5 Reasons I’m a Sandwich Bros. Fan

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Are you looking to up your lunch game this winter? Sandwich Bros gives many reasons to love their products. Here are my top 5 for you! #SandwichBrosFan #ad

The most surprising thing I used to say as a kid was that lunch was my least favorite meal.

How could I have said that?! Lunch is amazing! Breakfast at my house is bleary and crowded. Dinner is more of the same, but with more of an edge. Lunch? Lunch is like a distant dream, when other, busier times of the day have taken their lead. See, lunch is peaceful. Lunch is screen-free and solo, unless I invite a friend over. And lunch is unpredictable. You can have anything for lunch! You can eat breakfast for lunch, or dinner for lunch. If you want, you can have more standard lunch-type foods for lunch. What I love is that the sky is the limit. It’s something to look forward to after a solid morning of work.


Recently, I fell in love with Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin®. They’re one of the fastest-growing retail sandwich brands in the US, according to recent Nielsen reports, and it’s the sister brand to Kangaroo Pocket Bread®, Salad Pockets® and other Kangaroo specialty breads! Sandwich Bros. have protein-packed, handcrafted sandwiches made with fresh-baked flatbread pockets. They contain premium ingredients like whole eggs, Jones® all natural sausage, 100% Angus beef, all white chicken and real American cheese, and they use local Wisconsin meats and cheese. One bite and I was in love. Here’s my 5 reasons:

Are you looking to up your lunch game this winter? Sandwich Bros gives many reasons to love their products. Here are my top 5 for you! #SandwichBrosFan #ad

5 Reasons I’m a Sandwich Bros. Fan:

1 – These are unique sandwiches. They’re wholesome, delicious, and a crowd favorite. Why do I love them the most, though? They’re the perfect size for snacks and light meals for everyone from kids to grandparents.

2 – They’re made of healthy ingredients. Yes, frozen food can be healthy and Sandwich Bros. set out to create a healthier and tastier convenient hand-held snack or meal. They have the lowest carb ratio, and the flatbread pockets are stuffed with PREMIUM proteins like 100% Angus Beef, all-white meat chicken, and all-natural sausage.

3 – They’re good for so many reasons. You can eat them for breakfast with a smoothie or fruit salad. You can make a smiley face on their products for kids. You can have them for after-school snacks, lunch, or dinner in a pinch with vegetables.

4 – They make great appetizers, like skewers, for party planning!

5 – I have this printable coupon! Then use them for birthday parties, sleepovers, or other big get-togethers.

Where can you buy them? They are nationally available at Kroger, Costco, Sams, and more. Find out here: http://www.sandwichbros.com/where-to-buy/.

What would you use them for?

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