5 Tips For an Incredible Family Movie Night

I can’t stress enough how much we love movie night around here.

In fact, I have clear memories of having it as a kid. I remember so clearly the movies we watched, and the scenes that scared me. I once ran behind the couch during a movie scene with a witch! And, I remember snuggling on my father’s knees for an animated classic, or sitting with my grandparents to watch movies in the downstairs TV room. I remember SNACKS!

Do you have a family movie night? Here are 5 tips to elevate your family movie night into something memorable with snacks and movie #ad #pmedia #Pop4Captain

It’s not really a mystery what makes family movie night so special. It’s about carving that specific time JUST to be together, and just to watch a great movie. And, it’s about spending a fairly large amount of time together, and knowing there will be no interruptions, within reason. It’s about choosing just the right traditions, features and rituals to make this an event the whole family gets excited about. I can’t help but smile when we’re planning our next movie night, because I remember every movie night I had as a kid, and I know they will remember our movie nights too. That’s why I pull out all the stops!

Here are our five tips for having an incredible, memorable family movie night!

1 – Choosing the movie. Take turns choosing the movie. This can be tricky in some instances, like when I was a kid and there were five of us! Sometimes it could take five weeks to get to choose the movie! Luckily, we had fairly similar taste. And also luckily, Scarlet and Des generally agree on the movie. We’re so excited about Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. The Captain Underpants movie is PERFECT for family movie night because this is a film with a lot of heart. It explores the great friendship between Harold and George and their connection through a love of writing and creativity. It has outrageous humor and A+ Reviews/Certified Fresh. Plus, Kevin Hart and Ed Helms lend their awesome voices! This is our first choice.

2 – Savory snacks. Our first choice is Pop Secret Extra Butter Popcorn. It has a great butter taste, and is a delicious, high-quality snack that we feel good about sharing. It is unbeatable taste with better ingredients and inventive flavors. Honestly, what is more perfect and more FUN than popcorn to celebrate life’s simple joys with friends and family?

3 – Sweet snacks! Now you can absolutely make Pop Secret part of your sweet snack, like I like to do with their Kettle Corn Popcorn and my Sweet & Crunchy Popcorn Snack Mix. Lance has a series of amazing savory snacks. That said, my kids’ favorite combo is to have popcorn be buttery, and have their Lance snacks be sweet! We love Lance Nekot Peanut Butter. At Lance, they’re all about sandwiches – they’re flavorful, wholesome, filling and portable. Lance has actually been making little sandwiches for over 100 years (!) with two crackers on the outside, and fun, incredible spreads in between. They’re made with real peanut butter or real cheese between crispy baked crackers, and have up to 5 grams of protein and no high fructose corn syrup. So these are both our savory and our sweet snacks of choice for movie night, and back to school time!

4 – Have a theme. This is such fun. We sometimes go simple and sometimes we go elaborate. We might dress in costume, make theme food, or even “pretend” we’re at the movie theater and we use tickets we got from an arcade last summer:

5 – Timing and location. First of all, we schedule a regular family movie night and we don’t break it. No cell phones or computers during the movie! We sometimes take family movie night on the road too, when we’re traveling or going to relatives’ houses. That can make it really fun to see what kind of snack bar we can create “abroad”! Like this:

*Bonus Tip: We talk about it after. We love to talk about the messages, theme, acting, etc. Such fun!

Now you may be wondering where we shopped for our incredible snacks! That’s easy – Walmart. And that’s the same place to pre-order your copy of Captain Underpants. It’s a place you can shop for all family movie night needs!

The Captain Underpants DVD is will be available in Walmart stores 9/12! Be sure to reserve your copy now by pre-ordering today! While supplies last.

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What are your Family Movie Night snacks?

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  1. And we are twins once again today, as I am sharing some of our favorite back to school movie night tips over at my blog. Still love your tips and always happy when we can be on the same page with stuff like this 🙂 <3

  2. We love movie night too. We probably watch way too many movies, but oh well. The boys saw the Captain Underpants movie with their Nonna this summer, so I haven’t seen it yet. They’ve been reading the books since they hit late 1st/ 2nd grade. He gets kids to read like no other.

  3. Cookie sandwiches?! I’m in. I think you and Janine are blog twins 🙂 It has been ages since we have done a movie night, hoping to remedy that one soon!

  4. This is a good movie snack combination! Something sweet and something salty…plus I love Nekot cookies. We love talking about the movie afterwards as well and Captain Underpants sounds like a fun movie to watch.

  5. Movie night is so fun! We’ll be having one too. I just picked up Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! We always pig out on popcorn.

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