5 Awesome Day Trip Ideas for Nature Loving Families

5 Awesome Day Trip Ideas for Nature Loving Families. Here are 5 awesome day trip ideas for families wanting to get back in touch with nature.

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5 Awesome Day Trip Ideas for Nature Loving Families

Most people are planning something a little more low-key this summer, but for nature lovers, there’s also somewhere fun to explore. If you’re planning a staycation or even just a few nice days out on the weekends, there are plenty of activities you can look for locally. Just by exploring nearby areas of natural beauty, you don’t know what you might discover. There could be all kinds of wildlife hidden around every corner. Here are five awesome day trip ideas, for families wanting to get back in touch with nature this year.

Forest bathing

There’s nothing more peaceful than the mindful practice of forest bathing. If you’re looking for a relaxing day out that can be still spontaneous simply go for a walk in the woods. Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells around and look out for local wildlife. It’s the best way to appreciate nature and you don’t have to go far. If you’re planning on staying local this year, here is a quick guide to staycations to give you more inspiration. 

Wildlife projects

If you want to develop your children’s interests in ecology you could set them a project as well. As you explore the areas of natural beauty near you, why not encourage them to learn something? Here are some examples of wildlife projects for kids. You could also get them to try and spot certain types of flora and fauna or even sketch them. There are plenty of educational ways to interact with nature.

Hide painted rocks

Why not join the painted rocks community as a family? This is a sort of painted rock treasure hunt with the idea of spreading kindness. You could paint the rocks together at home, in whichever designs you choose, then leave them in a forest. People will then find them and take photos to post online. Take part in the treasure hunt yourselves and look for other people’s rocks. This is a good way to encourage children to explore more.

River trip

For something a little more adventurous, how about water sports such as Moab rafting and canoe trips? You can book these as a family and even just for the day. You’ll see nature from a totally different angle floating down the river. Enjoy incredible scenery from the boat as you battle the currents. You’ll also get a good workout out of it. 

Wild swimming 

If you’re not up for watersports, but still want to get wet, you could look for places for wild swimming near you. There’s nothing quite like swimming surrounded by nature. You can even look out for interesting fish and wildlife. You can look up the best swimming holes in your state online. If you find one locally you won’t have to travel far for a truly refreshing experience. There’s no reason why a staycation needs to be less exciting than traveling abroad. Embrace the outdoors instead. With these awesome activities, you can have all the fun of a vacation in just one day.


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