5 Reasons To Keep Your Crawl Space Clean

If your home has a crawl space, you shouldn’t neglect it. Listed below are some reasons to keep your crawl space clean: 

A crawl space is a small and narrow area below your home that separates it from the ground and the first floor. Since it has limited space, the only way you can get around in this is by crawling your way in, hence, the name crawl space. With this, you can have a quicker way to access some of your home’s plumbing, wiring, piping, and ductwork for repairs and maintenance. While they carry plenty of benefits for one’s home, maintaining and cleaning them is essential.   

If your home has a crawl space, you shouldn’t neglect it by allowing its condition to sit still for as long as possible. If neglected, it may attract termites that could damage your home. You can continue reading this to find out more information about termite infestation. Ideally, clean the area at least once a year to keep it in good condition. Moreover, listed below are some reasons to keep your crawl space clean:     

1. Reduce Moisture 

A crawl space can be prone to moisture damage and water damage. Since they’re beneath your home, they have more exposure to groundwater. To prevent rain from coming in, you should look for different ways of waterproofing that can avoid the dampness of your crawl space. You can either hire a service or do it on your own. If you choose to let moisture sit still, it could develop molds that could damage your home and bring infections to everyone living in it.  

The easiest way to prevent moisture in your crawl space is to clean it out. You need to find time and inspect all the areas in your crawl space where water is accumulating. You need to clear them out and fill them up to avoid collecting water. You can also install a dehumidifier to prevent dampness in the crawl space. You can hire a company to help with local water damage restoration, and they can also help with mold remediation, carpet cleaning, fire damage, and more. However, the best course of action is prevention.

2. Allows More Storage Space 

Having a clean crawl space allows you to have extra storage space within the comfort of your home. You can keep any items or tools that can fit underneath. You can put on old clothes, broken furniture, or even obsolete appliances. Just ensure that you don’t have use for these items anymore.  

You also need to maintain the crawl space to continue using it as a storage space. You don’t want to damage the items stored there due to the state of the crawl space. Cleaning the crawl space also means that you need to organize the things you’ve stored.

3. Strengthens Your Foundation 

Cleaning your crawl space prevents damage to your foundation due to too much water entering your house underneath. If too much water enters your home through the crawl space, your foundation may start to crumble and suffer significant damage. Water can cause cracks on your foundation walls and also cause your plumbing to accumulate rust. Furthermore, these damages can cause your house to sink and make it difficult for you to sell your home in the future.  

Preferably, you should ensure that your crawl space is clean and waterproof. These are some preventive measures that can keep your house afloat. Cleaning your crawl space can help maintain the foundation’s integrity as well. You can either hire a professional Crawl Space Clean Up service or do it yourself to save on costs.   

4. Minimizes Foul Odors 

No matter how clean your house is or how well you maintain the air inside your house, it won’t matter if the source of the foul odor is coming from the crawl space beneath your home. Even air fresheners are no match for the awful smell emitted from your crawl space. Regularly cleaning your area can prevent this issue in the future.

A clean crawl space means that there will be no strange odor coming from beneath your house. By cleaning, maintaining, and cleaning it, you’re preventing any dampness and molds that can accumulate in your crawl space, making it an excellent environment for your family, especially for your kids. Ensuring that your crawl space is dry will help reduce the damage and unpleasant smell that comes with it. 

5. Fewer Maintenance Costs 

A clean crawl space can prevent you from spending too much on maintenance. Since there is no moisture, mold, or other issues that could contaminate your house, you can expect lesser repairs. You can even expect not to spend anything since you won’t need any repairs for your home.  

Maintaining a clean crawl space can also retain the quality of your fixtures and installation in the long run, making them function longer and not require any maintenance since they can stay in good condition.

The Verdict  

Cleaning a crawl space might not be everyone’s favorite chore, but it’s something that you shouldn’t miss. If you fail to keep it clean, you might watch your home slowly crumble and suffer any damage it brings. Asbestos is a huge problem and if you’re looking asbestos removal Fort Worth has plenty of options. While it might be tiresome, you should clean and maintain your crawl space for as long as your house stands still to acquire the above benefits.   


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