5 Types of Best Wedding Bands To Choose From

While planning a wedding, you get spoiled with numerous choices. So to clear out the confusion, here are five types of best wedding bands to choose from.

While planning a wedding, you get spoiled with numerous choices. From food to flowers, there are many great options, especially when looking for a wedding music band. 

But with these many choices comes a lot of confusion as well, which makes choosing the right wedding music band more and more confusing. So to clear out the confusion, here are five types of best wedding bands to choose from.

Vintage Jazz Wedding Band

Add a classic touch to your special day with a vintage jazz wedding band. Playing soulful tunes to create the perfect ambiance, a jazz band can be the ideal choice for your wedding. 

Hiring a classic vintage band can be fantastic if you want to bring a classic feel to your most special day. It is one of the most popular trends in the wedding industry, where the groom and the bride are ditching high-octane DJ setups for a smooth and classic experience of vintage jazz. 

80s Cover Wedding Bands

Who doesn’t love the 80s, especially the music? The 1980s music is still considered the greatest and quite popular among people of all ages. Well, it has undoubtedly made its way back to weddings as well. That’s what makes 80s cover bands an ideal choice for wedding entertainment.

It’s the perfect choice if you want to end your most special day on a fun note. It will be something people will surely remember for years to come. So, if you want your guests to have a blast while celebrating your wedding day, hiring an 80s cover is a genius idea. 

Indie Rock Wedding Band 

Nobody likes an empty dance floor during a wedding. Well, it is up to you to make sure the dance floor stays at full capacity, with every guest dancing their heart out. To make this possible, you need someone that knows how to kickstart a party. 

An indie rock wedding band is what you need to make sure every guest joins the dance floor with you. They will get the party started in no time with a perfect selection of songs that both you and your guests will love. 

Rock & Pop Wedding Band 

If you want your guests to truly break out to energetic dance routines, you need to go for a rock and pop wedding band. They know their way around foot-thumping dance numbers and some classics, where the bride and the groom can dance to mark this day with beautiful moments.

This one is one of the most popular choices of music for weddings. A rock and pop wedding band has something for everyone. Being a popular choice, it will make sure the dance floor is always full. 

Folk & Boho Wedding Band 

Matching your wedding theme with music is always a great idea. If you are going for a rusty or festival-style theme, then folk and boho wedding bands can be perfect. It is the ideal way to follow your wedding mood board while maintaining consistency. Also, these types of bands serve as a great aesthetic while matching up with the entire theme of the wedding. 


There are so many great choices for you. Each one is just as amazing as the other ones. This list has everything from smooth jazz to foot-thumping rock and roll. So choose a band that not only you and your soon-to-be significant other likes, but your guests do too. Selecting the perfect band can be confusing. No matter which type of band you choose for your special day, remember to have lots of fun and dance throughout the evening. 

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  1. i love your guide to choose wedding bands am looking for some ideas and types of wedding bands to invite but its really hard to make choice for your big day 🙂

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