5 Ways to Keep a Clean, Pet-Friendly House For the Holidays

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Did you know that ARM & HAMMER™ has a line of Pet Fresh vacuum bags, vacuum filters and cleaning products? 5 tips and a giveaway too #ad #CleanHomeHappening

I really can’t believe that Christmas is five days away.

After Christmas, we have about a day or two of breathing room, and then our eye is on the prize – New Year’s Eve! We go big for that, and then breathe for a bit more, and then it’s our annual trip to Florida. This year is a bit funny, though, because we’re having house renovations that should be ending within the next month. In this respect, all of our home cleaning and planning that we’re doing quite diligently is not just for the holidays. We do want a clean, pet-friendly house for the holidays, of course, but we’re also looking way beyond that. We’re looking at it as a way of life. A clean way of life.

So there’s just a few things to ask Santa for if you’re looking for a clean, pet-friendly house!

Here’s the thing, though, and I didn’t know it until I knew it. It is super important to change vacuum bags and filters. In fact, ARM & HAMMER™ has a complete line of Pet Fresh bags, filters and cleaning products. That’s my #1 tip for this post!

1 – Embrace all that is awesome about ARM & HAMMER™ Vacuum Bags and Filters. A full vacuum bag or clogged filter can inhibit your vacuum’s power. This reduces suction and leaves allergens and dust behind. Not cool! With the awesomeness of ARM & HAMMER™, it’s easy to change bags and filters and help keep your vacuum running at its peak performance. When you frequently replace your vacuum bags and filters, you’re helping to keep surfaces around your house clean. If you replace your vacuum bags every 1-2 months and your filters every 3-6 months, you will notice a difference! This helps keep your vacuum at peak performance. If your vacuum is losing suction, don’t buy a new vacuum before replacing the bag and filter.

ARM & HAMMER™ makes a range of vacuum bags and filters to fit almost any brand, style, and model of vacuum. If you have a pet-friendly home, this line of Pet Fresh bags and filters are designed specifically to help capture pet dander and allergens, while also safely and naturally absorbing offensive smells through the natural odor-fighting power of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda plus the power of Fresh-ins. That brings me to my 2nd tip for keeping a pet-friendly and fresh home.

2 – Embrace all that is awesome about ARM & HAMMER™ Pet Fresh Cleaning Products! These cleaning products help keep busy homes smelling pleasant and clean. They eliminate even tough carpet and upholstery odors and stains with odor neutralizing ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda plus the power of Fresh-ins. We love the Pet Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaner. It helps absorb allergens, eliminate pet odors and break down stains. I love that the cleaning particles work like sponges to help absorb pet mess and odors embedded into the carpet fibers. It leaves your carpets clean, dry, and ready for use.

3 – Clean your pet areas. Clean cages and tanks regularly, as well as litter boxes. Scoop at least daily, and do a complete overhaul at least once a week, depending on how many cats you have. We have one cat and replace her litter once a week.

Did you know that ARM & HAMMER™ has a line of Pet Fresh vacuum bags, vacuum filters and cleaning products? 5 tips and a giveaway too #ad #CleanHomeHappening

4 – Clean your pets’ gear regularly. You can run pet dishes in the dishwasher or clean them with hot, soapy water. You sanitize their dishes the same way you do for human members of the family. Make sure your cat’s water bowl is always clean and filled with fresh drinking water. Wash your cat toys in the washing machine if possible, as well as bedding and pillows. Clean the furniture areas where the pets hang out regularly. We have our couches vacuumed weekly, and will wash cat and dog blankets, beds, and toys periodically. We have made it a regular habit and it sticks!

5 – Give your pet a regular bath and grooming, AND like you clean your pet beds, clean YOUR beds they sleep on too!

Make sure you head to Walmart stores or Walmart.com to find ARM & HAMMER™ vacuum accessories, as well as Pet Fresh cleaning products! To win your own ARM & HAMMER™ products, simply comment on this post with a pet cleaning tip!

Good luck!

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5 Ways to Keep a Clean, Pet-Friendly House For the Holidays — 7 Comments

  1. Just made an appointment for Elsa for a grooming as part of her Christmas gift. But really it is a gift to us and my home specifically as I agree that is definitely a way to help keep my home cleaner this holiday season now.

  2. For me, the worst is cat vomit in the carpet. I now wait until it’s dry (if it’s especially messy). That way I can vacuum it up and then apply cleaner. I found that when I tried to get it while it was wet, it would get ground into the fibers and made for a much more difficult task.

  3. Thanks Tamara! I’m looking to get a dog now so this is very useful information.

    When my cat would, very rarely, throw up on the carpet, cleanup was simple, but maybe that’s because I fed her dry food.

  4. I love Arm and Hammer products, but haven’t seen or heard of these before! We are always cleaning up after our little stinkball, so these would come in very handy for us, too 🙂

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