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5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh & Welcoming

This article will tell you how you can easily transform your space to make your home feel fresh & welcoming.

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If you’re moving into a new house or relocating to an apartment, you may be overwhelmed with the moving and redecorating. In an attempt to create a practical and convenient space that fits everything, it is easy to overlook the aesthetic element of your house interiors.

Your home is a reflection of yourself. It is your very own canvas, where each item represents a brush stroke, specifically chosen and placed in that specific place to create a beautiful picture. With time and effort, you make your home into your haven. Naturally, you want your home to be warm, fresh and welcoming for you and others who visit.

Luckily, many easy hacks can help you transform your home into a cozy, picturesque space, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. This article will tell you how you can easily transform your space into a fresh and welcoming one!

Scents & Candles

The first thing you notice upon entering a home is the smell of the space. If you enter a room and the aroma of freshly baked vanilla or burned sage hits you, you instantly become more positive about the rest of your experience in that space; similarly, if you visit a friend and smell cat litter, chances are even great hospitality will not turn your experience into a pleasant one. Therefore, one way to immediately make your home feel fresh and inviting is by making sure it always smells nice. You can do this by regularly using air fresheners, but if you’d rather be more eco-friendly, scented candles are a fantastic option. These are not only sustainable but have longer-lasting scents. If you’re looking for high-quality scented candles, try out Scentsy products, a brand that offers a wide range of home accessories.

The Right Lighting

One aspect we often underestimate while decorating homes is lighting. Ideally, each room should have open access to direct sunlight. It makes a world of difference in how a room looks. As for after sundown, the night views you get from a well-placed window are all you need to make up for a bad day. However, having natural light in every room is a hard ask in today’s housing market. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can still fix the lighting in your room. You can start by replacing all the existing bulbs in your room with good-quality yellow bulbs, which will instantly brighten up your room. Additionally, you can invest in standing or table lamps that match your room’s aesthetic. A beautiful lamp will brighten your room and add aesthetic décor points to the overall interior!

Color Wheel 

A room with mismatched colors can immediately seem off and unwelcoming. It’s all right for your favorite colors to be orange and black, but designing your room interior around these two isn’t the smartest choice. There are three fundamentals you can follow to ensure the color scheme of your room isn’t a hot mess:

Pick a base color: This is your primary color on which everything will focus. Buy yourself a color wheel and select your base color. The wheel will show you the complementary and contrasting colors that work best for you.

Complement & Contrast: Complementing colors are similar shades to the primary color and can be used throughout the room to build a seamless transition without overpowering the primary color. Contrasting colors, however, must be used sparingly. i.e. less than 15% of a room. A little bit of contrast helps the primary color stand out, but a lot of contrast just makes for a confusing theme.

Opt for light walls: Often, we paint our walls a dark shade, which sadly makes the whole room look dull and small. The key is always picking the lightest shade of the primary/complementary color as wall paint or wallpaper.

Following the color wheel and the above rules makes any space feel fresh and inviting.

Green goes a Long Way

When you flip through any interior or lifestyle magazine or blog, the one thing you notice in every picture is plants. Plants have an instant livening effect on a space, making it look fresh and cozy. As humans, we are inherently drawn toward nature; by adding natural flora to your room, you can make the space appeal to everyone who visits. In fact, studies show that houseplants have a significant effect on our overall mental and physical health. Despite the obvious advantages of houseplants, you might be having trouble figuring out how to fit a whole plant into your cramped room. If space is an issue, you can opt for small plants or leaves placed in an empty bottle/vase. There are plenty of other ways to include houseplants in your room, and all of them will drastically impact the overall feel of your home!

Pillows, Rugs, and the Works

Regardless of the obvious impracticality of a million pillows on the bed, you can’t deny the comfort and coziness of being in a room with pillows and cushions. Hotel beds appeal so much to us partly due to the insane amount of pillows and cushions and the quaint little bed scarf elegantly placed on the duvet. We are visual creatures, and if something looks comfortable, our perception of it will also be that it is more comfortable, regardless of whether it actually is. Invest in cozy rugs, sofa and bed throws, and fluffy pillows and cushions. Your house will immediately give off a cozy and homely vibe!

Final Words

Turning your space into a home is not an easy task. The amount of work that goes into planning and arranging the different elements which go into each part of a room is unimaginable. From wall colors to light fixtures to curtains and furniture, there are plenty of things to consider. However, if you love hosting, it’s only natural for you to want your house to look as warm, fresh, and welcoming as possible. With the above hacks, you can transform your home into a space straight out of the pages of Harper Bazaar Interiors!

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