5 Ways to Celebrate National Laundry Day

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Did you know that there's a National Laundry Day? Well, there is and it NEEDS to be celebrated. Here are 5 ways to celebrate it, and how all® free clear can help!
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As a matter of fact, celebrating National Laundry Day is an actual cause for celebration in my house!

It has to be, ever since we fell in love with all® Free Clear years ago and never turned back. It’s the PERFECT gentle detergent, whether you have sensitive skin, a newborn, are expecting a baby, or simply don’t like the smell of other laundry detergents! There are a million reasons to love it, including new innovations coming up this year! Intriguing, right? How do you like the sound of all® free clear Odor Relief and POWERCORE TM free clear? So much more to love! I can’t wait to share.

all® is honestly the first name I’ve ever known in laundry, because my parents used it when I was a kid. I remember the blue bottles! The brand covers everything, with compact powder, concentrated liquids, and single dose pacs in all sizes and variants. I love that they change with the times. They make me want to celebrate National Laundry Day! So let’s talk a bit more about why all® free clear is the #1 recommended brand by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for skin sensitivity. all® free clear offers a powerful clean, and also fights tough odors with new all® free clear Odor Relief.

all® free clear is safe for the whole family. It combines the power of stainlifters® with a hypoallergenic formula that’s perfect for skin sensitivity. There are no fragrances, no dyes, and no irritating residue. You just get clean, comfortable, worry-free clothes. Personally, I love the mild scent, and the clean clothes I get on laundry day! Also, it’s allergy season, so while these hypoallergenic products rinse clean and are clinically proven to be gentle on skin, they also remove 99% of top every day and seasonal allergens*. all® free clear comes in detergent, sheet and liquid fabric softener. Time to celebrate!

Tip #1 – Get messy! That’s right. Rest assured that all® free clear has your back during this winter to spring mud season. I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was 13, but I was so ill-prepared for just how messy young kids get, day after day. With money stretched tightly – I can’t just throw out their clothes every time they get dirty, like I am sometimes tempted to do when it’s bad! I also can’t stop them from being the wonderful and active kids that they are – mud season and all.

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Tip #2 – Make it a family affair, and with rewards! In our house we’ve learned that laundry day goes swimmingly when we’re all working together. It gets the job done, and correctly. There’s no yelling at Mama because she put Des’ socks in Scarlet’s drawers, when we all take responsibility. This is a wonderful way to connect, to get the job done, and then to offer incentives. For us? That’s going out for ice cream once a week! Especially when our favorite summer stand is now open.

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Tip #3 – Make it more fun. Yes, really. Put on a family movie, OR, watch a TV show during your folding party. We do this, and then during commercials, we take breaks and start mini dance parties, just to loosen up our joints after sitting.

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Tip #4 – Take breaks! Load the washer. Take a break. Load the dryer. Take a break. Spend that downtime doing something really celebratory. After all, it’s National Laundry Day. Maybe a nice snack break, or a quick walk to the park.

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Tip #5 – Keep enjoying your favorite laundry products, and also be open to new innovations! And that’s where all® free clear Odor Relief comes in! It attacks odors while still being gentle on skin. And it has a powerful clean and odor benefit but is also 100% free of dyes and perfumes. When you want to take care of your delicate skin, while also fighting smelly odors, then this is the perfect option! And all® POWERCORETM free clear offers those with sensitive skin a detergent that is gentle for their skin, but will also still deliver a powerful clean in the convenience of a single pac. They combine all® free clear liquid with a powerful whitening core that provides superior whitening and brightening.* 100% free of dyes and perfumes.

Now, do you feel ready to celebrate National Laundry Day? I know we do!

Have you ever celebrated National Laundry Day?

*all® free clear is not intended to prevent or treat allergies.
*vs. #1 liquid single chamber pac

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  1. I am not going to lie when I say I hate doing laundry and yet now you made me somehow want to celebrate it still with your ideas above. So, may definitely have to try a few of the still 🙂

  2. Happy National Laundry Day!! I used to us All when I was in college but it’s been years. I think I might try this free All Power Core Free Clean. I hate doing laundry but you can’t get away from it.

  3. Great tips! I didn’t know that it was National Laundry Day and of course I didn’t do any today. I have never used All before, but I will definitely look into giving it a try 🙂

  4. I have been using all® for quite some time now and while we “test out” other detergents every once in a while, well my husband does, we always go back to all®. I have sensitive skin so it’s the one that never breaks me out or makes my skin itch.

  5. I’m ready to celebrate! Does it matter if I’m late to the party?! I have a hamper full of dirty clothes and I’m here for the dance party 🙂 I’ve never used ALL before but I’m in because I have SUCH sensitive skin! I actually had residue of someone else’s laundry detergent in the washing machine recently (since we share with a few other apartments) and my skin totally broke out. So will have to look for this detergent next time I go shopping 🙂


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