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5 Steps to Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring: $100 Sweepstakes

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How do you get your garden ready for spring, or even start a garden at all? Don't worry - we're the garden experts here! Here are my 5 steps to getting that garden ready this year. #ad

As you know, our garden is sort of our crowning glory of our property and yard!

I remember the first time I saw it, and it was nothing special then. It was September and the previous owners were moving, so the garden hadn’t been tended in ages. And yet, I saw a beautiful eggplant bursting through – large and ripe – and knew this land was the place for us. The sun was shining through the windows and into the paths of the woods, and we put an offer on the house that same day, if I remember correctly! And luckily it got accepted, and we became home and garden owners! This was perfect timing because Scarlet was two at that point, and I was pregnant with Des the same week we got our offer accepted. We knew we were at the start of something special. It’s been a wonderful learning experience since.

I wasn’t born with a green thumb. My mom said I used to help her plant peas at our old house, and I somewhat remember that, but I have learned the most through Cassidy. I remember when he separated his shoulder and couldn’t do much, so I installed the garden’s irrigation system. We’ve done pallet gardening and vertical strawberry rows. We have planted trees, berries, and vegetables. Lately, we’ve been super into shrubs and trees, and that’s been part of our recent projects.

Every year is a chance to start over. So whether you’re starting a brand new garden, starting a brand new project in a garden, or just doing things completely differently, here are 5 steps to getting your garden ready this spring:

1 – Cleanup time! This is always the first because fall and winter do a real number on our land. Cassidy will first clear all the garden beds and pallets and then sweep the branches, leaves, and garbage that has collected on the lawn.

2 – Tool time! Your tools have been sitting around for 9 months or so. You have to make sure they’re ready for the job by cleaning them with soap and water and making sure the handles won’t give you splinters. Maybe invest in new ones.

3 – Soil time! A big part of the cleanup is that bulbs are going to burst out any day now. You also want your soil ready for new growth. Turn the soil over and clear out any weeds. We add fresh compost that we buy a few weeks before planting.

4 – Layout time! We actually make charts to see which fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and plants are will work well in certain light conditions, and also next to each other. For this, we often turn to the experts at the garden center.

5 – Shopping, planting and maintenance time! Shopping is my personal favorite, although planting is fun too! This year I was all about beautifying our garden with First Editions® Plants. Since Cassidy is traveling for most of this spring, I had to find a solution so that I could upkeep our garden. I love that I found a solution at our local garden center last week.

First Editions® Plants are easy-to-care for shrubs and plants. They create a vibrant and gratifying outdoor space, and are the perfect solution for hopeful gardeners who maybe don’t have a ton of time or help in the garden. I have Little Devil™ Ninebark, Amber Jubilee™ Ninebark, and Strawberry Sundae® Hydrangea. They have 125+ plant varieties! Just look for the purple pot and enjoy their premium assortment of shrubs and trees. I took such care in my selections for our garden:

First Editions® Plants are selected for success! They have been rigorously tested so I feel confident they will flourish this season. I love the wide variety and how much fun it was to find shrubs and colors for our garden. And, they have a guru who can help you with anything gardening. Check “Let’s Ask Amy” out here. And I know I had mentioned about pairing plants together, but here’s a wonderful reference for how to pair your plants. Isn’t it wonderful to simplify the beauty of gardening?

How do you get your garden ready for spring, or even start a garden at all? Don't worry - we're the garden experts here! Here are my 5 steps to getting that garden ready this year. #ad

How do you get your garden ready for spring, or even start a garden at all? Don't worry - we're the garden experts here! Here are my 5 steps to getting that garden ready this year. #ad

How do you get your garden ready for spring, or even start a garden at all? Don't worry - we're the garden experts here! Here are my 5 steps to getting that garden ready this year. #ad

Want to get First Editions® Plants for your outdoor space? Find out where you can buy them here.

What plants are you most excited to grow this spring? Answer in the comments for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

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How do you get your garden ready for spring, or even start a garden at all? Don't worry - we're the garden experts here! Here are my 5 steps to getting that garden ready this year. #ad

How do you get your garden ready for spring?

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  1. Honestly perfect timing as we are just beginning to get our outdoor spaces in order. So what can I say, but thank you for your awesome tips and now going to have to check out these plants here, too 🙂

  2. Your garden makes me drool. Mine is teeny in comparison, and it has exactly nothing in it so far this year. The weather has really been working against me… every weekend it rains! Argh…

  3. The Strawberry Sundae looks beautiful! I need more flowers in my front yard. Currently it’s just the plain, boring, cheap job that the builder did.

  4. I always wait until May 15th in Chicago and then I plant my veggie garden from plants not seeds. My tulips were planted in the Fall and now I have a perennially wildflower garden.

  5. Thank you for the great tips! I love planting flowers. Also thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  6. After taking a few years off {thanks to travel baseball for several summers}, I’m back to gardening! I have a few heirloom tomato, cherry tomato, and rainbow pepper plants ready to go. My herbs {cilantro, basil & dill} are already planted. Still on the hunt for some filler flowers for my landscape beds & a hanging basket…

  7. We just got a house that has a big yard, i always had a teeny tiny yard before living in townhome, we had to clean out and pull overgrown plants in the front and clean out the flower bed this year. We have a lot of work to do but work every weekend since became warmer out, can’t wait to finish up changing out the soil, reseeding the lawn and seeing what it will look like when complete.

  8. My husband and I have this on our list. We have a lot to do, but it is always worth it to get the yard summer-ready! I would love to grow tomatoes!

  9. I am not planting anything because I have no gardening abilities whatsoever.


  10. My girls planted me an herb garden for Mother’s Day! As for our vegetable garden, we actually got the soil tested this year so we will be adding what is needed. We don’t plant anything before Memorial Day where I live due to chance of frost so we have a couple of weeks left. I also have two girls who are working on a flower garden in the front yard.

  11. I am so excited about putting out new flowers and vegetables this year. I think I am looking forward to planting several rose bushes in my front yard the most.

  12. The plants I am most excited to grow this spring are ornamental peppers, basil, rosemary and sweet potatoes.

  13. I have been working on the looks of our front yard for the past couple of days now because I do not like the way it looks right now. After reading this great share I have some really good ideas to work with now. Thank-you

  14. this is my first year ever with a real garden and i’m having trouble. having some friends over to help!

  15. Flowers in a giant urn-like pot… am a renter so cannot plant in the ground here. My daughter will help choose the flowers as I was born with a black thumb 🙂 She gave me the pot as a welcome gift!

  16. I haven’t done much gardening over the past couple of years, and the yard and gardens are showing it. What I really want to do is rip out the decades-old bushes in front of our house and completely redo the area. A nice wooden bench would be great there, along with some hardy perennials. I grew up with peonies in the spring and mums in the fall, and want to add more of those to my garden now. .

  17. I can’t have a garden where I’ve lived for the past 1.5 years, but before this I planted tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans and carrots every year. I grew up having a huge garden every year, and it stuck with me. I miss it.

  18. First, let me say that you have a beautiful garden and I like your dog. lol. I plant tomatoes and try to grow other vegetables, but I do have a family of rabbits that decided to live in my yard. I am currently growing herbs. Thank you for your promotions and tell whoever does your photos that they are really good.

  19. I would love to grow Hydrangeas. We are moving into a new house soon & would love to add beauty.

  20. I live in a townhouse and have no backyard with just a small patio up front. So I use a couple pots to grow tomatoes and strawberries because those are my favorites.

  21. Every summer we grow tomatoes and other veggies (squash, cucumbers, peppers) as well as LOTS of herbs. My favorite is always the tomatoes; so much better than the ones at the grocery store!

  22. I am growing some potted herbs, 2 jalapeno peppers and a habanero pepper. I’m trying a potted tomato for the first time, too.

  23. We don’t grow a garden, and we actually had plants put in a couple of years ago so no new planting this year. BUT I have 3 rose bushes that I really love to tend to. They’re growing well already this year, and I’m just waiting for those buds to come out & open!

  24. I keep saying year after year I’m planting flowers and never do! But this year my 3 year old and I have been planting all kinds! We love going shopping for them and she loves any purple ones. Thanks for the tips and the give way.

  25. Your garden is awesome! We also plant a little later here in MN, especially after all the snow we had a the beginning of April. Just started getting my flowers.

  26. What a beautiful garden! I am hoping to finally start our little vegetable garden! I would love to have fresh cucumbers for salads!

  27. We have only a small area of land but we make the most out of it surrounding the house. We grow roses, herbs, fruits and vegetables. I am most excited about the Roses and cherries.

  28. We are planning to actually put in landscaping around the front of our house this year so I am excited about all of them because it’s taken us two years to even do this! I’m not sure yet what we are putting in flower wise but definitely a few shrubs as well. I need to make up my mind ASAP though because the plan is to get it done next week!

  29. I added wild flowers, but they did not do well. I have a small veggie garden that is doing awesome though and I would like some gardenias because my Hubs LOVES the way they smell.

  30. I’m really surprised that some bird seed I tossed out is growing in a certain spot so that is a start to my garden. Flowers later around that area will be planted later. Yours looks great. Lots of room to grow.

  31. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I very much enjoy planting my flowers and light gardening. Your garden is beautiful.

  32. I let my husband do what few plants we have. Its something Im not good at but my favorites are daffodils.

  33. Love spending time in my garden! I am most excited about plating more lavender and roses this spring

  34. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I would like to grow some sort of berries like strawberries or blueberries.

  35. I’m in an apartment so I can’t plant, bummer! When I was a kid I planted a few things in my parents backyard and I had great luck! I planted some pretty orange flowers that really took off and an apple tree that finally got too big for their small backyard. If I ever have a house I want to plant poppies and strawberries.

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