50 Things of Happy, Like Tauntauns and Windswept Hair

The thing is, there are way more than 50 things that make me happy.

More like 50 million. There’s something to be said, though, about thinking up 50 things right there on the spot. Once you start, you can’t stop. It comes out like happy bursts of lightning, and it changes like currents. What’s making you happy right now? What’s rocking your world right now? What made you smile today? What is it that makes you smile everyday?

I was tagged in a Twitter post about Authentic Happiness and I decided to rise to the challenge. I’m accepting this challenge to list 50 things that make me happy. And let me know something that makes YOU happy in the comments!

1 – When you’re standing close to someone you love and you’re not even touching but the electricity makes you think that you are. The heat and the hair on your arms makes you imagine the heat and the hair on their arms. It’s magnetic, love.

2 – That jean jackets are always in style, and even if they stopped being in style, we’d still be wearing them, wouldn’t we?

3 – When you grin at a stranger in public and they grin back and there’s a spring in your step, and maybe in theirs after that.

4 – The smell of coconut and how it always smells like beach vacations.

5 – The way the wind and humidity make my hair wild. I used to hate it and now I absolutely love it. The wilder, the better.

6 – Drinking something cold when you’re thirsty, which probably means you’re dehydrated, but it feels so great!

7 – When your fancy schmancy toothbrushing app says you did a 100% brushing job with your fancy schmancy toothbrush.

8 – The smell of lilacs, and how they bloom so suddenly and rampantly.

9 – That I can drive anywhere I want, or take a plane, train, bus or boat ride, if I really want to do so.

10 – Rainbow everything. The rainbow colors in order, or at least the way we put them in order.

11 – When there’s cash in my wallet, and even though it doesn’t negate that there’s money in my bank account too, it still makes me feel like I’m temporarily rich and I dream up all the places I want to go to spend that “found” money!

12 – That I have a secret I’ll get to announce on Facebook next Thursday. I’m really not being secretive to be secretive. You can totally message me or text me and I’ll tell you, but I’ll swear you to secrecy from my kids. Or ELSE. (still not a baby)

13 – When your salted caramel or peanut butter sauce sinks to the bottom of your ice cream sundae and takes the sprinkles down with them. Then the end of the ice cream sundae is as exciting as the beginning.

14 – Late night silly movies with popcorn, or said ice cream sundaes.

15 – Dog parks.

16 – When wit overtakes you, and you keep making yourself laugh with rapid fire text or email responses.

17 – When there’s nothing to do but read a book in the sun.

18 – Reading Yankee Magazine in a bath with bubbles that glisten and shine.

19 – Flannel pants with drawstrings.

20 – Frolicking dogs on a dog beach.

21 – When you’re drinking an iced coffee drink with whipped cream and you put the straw at the top of the drink to get a mouthful of whipped cream and whatever wonderful syrup or candy comes with it. Best first sip ever!

22 – The soft parts of my cat’s belly, and that she lets me pet her belly! I thought cats mostly don’t like that.

23 – The character of Lafayette in Hamilton.

24 – When you’re smiling over the phone, and you know they can hear it. Or vice versa.

25 – The way Athena meets people at the park and then trots to my side as if to say, “This is my person! Isn’t she cool?”

26 – Using Alexa (Amazon Echo) to play Bruce Hornsby while I’m in the shower.

27 – Buying Rice Krispies or Cheerios just to put a splash of cream in the bowl with the milk.

28 – Going to a restaurant or movie alone.

29 – Dressing up for Halloween, or just because.

30 – Feeling physically good, nearly always.

31 – The smell of coffee even if you don’t/can’t drink it unless it’s decaf.

32 – Kid giggles that YOU caused.

33 – Parades.

34 – That Des is still so young that he thinks he’s in love with me.

35 – And that his hair hasn’t been cut in two months.

36 – When you’ve taken a picture and you know it has that IT quality – that pure moment/vision magic.

37 – It’s pretty much the same with writing.

38 – When your heart pitter patters. Even if it’s all wrong or all right, and even if it’s just a trigger or a flash of something else, or something you thought was long buried. Whatever it takes, whatever it is, it makes you feel alive.

39 – That at least one of my kids hears Laurel, like me, even if the other is Team Yanny.

40 – That Scarlet still likes to dress like me.

41 – When you’re out in public and see a local business owner or public figure and you geek out a bit to see them, AND, they know who you are!

42 – When you’re already excited for breakfast the night before.

43 – Oh, the places you’ll go.

44 – When you create your own work schedule and can take off any day, week, or month, within reason, and go on adventures.

45 – That Cassidy and I got each other anniversary gifts that have to do with Dire Straits: “Romeo and Juliet.”

46 – That Des was flattened by the end of Charlotte’s Web. I don’t want him to be sad, but I’m glad he feels things strongly.

47 – That I’m going on a staycation this weekend and have a hotel room in South Deerfield for work. There’s a pool!

48 – That there’s a hierarchy of rainbow sprinkles, and I know where to find the good ones.

49 – That my friend Tara made me 50 Shades of Grey cupcakes for work.

50 – So there’s a Tauntaun in our house. I knew it was coming. We don’t like animal heads/busts on our walls, but figured mythical or science-fiction creatures would be ok. It took forever to come and Cassidy didn’t tell me WHEN it was coming. So I brought home the kids and Scarlet’s best friend from school on Wednesday and Des had to poop. Badly. Scarlet and Ella thought it would be funny to race into the bathroom ahead of him and slam the door. Poor kid had to go! So he went upstairs to use our bathroom and came running back downstairs. Apparently he had found a “monster” in our room lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling. I went back upstairs with him to dispel the monster myth, but happened upon a Tauntaun.

Cassidy said it couldn’t have gone better! Poor Des could have pooped his pants.

What makes you happy?

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  1. I’m sure you thought of these 50 happy facts in no time at all, Tamara! Seeing my brother and sister-in-law so much happier in their marriage the second time around makes me happy every day. Receiving calls and visits, text messages and e-mails from family and dear friends who keep in touch to find out how I’m doing. Being surrounded by family and friends who really and truly care makes me feel so very special beyond words.

  2. I love your list! Most of these make me happy too. And I LOVE your tauntaun. I feel like we need one for our house.

  3. What a fabulous, fun post to read, Tamara! Thank you!!..

    “When I see you my friend, it’s like a rainbow coming round the bend.” 🙂

  4. I love this list, Tamara. Reading this post was exactly what I needed on a Monday morning. Ditto on coconut, lilacs and Lafayette in Hamilton.

  5. Ah!!!!! This was SO MUCH FUN TO READ!!! Such gorgeous things that make you happy- so much so, they made ME happy.
    And I am so clueless, I don’t even know what that scary monster thing is, but I’m SURE it’s SUPER cool if it’s in your house! LOL

  6. What a lovely list of things that make you happy, Tamara. I would double up on some of these for my own list, if I were to make one. I had no idea what a Tauntaun was but now I know. Ha! That Cassidy is always full of surprises. Now it’s you that’s keeping a surprise announcement for us. My curiosity is piqued.

  7. Great list and many on there would make me happy too. Although I think that Tauntaun would scare the bejeans out of me.I would be afraid to walk near it in the dark LOL. Kind of cool at the same time though.

  8. I think this may be my favorite post ever! Reading it made me so happy (except for poor Des, and Aud would do the same thing to Cam). I think I must write my own 59 happies post 💕!

  9. This post made me so happy just by reading it. By the way, Audrey would have done the same thing to her brother – poor Des. I think I just might write my own 50 Happy’s post. This was I think my favorite post ever

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