5 Places We Always Take Our YoKids®

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I always strive to write about products that are relevant to our lives, and to my parenting. Thank you, Stonyfield® Organic YoKids®, for sponsoring this post and inspiring some of the best travel, home, school, playdate, sports must-haves we know!

My kids are huge fans of Stonyfield Organic YoKids - the #1 organic kids yogurt brand. Now they're featuring between 25-40% less sugar #ad #StonyfieldYoKids than the leading kids' yogurt

So much of parenting is trying to find things that work, right?

Right. And I knew from the very start that Stonyfield® Organic YoKids® yogurts were going to be a success story. There’s just too much good! The varieties are awesome. Des loves Blueberry best. Scarlet loves Strawberry. Strawberry Banana? Well, that’s a hit with both. Des loves YoKids® cups. Scarlet eats them and says, “Hey, I really, really love these. Thanks for buying them.” Both kids love smoothies and squeezers. We have them at the top of our shopping list at least once a week.

Stonyfield® Organic YoKids® yogurt line of low-fat organic yogurts are portable, and are all Non GMO Verified, with no high fructose corn syrup and 25-40% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt. (applies to YoKids® cups, smoothies & Squeezers, but pouches will be available with up to 35% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt starting in December of 2017)

Here are 5 places we always take our Stonyfield® Organic YoKids® yogurts:

1 – School lunch! These are a lifesaver for school lunch. This is my year to pack two school lunches and I’d be pretty lost without great products. I love offering organic products. Since Stonyfield® Organic YoKids® yogurts are certified organic, this means that each cup is always made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. I also love giving them great tasting organic snacks with less sugar. There are enough varieties to make us all happy.

2 – Fall sports. Des will be joining basketball, and Scarlet does track twice a week, as well as dance fitness once a week. She is always in need of great snacks, and I love always having something for her in her backpack/on the sidelines.

3 – Home, and homes away from homes! We go on a lot of trips. Just last weekend, I took the kids to Maine. It’s not economical or healthy to eat only in restaurants, so the kids made a smart decision to buy groceries to keep in our hotel room, since we had our own kitchen. I think you can guess what made the cut – organic yogurts, of course! When we go to Cape Cod every summer, my in-laws always stock the fridge before we come. I think you can guess what we tell them.

4 – Road trips! Whether it’s a larger trip to Maine, or just a Sunday drive to view the local foliage, we’re always up for time together in the car. The most important thing to pack is water, and snacks – like Stonyfield® Organic YoKids® yogurts.

5 – Playdates. Whether we’re throwing them, or planning for them, I always make sure my kids are equipped with snacks to share and/or bring. Why not bring the #1 organic kids yogurt brand? As I said above, organic matters. Calling something natural isn’t a guarantee, but you can be sure that when you see the USDA Organic label, the food was made by farmers who don’t plant GMO crops OR give their animals (like dairy cows that make our milk) GMO feed. I’m proud to serve it.

Where would you take your YoKids®?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stonyfield® Organic YoKids®.

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