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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Connect With Nature: $100 Giveaway

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Do your kids love to be outside all day long, like mine? Come spring, summer, fall, and even parts of winter - we are teaching them to connect with nature. Find out how Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief can help! #ad

Make sure you read to the bottom because there’s a giveaway for a $100 Visa Gift Card! Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on getting your kids out in nature. We have found one thing that helps us so much: Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief.

My kids love and pretty much live outside during at least three seasons of the year.

It’s close to the life I loved and pretty much lived as a kid! We lived on the top of a mountain, with very little traffic, and would play outside from morning until night. Those days seemed long and the weeks and months seemed endless. I only know now how fast summer must have seemed to my parents! When the streetlights came on at night, our parents would all call us in. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but it was life. It was routine. We would go to the streams behind our house to catch crayfish and salamanders under rocks. I climbed trees, rode bikes, rollerbladed, and ran through the trails in our woods. We would create big neighborhood games of Simon Says, Kick the Can, and organized baseball and soccer games.

Somehow, we’ve managed to give our kids a fairly similar childhood. They’re young (5 and 8) so being screen-free is not challenging at this point because they’re not asking for screen-time. We are teaching them to love nature. We have rock gardens and a sprawling berry garden. There are vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants growing too. We have 11 chickens that produce eggs almost daily. On our four acres, we have a lot of driveway, but the rest of it is woods and trails and ponds. It’s a gift. My kids know the sounds of a fisher cat and how to find, moose, deer or bear tracks in the snow or in the mud.

Living here makes nature easy to appreciate, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t still had to learn a few ways to connect the kids with nature. No matter where you live, these tips can help.

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Connect with Nature:

1 – Love nature, no matter where you are. Whether you live in the mountains or in a city, you can track nature. We create a window in our house for watching the world go by on rainy days. We also go “cloud-spotting” and watch the buds on the trees. You can watch it change, every week, month, and season. There’s something miraculous about it, wherever you are.

2 – Be in nature with no distractions. Sometimes that even means I leave the camera home, much less the phone. We love to find spots on our property to wait and watch. It’s really fun to watch nature without interruptions or other sounds.

3 – Read about nature with your kids. We go to the library and there are special displays this time of year with spring and garden themed books. I also like to get out books about star-gazing, so we can do our own star-gazing on spring nights.

4 – Garden with your kids. Whether it’s a small garden, even an indoor one, or a large one like ours, there is nothing like learning about plant growth and eating your own food. I’ve never met a kid who isn’t excited about growing food or flowers!

5 – Reduce obstacles, and this means being prepared with supplies and medications. This is a really important one so I saved it for last, so I could talk about it a lot! Spring is amazing, but it brings with it bugs, itchy plants, and allergies. That’s big!

Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief is a big answer to the question I had been asking about allergy relief for my daughter. This is a brand I already trust for me, so I was excited to learn about two products: Allegra Oral Suspension Liquid in 4oz and 8oz, and Allegra Orally Disintegrating Tablets in 12ct and 24ct. It’s available at food, drug and mass stores nationwide for an average retail price of $10.99. This was exactly what we were seeking for Scarlet this spring. Children’s Allegra is effective, long-lasting, non-drowsy relief that treats kids’ most troublesome allergy symptoms. I love the idea of pure spring fun!

Children’s Allegra is long-lasting, non-drowsy, effective, indoor/outdoor allergy relief. It relieves sneezing, runny noses, itchy and watery eyes, and an itchy nose or throat. The Oral Suspension Liquid is berry flavored. It’s alcohol and dye free and is approved for use in kids aged 2 years and older. The Orally Disintegrating Tablets have an Orange Cream flavor. They dissolve without water and are approved for use in kids aged 6 years and older. That’s why it’s our favorite for this happy kid:

Do your kids love to be outside all day long, like mine? Come spring, summer, fall, and even parts of winter - we are teaching them to connect with nature. Find out how Children’s Allegra® Allergy Relief can help! #ad

Want more info about Allegra? Make sure you check out where to buy it and also a $3 coupon offer I love that Allegra helps me finally feel confident that my kid’s allergies will be in control, so she can stop suffering and ENJOY all of the wonders of spring. There are so many! Being outside with nature, playing with pets, and being active. Spring SPORTS!

Giveaway Time! Leave a comment below that answers this question, and be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card:

What’s your favorite way to connect your kids with nature?

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  1. We like to get outdoors as much as possible to the park or forest recreation area with the digs and just enjoy nature, birds, etc.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. Ah, yes with outdoors, we get allergies. We love Allegra and always have it on hand at our home. We found it really works for our allergy symptoms!

  3. We love to go camping as a family! There is nothing better than sleeping in the big outdoors and exploring the woods and lakes!

  4. Thanks to Allegra when allergies are in full swing we can still connect with nature in many ways from wading in the bay near our home to visiting one of the state parks in the area.

  5. My kids love drawing so we take a pencil, small sketch pad and find a new place to stop along our favorite trail and sketch something.

  6. We go to the park with our toddler, run circles around the house (examining all the rocks and mulch and grass), we sit in front of our house, play in the sand at the beach, and do just about anything and everything to be outside when we can! We also love to do hikes and I can’t wait to take baby girl on her first any day now!

  7. Our family spends a lot of time at the beach and sometimes we include the boardwalk to play games and stuff.
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  8. We love to go hiking – that’s the first activity we look for when we travel. And daily walks with the dog, who is the only one who doesn’t seem to get spring allergies!

  9. We love to connect with nature by playing outside for much of the warm seasons. Also by attending local events that are outside. We also love going to a friends farm and homestead. Thank you!

  10. Natalie loves being outside so I have no issues with her. Tommy? Well? I have to tug him outdoors and promise him food.

  11. We love to take walks and look for creatures as my duaghter calls it lol Frogs, bugs ect. We have the best talks also

  12. We enjoy walking in the woods trying to identify trees and flowers.
    We are all natural beauty lovers.
    thank you

  13. Having a garden. Big, small, a couple of pots. Doesn’t matter. Just something helps me with the connection for them.

  14. We are blessed to have 200 acres of private family land with woods, meadows and a lake so we walk and explore in the woods and fish every weekend!

  15. Going for a walk in the woods. My daughter likes to pick up flowers, seeds, leaves along the way.

  16. We take walks wherever we are, great way to see the world at a slower pace than it normally spins.

  17. We find themes, like colour or letter and then go out on nature scavenger hunts to find things and bring them home.

  18. I get my little girl outside every time we get a chance, starting from when she started walking. We talk about everything we see from birds to cars/trucks, trees, airplanes, whatever…anything just to keep her mind busy.

  19. My favorite way to connect my kids with nature is to go walking at a local nature center.


  20. We love to go hiking. Especially with the weather starting to get nice, it’s the perfect time of year.
    Thanks so much.

  21. We go up into the local mountains as much as we can! It doesn’t hurt that it’s so much cooler up there than here in the valley during the Summer.

  22. Given the weather is cooperating, I take my 2 babies outside every day and just let them run and discover new things. (Closely monitored by me, of course!)

  23. We have a nature preserve near us that has lots of programs and learning opportunities. My kids and I used to go there when they were young.

  24. I love the outdoors, but it doesn’t always love me, allergies. Pollen is the worst.

  25. My kids and I love to spend time hiking and exploring streams and lakes. We pretty much live outdoors in the summer.

  26. What would my family do without our allergy medicine?! It’s heaven sent! Definitely helps us get outside and enjoy!

  27. We play outside in the backyard, we walk to the Tot Lot, we visit the Gentle Barn and Animal Tracks.

  28. I used to take my daughter with me every weekend when I walked in a local botanic garden with a friend. Lots of hills to climb, flowers to sniff, trees to climb, critter prints to see, turtles and koi to watch… Now she’s doing lots of hiking on her own!

  29. My favorite way to connect my kids with nature is to go outside on our farm and help them explore the area. I like to point out different things that we see, such as trees, grass, weeds, birds, other wildlife, etc.

  30. We love to go camping and hiking as a family. We are always outside and on the go. Thank you!

  31. My favorite way to connect my little one with nature is participating in events put on by the local state park association.

  32. this is especially important with how bad this spring has been for allergies! I personally use this all the time and will be grabbing more soon

  33. With summer on it’s way and the end of school coming up we are spending more and more time outside. I have three little girls and being outside is someimes just what they need . We went fishing last weekend at a beautiful lake and they had a blast as well as the adults . My five year old has so much luck when fishing she caught a fish within 20 minutes of being at the lake! She loves being out there with us and catching fish! We sometimes go to the animal sanctuary in town here and see the animals and spend time with each other,. We have picnics at the trails here and feed the ducks together . We live in a very small town in Georgia so there really is not much to.do around here without spending alot of money or traveling for an hour + , so the things we find here to do are special to us and important to our family time and alot of it is spent outside connecting with nature but more importantly with each other.

  34. What’s your favorite way to connect your kids with nature?

    My family raised me to that of nothing being similar. It often was hard to raise me being my headstrong, outspoken and dedicated personality. Thus I became driven, passionate and having hope that I might make a difference and it brings me back to the childhood raising of when we went somewhere – we must have a thank you note handy and be prepare to listen to other and respond to such activities with that letter in their hand. And so today, my parents would instruct us to write an essay on that of nature and any errors found minus points (minutes from the time we had) To make it simple we start at 100 and every error is added then subtracted from the best possible 100 score. In giving an example My mother found 10 mistakes so 100 – 10 = 90, making 90 min the time we’ll spend doing the activity.I;d like my family to be selected as we cant even afford that of bikes so we write memories of the earlier days as a small child or how this opportunity was earned. You can judge for yourself how easy or difficult it was to that of different activities to connect with nature. Often times we drew what we saw and wrote an essay or story about that of our items!

  35. We love being outdoors as a family and enjoying hiking and camping. It’s fun to make memories that will last a lifetime. Kids grow up so quickly!

  36. We live on approximately 5 acres of land, and the kids enjoy being outside searching for rocks, flowers, and sometimes to catch the squirrels (which is basically impossible thank heavens). In addition, they like nature shows and often want to learn more about the animals featured in them.

  37. Our favorite way to connect with nature as a family is geocaching! It gives us a great excuse to explore new places, it’s always an adventure, and the thrill of a treasure hunt is so much fun!

  38. I always let my daughter connect with nature! You can always give them a bath but what’s here today could be gone tomorrow, I always let her get down and dirty and just enjoy nature!

  39. our favorite way is to walk and catch frogs at the lake! then we catch fireflies at night! sometimes we dig up worms! we love to discover!

  40. We love going hiking & just walking and enjoying nature… Both of my girls also take Allegra during allergy season!

  41. My favorite way is the beach. Fortunately, we are only 15 minutes away. We have the best times there and between crabs and bunnies, the water and sand, the park and everything else…we have a really good time.

  42. My favorite way to connect my daughter to nature is going on walks and going to the beach:)

    Julie DOT Matek 79at yahoo.com

  43. We like to enjoy hiking and camping during the warm summer days. It is nice to have allergy medicine for allergy flare ups.

  44. We like to go camping. To see how many animals we can spot. Also to learn about the different types of trees and plants.

  45. We love to visit our local state
    parks here in miami . and taking picture of our cool animal sightings .

  46. i dont have any small children but my nieces and nephew spend a lot of time at the lake – fishing and swimming and just playing outside

  47. We take my granddaughter outside in the yard…picking blackberries, seeing the cows, watching the bunnies, finding turtles, catching fireflies, watching bugs, feeding the birds & hummingbirds, etc.

  48. We like to visit our local nature park and get on the lake and explore the woods

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  49. I don’t have kids, but when I was a kid, my grandma used to take me for walks to look for mushrooms growing. I have really fond memories of that.

  50. We have a nature trail/learning center in our little town that is free. We really enjoy going there in the spring when things are starting to bloom again.

  51. It get’s harder every year to get the kids out in nature, now that they are getting older. My favorite way currently is taking them to outdoor concerts and festivals.

  52. We try to stay very in tune with nature… sometimes by going for walks and talking about what we see… sometimes by reading about nature. When we moved into our current house, which has wild rabbits that live under the bush in our yard, my daughter took to chronicling their daily adventures in a sort of diary. It was fun watching her interact with the bunnies and spend time with them.
    westiemks5 at yahoo dot com

  53. We spend a lot of time outside. We go geocaching, trails, fishing, camping, pokemon hunting. All kinds of stuff that gets out and going. My daughter and I both have allergies and it stinks when it hinders the fun.

  54. We love to go out on the lake and go fishing. Sometimes she brings a book to read. After we are done fishing, we walk some trails. I love finding unique spots to take her that involve walking. There is an abandoned turnpike that was turned into a trail. We visit that often.

  55. We live in such a beautiful area of the PNW, with both mountains & beach/ocean a short drive in either direction! My young nephew (who lives in our household) enjoys being outdoors, but I think we need to plan more outings for him and this post has given me some inspiration, thank you! 😀

  56. My favorite way to connect my kids with nature is by going camping (hiking or tubing down the river during the day and relaxing by the fire pit under the stars at night).

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