5 Self-Improvement Hacks For Long-Term Travelers

Follow these five self-improvement hacks for travelers and you’ll be living your best life whichever part of the world you’re in!

5 Self-Improvement Hacks For Long-Term Travelers

Planning on hitting the road for a few months, a year or perhaps even longer?

Congrats and we’re jealous – there’s nothing like leaving your workaday worries behind for a good long while, spending time in exotic locations, immersing yourself in eclectic cultures, trying fab new food and meeting fantastic new people.

But when you’re travelling long term, it’s a way of life rather than a holiday, which means that you might want to balance out the purely pleasurable activities with some good old self-improvement – this way you’ll eventually become a much more rounded and robust version of yourself.

With that in mind, here are five self-improvement hacks for long-term travelers.

1 – Physical fitness

Staying physically fit helps you maintain a healthy weight, avoid health problems and boost your mental wellbeing, so what’s not to love?

You probably won’t want to lug heavy equipment with you on your travels and in remote locations there may be no gym nearby, but you can exercise in your accommodation with no equipment required. Check out this Joe Wicks bodyweight workout for inspiration.

2 – Mental agility

If your travels are mainly focused on leisure or purely physical activities, you might want to consider some sort of regular activity to keep those little grey cells in fine working order.

Brain training apps fit the bill and there are several to choose from – download Lumosity, Brain Trainer Special, and Eidetic for fun and challenging games that will improve your memory and a host of other cognitive functions.

3 – Psychological wellbeing

A change of scenery often catalyses a positive change in attitude, mindset and mood. However, in many ways our homes are in our heads and stress and anxiety can strike in paradise the same way they do at home.

However, by using a mindfulness app like Calm you can perform quick, simple, guided meditations which destress you completely, combat those awful antsy feelings and also improve your sleep.

4 – Journaling

Keeping a travel journal can serve several purposes. For starters, the discipline of writing a diary has proven benefits for your mental health but also, if you’re publishing your travel blog online it can be an enjoyable hobby and even generate an income.

Recording and sharing your adventure via blogs, videos or both can help you connect with all sorts of interesting people and perhaps start your own business too.

5 – Online learning

If a career switch is part of your long-term plans, perhaps studying for a degree on the move can help you take the next step?

For instance, taking an online degree with ARU Distance Learning allows you to study flexibly around your other commitments, keep on top of your coursework and keep in touch with classmates – from anywhere in the world with a reliable Wi-Fi connection and there are qualifications in everything from digital marketing to psychology.

Follow these five self-improvement hacks and you’ll be living your best life whichever part of the world you’re spending time in!

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