5 Reasons To Train Your Dog at Home With Robin Bennett

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We got Athena as a rescue puppy when she was about four-months-old.

We were so instantly in love with this new (to us) dog. Cassidy had known about her for a month, and had applied to the rescue organization and been chosen. She was being fostered in Alabama by her loving foster family, and he couldn’t wait for her to arrive in New England and be ours forever. We didn’t have a clue! Scarlet and Des were sick with awful colds, and we were facing another long late winter day with Cassidy at work and us sneezing at home. And then everything changed. He came home and walked through the door, with the trick to say he had been in a fender bender and needed me to grab my camera to document the evidence. I was ready, but it wasn’t a car I would be photographing. It was this exact moment:

train your dog

I had never had a puppy of my own before! I had grown up with dogs but they always truly belonged to my parents when I moved away. This one was mine to keep. Where I’d go, she would follow. And hey – where she would go, I would follow too.


The thing about Athena is that she’s so submissive and aims to please. She’s half Husky and half Basenji (we think) and there’s a Husky part of her that LOVES to run away and not come back for hours. She doesn’t do it often, but with having young kids in the house who love to walk her, we realized she wasn’t trained on a leash either. There were so many holes in her puppy training and, of course, we had no one to blame but ourselves. The thing is, it’s NEVER too late to train your dog.

So I went to find a solution that could include us all.

Cassidy works out of the home and both kids have school. We exercise at the park together several times a week. So that’s why I found Robin Bennett. She’s a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author, consultant and expert on dogs. Robin founded one of the largest dog training companies in Virginia, and has been “reading dogs”, teaching families how to train dogs, and working in the pet care industry helping to keep dogs safe for over 20 years. She’s also the Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers – the premier dog training association with over 5000 members. And that’s where “Raising Your Puppy: The Ultimate Video Guide To Your Puppy’s First 6 Months” by Robin Bennett™. comes in!

train your dog

This is the ultimate online, video guide to your puppy’s first six months and it’s designed for busy pet parents to help you get started off on the right foot. (paw) Here are five reasons this course is a MUST have for puppy training and dog training.

1 – The step-by-step guide helps you from the moment your bring your puppy home, and you train your puppy on YOUR time!

train your dog

2 – You’ll receive ongoing guidance, tips, and advice for every week of development – from 8 weeks to 6 months! And a weekly “What to Do This Week” printable checklist so your whole family is on board with the week’s puppy-training goals.

3 – It’s dog training made easy because you train in your home on YOUR time with over 100 short 2-3 minute videos. You can watch them with your family and practice immediately together.

4 – You’ll get membership to an exclusive Facebook group with Robin and other puppy parents.

5 – And if you join Robin Bennett and her puppy, Ranger, in this online puppy raising course in the next two weeks, you’ll get free bonus items to help you with handling loose dogs in your neighborhood, keeping your dog safe at a dog park, and more!

*Bonus – the lessons are SO specific and thoughtful and meant to help you raise that puppy right!


If you purchase the Raising Your Puppy Online Course in the next two weeks, you’ll receive THREE bonus items for free: 1) How to Handle Loose Dogs and Dog Fights pdf 2) Loose dogs and Dog fights checklist to use on walks, 3) Dog park safety mp3.

Link HERE, or click the photo below.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Robin Bennett. The opinions and text are all mine.

Happy Puppy Training!

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  1. We also had Elsa trained her locally when we first got her. But had I known about this training would have definitely looked further into for her at that time. But still will be sharing with all my dog owning friends now. So thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  2. We haven’t done any training with Eddie. He just came so sweet and ready to please, but our first puppy needed all of the help! What a great system!

  3. I’ve had some experience training dogs. I took a German Shepherd up to one leg short of Utility Dog. He was a good dog and easy to train. He would respond to voice without needing anything more. He was my first dog when I left my parents care and was on my own. I’ve had a few dogs since then and none were as easy to train. Like people, I think they are all different and need different methods. I’m thinking about getting a dog again. Probably a Border Collie. That dog will train me 🙂

    1. So you know I’m nine months behind in commenting, but I do read these all and look at this one!! You did it!! And are you being trained?

      1. Ha! Better than a bubble gum fortune 🙂 We are training each other. If I’m consistent with him, he is consistent with me.

  4. OMG, what a great resource this is! Thanks so much for sharing. Buster is obviously an older pup, but it’s always a good idea to train and I don’t believe that you can’t teach an older dog new tricks! It’s just a lot of work 🙂 Someone just mentioned nose training to me the other day, which we might start doing now that Bus lost vision in one of his eyes. It’s a good way for him to at least use and rely on other senses.


  5. Athena is beautiful! It’s really nice that you’ve involved the whole family in helping to train her. It not only teaches the dog/puppy but teaches our children too!

  6. Our older dog Abby was such a breeze to train, but Bogart has been really challenging. Wish I knew about this course when he was younger!

  7. This is a great option! When Shakespeare was a puppy we attended a local class and he would bark the whole class, but amazingly still knew how to do everything, my mom said he was acting out because he was bored…an online course would have been perfect for us!

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