5 Creative Uses for Self-Storage Units

Here are five creative uses for self-storage units that will help you make the most of your newly found space.

5 Creative Uses for Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units are a great way to declutter your home and free up some much-needed space. But what do you do with all that extra space you can gain by putting all your belongings in large storage units that you can rent? Here are five creative uses for self-storage units that will help you make the most of your newly found space.

Home Office:

If you need to work from home or find it convenient to do so at times, then a self-storage unit can allow you the extra space you need to create a dedicated home office. This way, you can keep your work and personal life separate. 

You will want room for your computer and all its cables and accessories, maybe space for one or two large monitors, a filing cabinet, as no computer has ever got rid of paperwork completely, and maybe even a photocopier.

For those who are self-employed, a self-storage unit is a good place to keep all the invoices and business documentation, that the tax authorities still require, away from an immediate working area. It does, after all, have to be kept for many years after the accounting year has ended. 

Hobby Room:

Decluttering to a self-storage unit may free up sufficient space for you to set up a hobby room. This can be the perfect spot for all your crafting activities, carrying out practice sessions on a new musical instrument that you are trying to learn, or for your sports endeavors. Many people will want a spare room they can turn into a home gym.

There is also another reason to make a spare room – you can use it as a guest bedroom. Combine it with your home gym and your guests can be in the perfect place to exercise as soon as they wake up.

Kids Playroom:

If your kids are constantly taking over the living room with their toys, a self-storage unit can be the perfect solution. Move all their surplus toys to a self-storage unit.

Then, if you can save a whole room full of space, you can set the kids up in a playroom with all their favorite toys and games. You will never have to step on another piece of Lego.


Every man needs a man cave, whether it’s a place to watch the game in peace or a workshop in which to construct DIY projects. A self-storage unit can move enough items away from the shed to create that perfect man cave. Just be sure to save enough money through DIY projects to justify the expense. It would also seem a worthwhile creative idea if friends were invited around to enjoy the space too.

She Shed:

A she shed can be a personal space for women to do whatever takes their fancy. This could be reading, crafting, or just relaxing. Add some comfortable furniture and decor to reflect a particular style, and you’re ready to take advantage of your new-found space.

Any of the ideas above can then be juggled around to reflect the different seasons or moods. We can create ourselves that option by investing in a self-storage unit for any items that we do not currently want to house or have no room for in our main home.

Self-storage units are, in fact, the equivalent of a second home. They can provide permanent or temporary storage solutions.

We hope that the above will provide you with some useful ideas as to what to do with any space that you manage to free up because of using a self-storage unit. It is not always possible to use sheds and garages to store items that are in the way because they can be damp places when it comes to preserving things. Also, these kinds of places maybe somewhere you have other ideas about.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about getting storage units as a new business owner to organize critical papers. I was looking for a solution when I came across this post. I appreciate that you pointed out that storing all of the invoices and company records that the tax authorities still need to see should be done in a self-storage facility, far from any nearby work location. After all, it must be retained for several years beyond the conclusion of the accounting year. Very good information I will definitely search for a provider of self-storage facilities based on these criteria to preserve my data. I appreciate the guidance.

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