5 Reasons To Gift A Bath Hamper

In 2022, when it comes to gifts, there's no reason to not give a personalized gift. And what's more personal than to gift a bath hamper?

In 2022, when it comes to giving gifts, there is little to no reason why you cannot give a personalized gift. And what is more personal than a bath hamper?

It may seem on the face of it very generic, however, with more stores and online shops being able to offer a pick and mix option of whatever you want in these hampers, you can choose one that will be truly fitted to the person who receives the gift. Many smaller companies can even color code them to the recipients’ favorite colors, or their favorite scents. So, if you have a friend who loves the smell of lavender, you can make sure that their hamper is wrapped in dark blue and purple sheets of paper and has everything contained within it in that scent. Perfect.

If you have never been gifted a bath hamper or received one, it is a fair guess that they will not be your first choice of gift. However, in this article, more reasons why you should give one as a gift will be investigated and hopefully, will change your mind.

They Are Fun to Open

Half of the fun of receiving birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gifts is ripping off the wrapping paper. It’s exciting and the paper itself can be used to convey your personality if the person giving the gift knows you well enough. 

Hampers are a bit different than a standard wrapped present, however. The wrapping is usually included in the bundle and can cause just as much excitement when the papers are peeled back to reveal the scented soaps or bath oils. Any bath hamper company that values its customers will know that a hamper should be well presented, to make an impact on the person who opens it. The Awesome Hamper Company is an example of one online store that takes the appearance of its hampers very seriously and will work with its customers to ensure that the ‘wow’ factor is truly achieved. 

Depending on which company you choose to make your bath hamper gift, you will have the choice of the container the shampoos, etc are placed in, the color scheme, and of course the scent. Why not opt for lavender-scented products in a wicker basket arrangement? 

They Fit Any Purpose

When it comes to giving gifts, some things are better left for certain occasions. If you are gifting jewelry, this is best left for birthdays or Valentine’s Day. However, based on the person you are giving the hamper to, and the occasion, the layout, and design of the gift can be fit for any purpose. You can gift your best friend a small bath hamper when they get a new job, or you can gift one to your mother on her birthday. They have no set holiday that they are appropriate for. 

Also, if you are struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything, why not opt for a bath hamper?


Suppose you give a bath hamper that is presented in a wicker basket. Once all the pieces are removed and placed in the bathroom, the wicker basket itself doesn’t have to go to waste. You can reuse it as part of your home décor or, if it was a wicker basket with a lid, it can be used to take on picnics or other outings. 

Many companies that offer bath hampers are dedicated to keeping them as green as possible. So, the soaps and other bits may come in metal tins, which can then be reused to store small items like buttons, or other parts of a sewing kit. Therefore, a bath hamper truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Effort is Visible

Many people when they receive a gift can become disgruntled that the person who gave it put no effort in. Not a great way to keep a friendship going.

However, suppose you want to put the effort into a gift, but don’t have the time to do so. A bath hamper can take the hassle out of giving the gift. As mentioned before, many online companies will allow you to choose the theme of the hamper, the colors and what is included in it, such as bath oils or bed sprays (always good in a sleep-based bath hamper). This will show that you have put the effort into the gift, even though you haven’t put in that much. Nevertheless, it is rare for someone who receives a bath hamper to be unhappy with it, so your efforts will usually be appreciated.


This has been mentioned a lot, but with more companies offering personalization for birthday cards and even baby blankets, it is clear that personalizing a gift means a lot to most people. 

As you can expect, bath hampers can be personalized with a message or even a photo card, so the recipient knows that the gift is for them. This can help with hampers that are being sent to relatives or friends who are far away, as it will highlight that you are thinking of them. Some hamper companies will even be able to print your card of choice too, so you can send over a photo of your friend or loved one and yourself to be placed on the front, really sealing the personalized gift aspect. 

Final Thought

A bath hamper makes a great gift for most people, as it can be personalized to fit the person to who it is being sent, and it can also be a striking gift to receive. 

As with most things related to bathing, however, always aim to gift an option that will not cause skin irritation, so this will usually be a hypoallergenic-based bath hamper. Of course, if the person it is being gifted to is vegan, take the time to check that the bath hamper (and usually the company that is creating it) are cruelty free. That way, there won’t be any arguments when it is opened.

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