5 Signs Your Dog Might Benefit From Insurance

Why might you want to look into dog insurance for your pet? Is this option something for everyone, or is it something you can skip out on? 

5 Signs Your Dog Might Benefit From Insurance

For millions of people throughout the United States, dogs are more than just pets that they take care of, they are part of the family. The moment we bring these four-footed friends into our lives, they begin to take up more and more space in our hearts. For many dog owners, their dog is as much a part of the family as any other member. 

 The faithful dog has long been regarded as humanity’s best friend, however, over the years certain aspects of this relationship have changed. With the rise in popularity of dog and pet ownership over the last several decades, so also has come the demand for pet care. 

This includes practical day-to-day tools like dog beds, crates, chew toys, outdoor dog houses, fencing, and much more. One of those services that have grown to prominence is the need and use of pet insurance. 

Pet insurance is a service provided to ensure that your pet can get the best treatments and medications possible if and when the need arises. The team at Spot pet is on a mission to help more pets lead happier, healthier lives, and they believe that offering the best pet insurance on the market is the best way to do that. 

But why might you want to look into dog insurance for your pet? Is this option something for everyone, or is it something you can skip out on? 

Here are 5 signs that your dog may benefit from pet insurance and why you should look into it. 

1. You Have a Large Breed

One of the top reasons to think about why your dog might need pet insurance comes down to doing some simple research on their breed. Dogs are some of the most resilient and incredible creatures on the planet, and what’s more, is that there is a seemingly limitless variety of them. 

These differences aren’t always in shape, size, and color though. Different breeds are disposed to different kinds of behaviors and dispositions. The breeding processes that have been going on for millennia have created the current selection of dogs that show very specific traits in their physical, emotional, and personality-based qualities.

Another difference found in breeds is their disposition to injury and the dangers that come with age. For instance, large breeds like Saint Bernards and other dogs that may double as miniature horses, are disposed to struggle with hip and joint issues in their later years. Their sheer size and weight will bring these issues on later in life. 

If you are going to get a larger breed of dog, investing in insurance is a great way to make sure that they get the care they need knowing they have these tendencies. Regular checkups throughout their lives, and then access to professional help when these issues arise can go a long way to helping your larger breed companion live a comfortable, good life.

2. Your Dog is Older

You can get pet insurance at any time for your furry companion. Many people who may not have ever heard of pet insurance may be looking into this option when their dog is older. This is a great time to invest in dog insurance as health issues are common for all breeds. 

Things like bladder stones, bone damage, or even skin tumors can be common things that older dogs deal with. Getting insurance that allows preventative, as well as corrective care, can go a long way to saving you money and making sure your dog lives the best golden years possible. 

3. Your Puppy Loves to Chew

If you are a long-time dog owner, you know the feeling of anxiety that comes with getting a new puppy. Worrying about their health, and their safety is normal as you get used to having a new little four-footed friend in your life. One of the biggest hazards for dog owners is the tenacious desire that puppies have to chew on things.

While you can quickly, and easily train a dog to not destroy the furniture, the truth is that puppies are not known for higher brain function. The fear of your dog accidentally ingesting something that could cause a bowel obstruction is a legitimate concern and something that pet insurance can bring a lot of peace of mind over. Corrective surgeries for bowel obstructions are not cheap, and in many cases when they are present, it’s a necessity for your dog’s continued health. 

4. You Want to Have Social Puppy

One of the best parts of having a dog is getting to share your pet with the world. Taking your dog with you on hikes, to friends’ houses, vacations, or even just to the dog park are fun parts of being a dog owner. However, with social interactions comes the risk of passing on diseases and sickness between animals. Making sure your dog is up to date on shots, and vaccinations are very important, and having pet insurance in place can help you do this, or handle the results of your puppy getting sick. 

5. You Plan on Having an Active Dog

Taking your furry best friend on a run, hike, or stroll through the park is something you should definitely do. It gets both of you outside, exercising, and it’s a great way to create a bond with your dog and make memories. However, accidents do happen and dogs do get injured. 

Having pet insurance in place ensures that you are ready for any potential hazard that may result from simply spending active time with your dog. 


Getting pet insurance is fast, simple, and easier than you may think. Not only that, but with flexible premiums, you can get the coverage that makes the most sense for your dog and your pocketbook. It’s something that will bring you peace of mind and help you enjoy your K9 companions, without having to worry over them.  

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