5 Movies to Watch at a College Party

Parties are a part of college life. You celebrate the first day in college, finishing a semester, birthdays, and other achievements every so often. Movies are one of the ways to break the monotony of dancing and drinking at a party.

College students can easily relate to the stories in these movies. Here are some of the best movies to watch at a college party.


The movies you watch at a party should be easy for the participants to relate to. Romance and college stories top the list of the most interesting movie genres to consider while in college. College students can easily relate to the stories in these movies. Here are some of the best movies to watch at college parties.

1. Revenge of the Nerds

Being a nerd is an already nasty tag. They are bullied and considered antisocial. However, they also have private lives and take revenge. Can I buy an assignment online while I watch a few movies to relax? Writing services provide relief, enabling you to attend to other tasks that require your attention.

Revenge of the Nerd is a story of two unhip students out to prove a point. They set up their sorority to compete with Alpha Betas after they were evicted from their dormitory. Gilbert and Lewis are constantly humiliated by the leading college gang. Unknown to the gang, the nerds are out to revenge, and it will not be easy.

Revenge of the Nerd reveals the underworld of college living. It packs a lot of humor that will get you laughter throughout the story. Even in their revenge, the nerds will still be nerds. Will they succeed in their mission? Only by watching the movie can you discover.

2. The Party Animal

Relationships are difficult for many men. Trying to have sex for the first time is a nerve-racking assignment. This classic American movie features Pondo Sinatra, a man who is hopeless with women. He hopes to get rid of his virginity as a freshman in college. However, Pondo finds fault in every woman he encounters on campus.

Pondo has to take advice from people around, like janitors and friends. What will they tell him? Will the tricks used by other people work for him? Pondo happens to come across a mysterious character called Miranda. She provides one of the hilarious twists to the story. Despite the movie being almost 40 years old, it remains one of the hilarious titles for college parties.

3. The Program

What is it like to be on the college athletics team? Few movies have dug into the lives of college students playing football or other sports. Their lives are demanding. They are torn between academic work and demanding sporting tournaments.

College sports throw the kids to almost celebrity status. The attention is likely to distract the students from their main goal of academics. Still, the sport is riding on its celebrity status to capture attention. This is one of the most interesting movies to consider.

4. Scream 2

Parties are fun moments, and horror scenes might not fit perfectly. However, each person has a unique taste, and Scream provides the perfect setting to raise emotions during a party. The movie captures the horrific life of college students that are usually ignored.

Sydney is living everyday life in college. However, she finds herself as the target of a psychotic killer. The killer has been at it for a while and is getting more vicious. Who will protect Sydney, and how will the killer react?

5. Accepted

What happens when the wrong person gets accepted to college? It is a complete disaster for SHIT or South Harmon Institute of Technology. Accepted is one of the best college party movies with a lesson that college is not for everyone.

The college movie titles are endless. Choose a plot that will suit your entertainment idea. These titles, among others, will make your party fun and memorable.

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