6 Eye Makeup Tricks That Make a Huge Difference

Practice the following six helpful eye makeup tricks and you will get a big difference in your looks, because of your eye makeup skills!

6 Eye Makeup Tricks That Make a Huge Difference

Your eyes will look well-polished, much brighter, and bigger if you wear the right makeup. It doesn’t matter whether your eye circles are generally dark because the simplest makeup will make a big difference. 

Most eye makeup tricks do not require a specialist to do the application because they are simple DIY tricks that you can do daily in your house. Practice the following eye makeup tricks and you will get a big difference in your looks. 

Use the right false lashes for your eye type

False lashes are a great way to make your eyes look brighter, bigger, and superb. However, you cannot rush into a lash store online and order any lash that pleases your eyes. Your eyes are either round, almond, hooded, monolid, upturned, or downturned. Next time you go shopping for false lashes, strictly order the pair that is specifically made for your eye type. 

For example, if you have almond eyes, buy the best DIY lashes for almond eyes from Lilac St., Eyelure, Huda, Valour or Sweed. DIY false lashes from Lilac St. are a great choice for almond eyes because they look natural on your eyes, are highly affordable, and are easy to apply. Like an almond, the eyes in their natural look are oval and a little elongated. You cannot see your entire iris and the white above it rarely shows. They are the commonest types of eyes globally and have a classic look. 

Curl your lashes first 

Applying mascara is an excellent way to give you endless flattering but you can only hope that the process goes right. Consider the pad that you stick below the eyelid to hold it in place. Sometimes the mascara might stick to the pad and everything goes into a mess. Within a moment, it can pull out your natural lashes and you end up with nothing left. 

Luckily, natural lashes will grow again soon but to wait for two weeks or more without lashes can be centuries-long. You want to avoid this mess by curling your lashes first. Apply your mascara comfortably after ensuring the lashes are curled well. Utilizing lash growth serum can help them grow a little faster though if you are worried about the prospect of them taking too long to come back.

Use eyeshadow to add the fullness 

It is easy to fall into the old trick that brushing your lashes with baby powder between the mascara coats will add volume. Unfortunately, baby powder is white and it will be vividly shown under mascara as though someone blew powder on your lashes. 

Your better option will be matte powder eyeshadow because it blends well with the mascara coat. You will build all the volume you want without having to worry about strange residues on your lashes. Use eyeshadow that is the same color as your mascara to get the perfect blend. 

Amplify the look with a mix of colors

You may not have noticed it, but your natural lashes color is one solid tone. The color around the roots is mostly darker, but it becomes lighter towards the tips. If your aim is achieving a natural look, one solid coating will not be for you. Use two layers of mascara with closely related colors, one dark and another lighter color. 

Begin with the darker color and apply it around the lash roots. Follow it with a lighter color and let it extend to the tips to create a natural gradient. Choose a color that blends well with your skin tone to make them look as natural as possible. 

The nude shade eyeliner will make your eyes look more awake

If you had that one occasion that made you stay awake for hours or you just want your eyes to look bigger, enhance it with a nude shade eyeliner. There is no need to apply it on both sides of the eye. Just deal with the bottom waterline to give your eyes an instant glittery that will make them look awake. 

Hide those marks with a concealer

Your eyelids might have black spots or reddish veins that are easily visible. Even with the best false lashes and eyeshadow, you will still feel uncomfortable. Make the tone even by applying a concealer that will make the complexion look good on you. Test the concealer color to make sure it matches the color of your eyelids to avoid making the blending off tone. 


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