5 Lunchtime Routines to Improve Your Whole Day

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Lunchtime can be a special time. Make each day better by using these 5 routines that will make lunch better, plus your entire day!  #TaiPeiFrozenFood #IC #ad #friedrice #chowmein #chickenfriedrice

Over the last two months of early 2018, I’ve made some nice changes in my life.

It turns out, I was working so much at the end of 2017 that I was skipping lunch. For months! Not only that, but I never had time for social plans, breakfasts, in-person client meetings, and just plain fun. Just today I thought I had a meeting but I had gotten the day wrong. I decided to take that extra hour of my life and go to the dog park with Athena. I was healthier and happier for it! You know I’m all about small goals in the new year, and I do think if you execute them daily, they lead to BIG changes. I’m so glad to have lunchtime back in my life. Lunchtime is sacred time. And lunchtime can be FUN time as well.

Here are 5 Lunchtime Routines to Improve Your WHOLE Day!

1 – Spend your lunchtime with someone special. Isn’t that the BEST? It reminds me of when I worked at an office and had lunch with other people daily. Sometimes, Cassidy will come home for lunch, just to see me. That’s been happening more and more lately. And sometimes it’s so cold out that it’s nice to invite a friend or neighbor over. That’s another change I’ve been making – putting on a pot of coffee, a pot of tea, and putting out a light lunch to share with a friend or loved one.

2 – Exercise on your lunch hour. This is what Cassidy does and he works outside the home. I realized that even though I work at home, I can set aside my lunch hour (or the hour before or after) to go for a brisk walk or light run.

3 – Make lunchtime screen-free. Step away from your computer, phone, TV, and whatever other screen is beckoning to you. It’s so good to spend an hour clearing your eyes and your brain from all the information overload from screens.

4 – Use your lunch hour as a mental time-out. You’re already screen-free, but also make this a time to put on light music, practice your breathing, do some stretching, clear your mind, or anything else that puts you in “time out mode.”

5 – Prepare a deliciously easy, easily delicious meal, especially if you’re on a budget. You all know how much I love Tai Pei entrées. Lately I love that they’ve become my lunchtime solution of choice. No more skipping lunch!

I alternate my lunches, but Orange Chicken is awesome, and best prepared with a clementine too! Tai Pei has a range of great tasting entrées – and there’s exceptional flavor in each dish. All of their entrées are made with real, pure ingredients. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and it’s none of the bad stuff – just pure and delicious goodness.

I love that the product packaging makes Tai Pei a quick and simple meal to prepare in just minutes, using my microwave, and I love that the range of flavors helps eliminate the boredom of typical, everyday meals. There are so many choices, and they’re a great option for meals at home, or anywhere with a microwave! Want to find them near you? Use this store locator to find out where Tai Pei single serve is available near you! They’re in the frozen food section – and the single serve entrées are each made with flavor-infused rice! I’m such a sucker for good fried rice!

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If you love Asian Food the way I do, you’ll love Tai Pei’s real, quality ingredients and fresh taste. It’s time to take back boring lunches, and make them extraordinary!

Which Tai Pei single serve looks best to you?

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5 Lunchtime Routines to Improve Your Whole Day — 10 Comments

  1. Those are all really great tips. I especially love that one about making it screen free. It seems that we’re almost always in our phones or online. I very rarely do lunch, but it’s one thing I plan on doing this year and this is such a great dish, why wouldn’t I have lunch?

  2. Those oranges look so yummy – it makes me want to have lunch right now! I love the idea of putting aside social media while you eat – I tend to multi task when I eat and I know it’s not good for me. P.S. I was showing my husband your Alaska trip posts last night because we’re thinking of going summer 2019!

  3. I needed those five tips, especially the one about being screen-free! And they sell Tai Pei at my local Food Lion, at the foot of the road, so I’ll be checking them out for sure. Those clementines look yummy!

  4. These are great tips! I’ll be honest though…I absolute save my favorite TV for lunch time, then I turn off the TV and get back to work. I should try a screen free lunch one day!

  5. These look delicious and I definitely need something new to eat for lunch. I usually sit at my computer and eat, or eat on the run when I have plans out of the house. I pretty much eat pb and j on toast every day. LOL.

    You’ve inspired me to get outside more- I know I need to do this. I NEED TO DO THIS.

  6. Instantly, I’m starving! This looks so good. And sadly, I just remembered all I’ve had this morning is coffee. I’m usually better about eating in the morning rather than the afternoon.

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