5 Amazing Shopping Malls To Visit In Scandinavia

Welcome to Scandinavia! Known for its unparalleled natural beauty and healthy work-life balance, this region is also home to some of the most innovative shopping malls in the world.

Welcome to Scandinavia! Known for its unparalleled natural beauty and healthy work-life balance, this region is also home to some of the most innovative shopping malls in the world. Nordic countries like Sweden and Denmark are at the forefront of retail with cutting-edge technology and creative design. If you’re looking for more than just a place to buy a new sweater or get your nails done, here are five fascinating shopping malls that will make your Scandinavian vacation memorable.

Naka Forum

Nacka Forum, located in Naka, Sweden, is a shopping center that opened in 1989 and has since been voted the number one shopping facility in Europe. It’s easy to see why: it has 116 shops, 22 restaurants, and cafés, a health and wellness center, an iPad table with free surfing (only $3 for 30 minutes), a playground, and even breastfeeding rooms. The Forum also promotes environmentally-friendly practices like recycling all of its packaging waste and reusing water from its toilets for flushing in the restrooms.

Fisketorvet Copenhagen Mall

Fisketorvet, a Danish shopping center located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is one of the largest shopping centers in Copenhagen. The name means "Fish Market"; however, fish is no longer sold there. It opened in 2000 on the site of the old Fisketorvet train station, which closed in 1975.

The mall has 65 stores and restaurants, including a food court with 12 eateries. It also has twelve cinemas (including an Imax theater) and a video games center, as well as a playground for children. 

Parking is free for customers for up to four hours. There are several services available for babies, including a play area with toys, strollers for loan that are equipped with baby changing stations, diaper disposal units, and rocking chairs for feeding. The hours of operation are from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

Rykkinn Senter

The Rykkinn Senter is a large mall located on the outskirts of the city of Bergen, Norway. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Norway, with 40 shops ranging from affordable brands to high-end clothing, athletic wear, and shoes.

The mall is located just outside the city center and attracts shoppers from all over the region. The mall has a grocery store and several coffee shops, as well as a doctor, dentist, and physiotherapy offices. While shopping, you can treat yourself to a tasty treat at one of the restaurants.

Rykkinn offers free parking to visitors who are traveling by car and there is bus service from Bergen. 

The mall is open from 10 am until 8 pm on weekdays and until 6 pm on weekends.

Gallerian Shopping Mall

Stockholm’s first and largest galleria, Gallerian, opened in 1976. It has 80 stores, cafés, and restaurants—so many that it’s almost like a small indoor city. Some of the 25 anchor stores include H&M, Zara, and Sephora. The mall also hosts an annual Christmas market during December.

Gallerian is located right in the heart of Stockholm near the Sergels Torg plaza and the Central Station. It’s also next to Kulturhuset (the House of Culture), which hosts multiple events, conferences, and exhibitions throughout the year. With parking and free Wi-Fi, stopping by this shopping center on your European adventure is a must!

Sandvika Storcenter

Sandvika Storcenter is one of the most popular shopping malls in Scandinavia. It’s located in Sandvika, Bærum, on the outskirts of Oslo, and has 200 different shops, restaurants, a cinema and a lot more. 

Sandvika Storcenter was named the best shopping mall in all of the Nordic countries in 2011. It opened in 1993 and is known for its wide selection of shops and restaurants. The mall has free shuttle buses from Oslo Central Station, so it’s very convenient to get there by public transport. It’s a 5-minute walk from Sandvika train and bus station with access to Norway’s largest railway network.

If you’re looking for a great place to do some shopping in Scandinavia, it might be worth your while to visit one of the many malls that line the streets of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. For those who like to shop ’til they drop, it’s a great way to see a bit of the country and experience local culture. You can also learn about Scandinavian design by visiting shops in these malls.

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