5 Ways to Recreate Seaside Memories With a Romantic Meal

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5 Ways to Recreate Seaside Memories With a Romantic Meal - starting with ordering from, and preparing a romantic meal from Harbour Trading Co.

The first time I met Cassidy, we got lost that night (accidentally on purpose) and drove to a beach in The Hamptons.

Two weeks after we had first met at JFK Airport, I stepped onto a plane to California and nearly kissed the ground. In fact, I think I did kiss the grass at Golden Gate Park! Later we ran on the piers, chasing each other and eating juicy strawberries.

The memories of the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of those first beaches are ones that will never be forgotten.

A few months into our relationship – when we joyfully reunited after two painful years apart – Cassidy took me to his family’s beach house in Cape Cod on a quiet November weekend. It has become a place of rest, respite, romance, relaxation, reunion – all the good “r’s” – for ten years now, and the kids are growing up with this ultimate summer getaway to end all getaways.

It’s a home away from home.

A few years into our marriage, I made a list of the states I’d visited, and then a list of the states I’d visited with Cassidy. There was an overlap, I thought, and in some ways – it was like my travel dreams started coming true the day I met him.

Now that the golden leaves are falling off the trees, and the sunsets are getting earlier, I think, of course, of the places in which I’ve seen and felt the most light. I think about the places we’ve been, and the ones we hope to see. Two months ago, and eight years into our marriage, we visited Alaska after a particularly trying year. It was a life dream and I’m still in shock that we did it. As the days and months pass and we get farther away from it, I want to have date nights in which we recreate our best seaside vacations. For me, there’s nothing like connecting back to Alaska/Cape Cod/SF memories through food.

And THAT is how I discovered Harbour Trading Co.

The process is easy and pretty fascinating, actually. You can order fresh fish at your fingertips based on what the captains are catching THIS week. Then you can choose a delivery date, get delivery notifications, and find magic at your doorstep.

All the ingredients and materials for your chosen recipe come in a wooden crate/box. It can be reused in many ways! Countless ways. For my kids, it’s a treasure chest. You know what? For me, it’s ALSO a treasure chest. What about for you?

Other than the obvious treasure chest, what’s in there is even better than I imagined.

Look at these details!

What IS it? Harbour Trading Co. is dedicated to bringing you “Sea to Table” fresh fresh, caught by (named!) captains and fishermen in the United States. Fresh fish, organic ingredients, and original recipes are delivered right to your home.

How cool is that?

This is a one of a kind dining experience right at home. All recipes are created by Harbour Trading Co.’s top chef, all ingredients are organic, the seafood is fresh from boat to table, and the options are endless. This is an amazingly creative gift idea – especially with the holiday season upon us – and think about it for people who live in landlocked states and don’t have access to fresh seafood. There are two options for every meal – a dinner for a family (serves about four) and a dinner for two. I chose the option for two, for a romantic dinner with Cassidy. I wanted to recreate the seaside seafood dinners we’ve shared.

And all the beautiful places we’ve seen so far.

  1. So to start, I placed my order with Harbour Trading Co and it couldn’t have been easier. I really love that they include a Fish Trax – which was initially developed by fishermen and scientists as an important tool for customers to trace their meal – from where it came from in the United States – and who caught it! When the food arrives, it is fresh and not frozen.

  1. We prepare the meal together, with the easy-to-follow directions, because what says romance more than cooking together?

  1. I set the table to look festive and beachy. (and we love red)

  1. I put on mellow music – bonus points for songs with soft strumming sounds.

  1. A beachy drink. I’m more of a mocktail girl myself, but Harbour Trading Co.’s website has wonderful wine pairing suggestions.

(Tropical Pineapple Lime Mojito)

*Bonus – I wear a sundress, no matter the time of year. Nothing will ever make me remember the seaside like that.

Pretty cool, right? We have already had two of these romantic dinner nights, and I can’t wait for the next one. Harbour Trading Co. is such a fascinating company – and they employ so many methods that impress me. The food is delicious, and takes me back to magical places – like Bar Harbor, a beach chalet in San Francisco, or a crowded bar in Homer, Alaska – in which fishermen all gather to discuss the day’s catches. I can think of no better way to recreate that romance at home.

Here are some fun fish facts: Omega-3 in fish can help reduce the risk of heart attack, and fish and shellfish can also improve circulation. Fish has joint benefits, helps keep eyes bright and healthy, is good for your skin, and boosts brainpower.

Find out more!

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    1. It’s amazing. The details are so much fun. Like the little bottles of goodies! The treasure chest! The cool recipe card. Ahh.. I want it for dinner every night.

  1. Sounds like a great subscription box and a great way to relive those vacations! That mojito looks mighty inviting too!

  2. Yum!!! I love soup and this soup looks delicious. I’ve never ordered from one of the meal in a box services. But I think it would be a lot of fun to try one sometime.

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