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5 Skincare Ingredients to Keep Skin Looking Young

There are many ingredients that can help tackle signs of aging. Here are a few skincare ingredients to keep skin looking young.

Anti-aging has been a buzzword for people who want to keep their skin fresh and healthy. Our favorite celebrities, from Rihanna to Jennifer Aniston, all seem to look younger than they truly are thanks to their skincare routines. Rihanna even has her own line of tried and tested products.

But what exactly are in their preferred skincare products that keep them looking so good after all these years? There are many ingredients that can help tackle signs of aging. Here are a few that have been proven to be effective:

5 Skincare Ingredients to Keep Skin Looking Young

Hyaluronic acid

A common problem that comes with age is saggy and wrinkly skin. The naturally occurring carbohydrate, Hyaluronic acid, can help combat that by increasing your face’s water content, increasing elasticity, and treating irritation. Does hyaluronic acid help with acne scars? While it doesn’t directly fix the presence of acne scarring on your skin, it does in fact help keep oil production in check and minimize the potential for acne that can lead to further scarring in the future. Hyaluronic acid is in charge of making your skin look plump and hydrated. This ingredient can be found in several products like facial cleansers, which is an important step in every skincare routine. Be sure to never skip out on cleansing, too, since it will create a clean canvas so your face can easily absorb the other products you will use in your regimen.

Green tea

Used in toners and serums, green tea is another highly effective component in many products. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help keep your skin refreshed and in check. This will help you counter any free radicals or harmful damage caused by the environment which can exacerbate and speed up aging. It can even alleviate some damage caused by sun exposure. Because environmental toxins can increase the rate of skin aging, green tea is a great ingredient to add to your skincare routine.


Peptides are another common ingredient found in anti-aging skincare routines. They are a type of amino acid that can help lessen wrinkles and sagging by keeping your skin tight. They can trigger the production of collagen and elastin. Since the production of the latter actually decreases with age, this can be a big help in preventing manifestations of aging. This ingredient can be found in many overnight and restorative creams, so they will be easy to integrate into your evening routine.


This vitamin B3 derivative is known to help keep your face hydrated and develop a protective barrier over your skin. This will aid in preventing premature wrinkles and overall aging. Aside from this, hydrated skin can promote better blood flow, which can make you look healthier and brighter. Niacinamide can be found in many moisturizers, face masks, and sun protection creams. But because vitamin B3 is a water-soluble compound, they are best used through topical application.

Aloe vera

Most people know aloe vera for its hydrating and exfoliating properties. It helps bring moisture back to your face while also being able to naturally and gently peel away dead cells that can end up clogging your pores. But, it can also be used to increase your skin’s immunity to UV rays. One big factor that can contribute to premature aging is overexposure to sunlight. This is why it is important to put on sunscreens or SPF creams. But if you want an added layer of protection, try adding a layer of aloe vera-based gel. Aside from the benefits listed above, it also helps improve your skin’s elasticity.

Anti-aging products prioritize protecting your face from toxins and increasing elasticity. These are just a few ingredients that have been proven to help and should be added to your daily routine.

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