5 Small Changes that Yield to Big Results for the New Year

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What are we about this year? We're about the small changes that yield BIG results! I realized in the past I've been doing it all wrong with grand gesture New Year's resolutions. These days I'm much happier making subtle and powerful changes. Read on! #ad #VeggieNewYear

My last two Januarys have been, in a word, momentous.

Two years ago, I made a vow to be active for so many reasons – stress relief, overall health, time outdoors, emotional health, and more. Last year, I made a vow to build my business and make it what I knew it could be, and then some. Maybe it’s because the last two years have been so overwhelming, in a good way, that this is the first year in awhile in which I found myself a bit aimless when the clock struck midnight. What would be my big change? What would be my big results?

And preliminary results have been showing me that maybe I was looking at it all wrong. Big changes? No. I was already swept away by big changes at the end of 2017 – with three busy jobs, two busy kids, and an endless loop of chasing that holiday spirit and falling short. Ultimately it got me in the end, and I had the BEST week off ever, but I was fried! Home renovations. Vacation food, even when not on vacation. Dehydration, inactivity, confusion, etc. I started recently (as in VERY recently) to think that maybe I shouldn’t be looking for big changes. They’re already here! I should be looking for big results. And sometimes that’s a matter of small and personal changes. Reasonable goals with balance and harmony in mind. A new year.

How powerful is that?

One of my changes, as detailed below, has to do with plant-based protein! Click here for savings from Ibotta:

And so in my recent quest to make small changes that yield to big results, I’m excited to share the details of what I’m doing and how it’s making me feel. I’d love to hear yours too! What small changes are you making to yield big results?

1 – Choose one word of the year. I love the one word campaign, which I found out about through blogging, of all things. For the past several years, I have chosen a word, held it in my heart, and followed through. This year? My word is harmony. I wanted to use the word balance, but that seemed too ordinary. I AM about balancing work and personal life, and my various jobs, and my kids, but I want all aspects of my life to be in harmony as much as possible. That’s why this is my word of 2018.

2 – Let go of old habits. There are some things we ALL hold onto that do more harm than good. They can hold us back.

3 – Try 15 minutes. 15 minutes is pretty powerful, actually. Here are a few ways you can use 15 minutes. Get up 15 minutes early and get a mindful start to your day. Try it for a week or a month! Feel the difference. Start adding a 15 minute brisk walk to your evenings or mornings. This will keep you mentally active and fit, and also get you fresh air.

4 – Get more tech savvy. This made a huge difference for me when I stopped resisting the changes. Technology is changing so fast in this world, and it doesn’t pay to lag behind. Technology can also help simplify your life!

5 – Start your mornings off right with MorningStar Farms® veggie sausage! With plant protein power, this is the best way to start your morning off right and help you reach your new year wellness goals. “Taste It To Believe It”. I have!

What I love is that MorningStar Farms® products are not only for vegetarians. These “as-is” meal solutions are for everyone! They’re great for families, busy working people (like us), health-conscious people, or people who are all of the above! I love that they’re convenient and delicious. They are quick, easy, and help my family on our healthier lifestyle journeys.

Specifically I love MorningStar Farms® Original Sausage Patties Value Pack and MorningStar Farms® Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches because I’m a breakfast fan. I get them easily in the frozen aisle of my local Walmart.

So let veggie cuisine power your mornings!

As two bonus tips for small changes, I’d like to say to be kind, of course, and to do things now. We procrastinate in so many examples in our lives, but there’s a power in not putting off what you have to do anyway. Do it with gusto!

I can’t wait to hear about your small changes and big results! Find MorningStar Farms® veggie sausage at your local Walmart. And connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram!

What are we about this year? We're about the small changes that yield BIG results! I realized in the past I've been doing it all wrong with grand gesture New Year's resolutions. These days I'm much happier making subtle and powerful changes. Read on! #ad #VeggieNewYear

What changes your making in the new year?

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  1. Harmony is definitely the word for this year and so is peace. My daughter swears by Morning Star products, she is a vegetarian and it’s the one brand that she insists on purchasing.

  2. I like the concept of 15 minutes, Tamara. We often shortchange ourselves into thinking that we don’t have time to do things, but 15 minute is so very doable. Also, tech savvy is something I have to prioritize this year. Between the blog and the coaching business, I have to be on top of so much more than I currently am doing tech-wise.

  3. We are doing a ton more Morning Star around here this year! Sam has now gone the way of no meat, and their food is such an easy and great item selection for someone like her in a large family!

  4. I love Morningstar products. Since we are vegetarian, it makes an excellent substitute for protein. I have a recipe for veggie chili with Morningstar crumbles if you are interested. Let me know!

  5. i love the word harmony! my music-teacher sister always said that if she had had a daughter (she had two boys), she would have named her harmony. also, i was reading that someone resolved to do nothing…as in not buy another book (we already have so many books), not buy another article of clothing (we already have what we need), etc…not make huge changes. it’s a great concept, but definitely takes discipline.

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