5 Things You MUST Know About Having A Fire Pit Area In Your Backyard

A fire pit in the backyard is an excellent way to wind down or enjoy time with family and friends. But, you must know a few things about having a fire pit area in your backyard. That’s because there’s more to it than starting a fire and going to bed.

A fire pit in the backyard is an excellent way to wind down or enjoy time with family and friends. But, you must know a few things about having a fire pit area in your backyard. Thats because theres more to it than starting a fire and going to bed.

The five things you must know about having a fire pit area in your backyard are:

  1. There are different types of fuels you can use.
  2. Where you put the fire pit area is essential.
  3. Your seating arrangement around the fire pit can affect people’s comfort level. 
  4. The site around the fire pit should be hazard free. 
  5. Maintenance and safety are critical. 

The better informed you are about having a fire pit area, the more responsibly and safely you can enjoy countless hours in front of dancing flames. 

What You Will Use As Fuel

Something needs to fuel your fire, and the source youll use will depend on your and your familys needs. Do you want the satisfaction of making the fire yourself or getting it started with a button? Or how do you feel about cleaning cooled-off coals the day after sitting around a fire? Very similar when you plan a family cabin vacation and getting a bonfire going.

There are three popular fire pit fuels: wood, gas, and ethanol. Each creates a unique experience, from starting the fire to cleaning up afterward. So, it depends on your individual needs. Lets look at what each fuel type could mean for you and your family:

Wood: It creates radiating heat if you use enough wood, but using it depends on your local regulations. It can cause excess smoke and flyaway embers, which pose a safety risk. To keep your wood fire going, youll also need natural wood, not treated, painted, or other toxic-emitting materials. 

Gas: Gas also creates radiant heat, but youll get it by pressing a button. So, this quick and easy method allows the feeling of a conventional fire, but with less effort. But when you choose this, you need a gas bottle and pipes, which can be plummed-in or provided via a portable gas bottle. 

Ethanol: If youre more into being conscious about your impact on the environment, ethanol might be the solution for you. It is clean burning energy that doesnt impact the environment as much as wood or gas. It is also controlled with cylinders that are safer than wood or gas-burning fire pits. 

Where You Will Put the Fire Pit

Where you put, your fire pit is essential to minimize the risk of unwanted fires blazing through your property. It doesnt matter whether you have a portable or permanent fire pit; youll always need to consider the safest space to put it. 

A fire pit always needs to be placed:

  • 10-20 feet away from your home,
  • Away from overhanging trees, shrubs, or other flammable vegetation,
  • Far enough from a wooden deck,
  • In an open area and not under covered patios, and
  • On fireproof barriers, like concrete, paved surfaces, or fireproof fire pit stands.

Its all about location, location, location if you want the best out of your fire pit while keeping safety and longevity in mind. 

How Your Will Arrange Seating Around the Fire Pit

When you enjoy a fire with a few friends or family members, everyone is sure to have their preferences. So, choosing your seating arrangement will impact how comfortable your guests are.

The seating arrangement around a fire pit must withstand weather conditions and be flexible to meet everyones needs. Usually, non-precious seating, like wooden logs or stone, is a perfect way to hold out against the elements. At the same time, if the seats are portable, everyone can benefit from the cozy fire by adjusting themselves to suit their needs. 

A Hazard-Free Space Around the Fire Pit is a Must

While keeping fire safety in mind is a good idea, its also necessary to consider how people will move and gather around the fire pit. With proper seating arrangements, people can adjust themselves to be more comfortable. But from a safety point of view, you must consider the surrounding site. 

The space around a fire pit should be hazard free, meaning that it:

  • Should be level without stones or other items protruding, preventing people from tripping,
  • Must have enough space for people to move around freely without bumping into one another,
  • Should have a clear walkway without small tables in the way,
  • Must be out of the walking pathway, preventing people from bumping into it, and it
  • Should have adequate lighting to ensure that people can see where they’re going. 

Suppose you consider how people will move and gather around the fire. In that case, you can cancel out any potential hazards and make it a safer gathering space. 

Fire Pit Maintenance and Safety

Finally, but most importantly, is taking the maintenance and safety of your fire pit area seriously. Thats because:

  • Regular maintenance will increase the longevity of your fire pit. 
  • Fire safety measures will ensure no one gets hurt or a wildfire erupts from your backyard.

So, it would be best always to ensure you know how to prevent your fire from becoming a wildfire. At the same time, if you know how to maintain your fire pit area, you can ensure that you have many safe fires for your family gatherings for years to come. 

The Bottom Line

Theres nothing quite like gathering around a fire with friends and family, but it would be best if you knew:

  • Whether you’ll use wood, gas, or ethanol as fire fuel,
  • Where your fire pit should be so that it doesn’t cause wildfires, 
  • How to place seating around the pit, 
  • How safe the surrounding space is for people, and 
  • How to maintain the fire pit while keeping fire safety tips in mind. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our blogs on fire pits to learn more about them. Knowledge is power; the more you know, the better you can choose which one you want, how to maintain it, how to make fires safely, and everything in between. 


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