5 Tips to a Super Relaxing Bath

Let's face it, we have all had days when all we want to do is take a nice bath in the privacy of our bathrooms. Here are tips for a super relaxing bath.

Let’s face it, we have all had days when all we want to do is take a nice bath in the privacy of our bathrooms. And why not? — Baths and any form of submergence in water have been scientifically proven to calm the neurological system and relieve pain and inflammation. Baths also improve your mood by lowering your body’s stress and anxiety levels.

Having said that, whether you’re stressed due to financial strain, parenthood, work, social anxiety, or any other type of life pressure, a relaxing bath could just be the answer you’re looking for. But how can you make the ultimate relaxing bath? Here’s how:

1). Dim the Lights

Lighting affects your subconscious mind. As such, if you’d like to tone down the thoughts running through your mind, tone down the lights first. To take the ambiance to the next level, throw in some candles and skip the light altogether! 

Candles – whether scented or not – create a peaceful, dark environment that can aid in clearing your thoughts so that you can feel completely rested. This simple tip will go a long way toward creating a relaxing bath routine and assisting you in getting ready for bed as you become adjusted to the darker surroundings.

2). Use Bath Accessories

Bathrooms are no longer just functional rooms where you take a shower and go your way. A black resin stone bath will add an air of luxury to your bathroom. Right now, you can throw in an assortment of accessories to improve your bathing experience. For example, if a late-night read helps you relax, or a glass of wine, you could add a bath tray or table to help you indulge as you take a bath. 

If meditating with some quiet music is your little piece of heaven, think about investing in a plush bathtub cushion for excellent head and neck support or a chic bath caddy to keep all of your favorite items close at hand as you relax in the bubbles.

It might only take a few “extras” to make taking a bath a genuinely unmatched way to unwind. Here are popular options:

3). Bath Salts and Bubble Baths

Bubble baths go beyond regular “hot baths.” They have bubbles that act as an insulation layer to keep the bathwater hotter for longer. More than that though, they are renowned for helping people relax, increasing circulation, and enhancing sleep quality. That’s why they’re among the most famous ways to unwind. 

You could also take things to the next level by adding your perfect fragrance or bath salts. If there are too many salt or fragrance options available in the market, start with organic, scentless (or naturally scented) products that are soft on the skin. Try vegan products since they’re generally safer, after which you can advance to more complex products. 

Some alternative choices include Himalayan bath salts and essential oils, especially those with a lavender aroma. These are fantastic options for spicing up bath time. It is worth noting that bath salts can be used to treat skin diseases like eczema or acne as well as to reduce inflammation and relax sore joints. Essential oils, on the other hand, are quite soothing and fill your senses with just the right amount of stimulation!

 4). Turn On the Tunes

Music nourishes the spirit. Naturally then, it can set the mood for nearly any occasion. So, whatever your spirit yearns for, whether it’s gentle jazz, classical music, or just your favourite songs, try introducing some calming bath music into your bathing regimen.

Not only will it lift your spirit, but it will also aid in relieving stress. Scientific research has shown that listening to music can reduce tension and pain while also having a healing effect on the brain. Sounds like a deal? You bet!

5). Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin

We all want flawless, glowing skin, and to attain this skin goal, you’ve got to take a bath! Not just that, but exfoliating and moisturizing go a long way too. And what better time to do this than bath time? 

Whether you use a face mask, body scrub, body oil, or any other skincare items, keep them close as you let the steam open your pores naturally to prepare your skin for treatments and creams. Remember to keep the steam at calming temperatures to avoid drying out the skin. From there, moisturize right away after taking a bath.

Ready to take the most relaxing bath of your life? Take advantage of these 5 key tips today!

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