotiate the rapids and get the most out of your whitewater rafting adventure. These excursions normally come with all required equipment, safety gear, and knowledgeable guides who can show you how to navigate the rapids safely.

The amazing scenery of the Smoky Mountains will be all around you as you travel down the river. Some local animals, like bald eagles, otters, or even black bears, may be visible to you.

Horseback Riding

The region has several stables that provide supervised horseback rides over the hills, each providing a distinctive experience.

  • Jayell Ranch: You may ride a horse through more than 260 acres of lovely forests, creeks, and mountain panoramas at Jayell Ranch. Shorter trail trips for novice riders and longer rides for skilled riders are among the ranch’s guided horseback riding trips. At Jayell Ranch, the knowledgeable guides ensure you’re given a secure and pleasurable ride across the magnificent terrain.
  • Five Oaks Riding Stables: Five Oaks Riding Stables in Sevierville provides a 3.5-mile trail ride across the breathtaking Smoky Mountain valleys. You can enjoy the area’s natural splendor as a local guide leads you through the forests and streams.

5. Fishing

Anglers can find a wide range of fishing options in the region’s streams, creeks, and rivers, according to what they prefer.

  • One of the most well-liked places to fish in the Smoky Mountains is the Little Pigeon River, home to various kinds of fish, including rainbow trout, brown trout, and smallmouth bass.
  • Another excellent spot for fishing is Cosby Creek, particularly for those seeking to capture brook trout. Additionally, the region offers several guided fishing excursions that can give you all the necessary tools and information.

In addition to catching some fish, fishing in the Smoky Mountains provides a chance to enjoy the tranquil and calm environment. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the rushing water and the surrounding forest while you cast your line and wait for your catch. Few other activities allow you to disconnect from the outside world and truly connect with nature.

6. Ziplining

Adventurers who love thrills and want to explore nature should try ziplining in the Smokies. You can select a zipline course based on your interests and skill level from among the many offered in the area. While some courses give a more hard experience, others might offer longer zip lines and greater elevations.

When ziplining, you may see incredible panoramic vistas of the mountains, luscious forests, and even a few species. During your tour, knowledgeable guides will keep you secure and share intriguing details about the area. Many zipline courses offer additional activities, such as ropes courses and sky bridges, to add adventure to your experience.


The Smoky Mountains offer many exciting activities for people of all ages. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrilling adventure or a nature lover seeking a peaceful retreat, the Smokies have got it all. From hiking and ziplining to horseback riding and fishing, there is no shortage of fun things to do in this picturesque region. So pack your bags, get your family or friends, and prepare for an unforgettable vacation in the stunning Smoky Mountains.

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