5 Facts About Home Ownership You Need to Know

Let’s look at 5 facts about home ownership that are necessary for you to know as you begin the process—or are already steadily along the way—of buying your home.

Owning your own home may sound like an impossible dream due to the current competitive housing market. Housing listings were at an all time low in number in 2021, and this pace is expected to continue in 2022. Because of the demand for homes but few for sale, new listings are quickly taken off the market, not to mention that their going prices are incredibly high. With all that said, owning your own home is not an impossible feat—it just requires extra hard work and knowledge about what you’ll be up against.

Whether you’re already a homeowner, preparing to come into ownership of a property soon, or on your journey to buying your first home, there are a few important things to be aware of. Let’s look at 5 facts about home ownership that are necessary for you to know as you begin the process—or are already steadily along the way—of buying your home.

For Current Homeowners Looking to Sell a Property:

As you can see from the market, now is a great time to sell your property while demand for homes is high. Following the real estate trend, you’ll probably be able to make a pretty penny on your listing for sale. Do you have real estate in Tennessee for sale? If you own a property you want to sell, you have a few options for how to proceed.

You Can Either Hire a Realtor or List Your Property On Your Own

Real estate agents are trained and licensed to help you sell or buy your home by offering guidance, advice, exposure for your listing, and legal representation. But if you work directly with a real estate agent or broker, be prepared for the high commission fees. On the other hand, listing your home entirely on your own is an arduous process that may leave you floundering without guidance. Of course, the easiest way to sell your home would be for cash through a group like SP Homes LLC. The perfect in-between option for listing your property for sale by owner is working with a company like HomeLister where you have the freedom to proceed with as much or as little independence as you want. With HomeLister, you’ve got a team of real estate professionals eager to help and guide in any way, including getting your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but they only take a one-time fee, paid at close, since they know some people enjoy their freedom throughout the process.

For Future Homeowners Preparing to Own:

If you’re looking forward to owning your first property, this section is for you. While the housing market’s competition is cutthroat at the moment, buying your first property is within reach. As exciting as homeownership is, make sure you know these important details first.

Be Prepared to Pay Home Insurance Every Year

When you own a property, you need to budget for yearly homeowners insurance. This fee covers and protects your home against damages and losses while protecting your possessions. These coverages vary in price depending on multiple factors including your location, your claims history, and your insurance plan. 

Location is Key

You might not stay in your new home forever, but you’ll want to settle in an area that offers everything you’re looking for, even as you begin to have different priorities down the line. For example, consider the schools in the area. What are the expansion and development plans in the neighborhoods you’re looking at? How about commutes from the different areas you may have connections to now and in the future? Asking these questions in advance helps guarantee you’ll pick a home in a location that will serve you well for years to come.

For Current Homeowners Maintaining Their Property:

If you are already a homeowner, congratulations! You can rest easy knowing that you’ve entered the housing market and don’t have to fret over the skyrocketing listing prices. There are always new challenges and adventures involved with homeownership, so these facts are for you.

Don’t Let Buyer’s Remorse Stump You

If you’ve recently purchased your new home, you may experience something called buyer’s remorse; once the reality of any property sets in, there are bound to be disappointments and frustrations that can discourage you if you let them. Even simply big differences like a new location or unfamiliar home layout can cause you to question your purchase. Instead, focus on the positives about your new home. Remember the elation you felt at the moment of purchase.

Expect to Invest Money Into Repairs

No home is perfect—even newly built homes will eventually have their issues, and some problems that occur around the home are out of your control, like natural disasters. Although you’ve closed on your home and have an understanding of the purchase price, you should expect to invest more money along the way as repair needs and updates arise. A home is an investment, however, so the money you put into your property will be well spent.


Buying a house is a bold undertaking in 2022 due to the competitive housing market, but it’s certainly not an impossibility. Knowing a few things about homeownership will help you through the process of owning your own home. Use these facts to further you on your journey of homeownership!

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