5 Ways to Care For Your Christmas Tree

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5 ways to care for your Christmas tree, including our very favorite #EvergreenElf! He makes watering your Christmas tree a fun activity for the family. #ad
This is the year that makes me think we have outdone ourselves!
After years of getting huge trees, this was the first time we went to the tree farm, couldn’t find what we needed, called around to find giant trees, and then wound up getting the biggest Christmas tree we ever did get! 18+ feet of awesome.

This tree is special for a lot of reasons. Not only is it the tallest and also widest tree we’ve had, but this was the first year that putting it up was truly a family activity. With Des being five, we no longer have tiny children running afoot. The four of us chose the tree together, took it home together – to the surprised shock of everyone else on the road – and we also care for the tree as a family. While the kids can’t fully help with all aspects related to the tree, we have found one item that makes watering the Christmas tree a fun activity for the whole family. And YOU can have one too! Here are our five tips!

5 Ways to Care For Your Christmas Tree

1 – Choose a healthy Christmas tree. We got ours at a tree farm, and purchased it while it was still in the ground! Our freshly cut tree will last longer than one that’s been cut weeks ago and also shipped around first. As fresh as can be here!

2 – Location and planning. Clear a location for your new tree ahead of time – kept away from open flames or other heat sources which could dry it out. Maybe try a corner or other such place? Place your tree near an outlet, or use an extension cord that runs along the wall and can’t trip you. Cover the floor where your tree is going. Make sure your tree is straight. Grab a helper or two to put up the tree – one can hold it stable while the other fixes the base. Wait some time to decorate.

3 – Decorate your tree with safety in mind. Although this part is fun, it also helps us think about safety. First, we check each string of lights to ensure the bulbs are all working. We also inspect the cords and secure the connections. We place small and fragile ornaments out of reach from small guests and our cat, Junie! She loves to play where she shouldn’t.

4 – Make sure you choose a tree stand that will hold enough water for the size of your tree. For us, we needed a new one this year. You can measure the diameter of your tree trunk in inches, which is how many quarts of water it can hold.

5 – Get an Evergreen Elf! We LOVE ours! Evergreen Elf monitors your Christmas tree’s water level, and has a visual and audio alert to tell you when your Christmas tree needs water. Evergreen Elf talks, to my kids’ delight! We love it because it reduces the risk of Christmas tree fires. The kids love it because it’s fun, cute, and helpful. So much to love!

Evergreen Elf is a water monitor that will alert you by talking and flashing red when your tree is dry, and this saves you the hassle of climbing over presents and under branches to check the water level in your tree stand, when you don’t have to do so. It makes watering your Christmas tree a fun activity for the whole family. The kids are always on the lookout for us.

In fact, you can have one too! Grab one HERE and get 25% off with the code: SHUTTERBUGELF25. And I’m giving away one Evergreen Elf to a reader. Simply tell me your best tree safety tip in the comments. That’s it!


Good luck!


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  1. Well that is just a super idea! I am usually crawling down and trying to stick my fingers into the water to see how low it is. What an amazing tree! We have friends who get an 18 footer as well for their 2-story room. SO FUN!!

  2. That evergreen elf is super cool! I’ve only heard of it now and it’s really nice that you have it. And may I just say, yes you have outdone yourselves! That tree is insane!! In a good kind of way! We’ve always had the same artificial tree every year but having something new and real is festive.

  3. I love the elf! We haven’t had a “real” tree in a long time…Your tree is always been so amazing over the past many years I’ve been following along. It’s always such a highlight of the season.

  4. That’s a beautiful tree, Tamara, and it looks so good in your high-ceiling home! I was surprised this morning when I heard that fake trees have become very popular.I like the lovely smell of a real Christmas tree. There were times I had a living tree and after the holidays I planted it in the yard.

    1. I had fake ones as a kid… because my Jewish dad really disapproved.. but now he LOVES the trees we get haha! Different home, I suppose, so he can appreciate it.

  5. Dang I wish we had had one of these back when we were having real trees. What a handy kind of elf to have around. See you do have an elf 🙂

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