5 Tips to Calm Your Cat During the Holidays

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As much as the holidays are joyous, they can be hard for cats - with all the travel and loud noises and house guests. Read 5 tips to calm them! #ad #Feliway

Ok, so you all know by now that I was the most reluctant cat owner of the family!

That seems like ages ago. Ever since Juniper got under my skin and into my heart, I’m the first one racing through the door to see her whenever we get home from being out or away. When I wake up, I look for her, but I never have to look far. Just today when I woke up I heard a little “meow” and then I looked down from the bed and she was looking back up at me upside down – from lying on her back. Best wakeup ever. When I go to sleep, she’s often the last family member I see.

the holidays

The thing is, things are a little (or a lot) hectic right now. Not only are we still going through these house renovations, but we just put an 18-foot Christmas tree in our living room! The cat sleeps downstairs, but Scarlet recently took Juniper’s favorite bean bag chair (bed) as her own. The weather is turning colder and it’s darker at night. Junie doesn’t even know this, but we’ll be both traveling and having boisterous house guests over! I can’t speak for all cats, but mine does not necessarily roll with the punches that well. She’s calm and loving as long as everything is somewhat calm. Unlike now!

calm your cat

And so, here are my five favorite ways to calm your kitty during the holiday season!

1 – Maintain your routine. Even with the travel and changes and days off, still make sure to feed your cat at the same time every day and regularly keep the litter box clean. Don’t change the food or treats you give to your cat.

2 – Maintain or create your cat’s safe space. This needs to be a place no one else is hanging out a lot – like an unused bedroom, bathroom, basement, etc. Then you set up food, water, litter box, toys, and a cozy place for cat naps.

3 – Extra TLC. Chances are, you’re coming and going more than often. Make sure to spend as much time with you cat as you can.

4 – Keep an extra eye on your cat for unusual behavior, and don’t hesitate to call the vet if need be.

5 – Use science! We have FELIWAY® at home, which is a synthetic version of certain pheromones in cats that can help relax them. When your cat feels comfortable in their environment, they will rub their cheeks against objects and that leaves an odorless message known as a facial pheromone. FELIWAY® mimics this natural feline facial pheromone. Then this “happy message” helps cats cope with challenging situations – providing them with constant calming and effort.

calm your cat

There are so many reasons to love it. It’s the #1 veterinarian used and recommended behavior product, and is clinically proven for cats of all ages. It’s a safe and effective solution to help cats adjust to challenging situations and adapt to new surroundings. Also, FELIWAY® helps reduce or eliminate signs related to fear and anxiety – like hiding, urine spraying, or scratching, and is 90% effective in reducing or eliminating signs of scratching and peeing outside the litter box within 7 days. And, it helps reduce the stress of travel and the signs related – like vomiting, urination, meowing, and agitation. Also, FELIWAY® is NOT a sedative or tranquilizer. It can be used with medications. And it comes in easy-to-use forms for home or on the go! Furthermore, it helps them feel calm and comfy during changes to their routines or environments!

calm your cat

How to use FELIWAY®? The spray can be applied to your cat’s bedding, toys, or where your cat has previously sprayed or scratched. The wipes are ideal for travel. You simply wipe down the inside of your cat’s carrier to provide comfort on the go. The diffuser can be plugged into your cat’s favorite room before a change to their routine or environment is about to happen – like moving, having visitors over, renovating, redecorating, or getting giant Christmas trees too! (ours is huge)

You can buy FELIWAY® through Amazon and other authorized online retailers (EntirelyPets, HealthPets, Inc) or at your local veterinarian. Find out where to buy it locally at https://www.feliway.com/us/Buy.

calm your cat

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Do you have any tips for keeping your cat calm during the holidays?

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