On a side note, remember the clothing store 5-7-9? If you came here looking for info about it, I found this.

On another side note, Des and I went on a big Thursday adventure today to a mall in Connecticut where we did some damage to our wallets at Disney Store and Lush, and we boosted the economy. So what can I say, except “You’re Welcome.”

5-7-9(What can I say except that this photo of Des looks more like me than any other photo I’ve ever seen, so what does that say about me? About my tongue? About my love for Grateful Dead bears? This is me!)

What can I say except, I haven’t done that sort of mall shopping trip in a long time. And we had gift cards. Not that I need to explain myself, but man, that used to be a lifestyle thing and now it’s maybe once a year – if I’m lucky? There was even a latte involved. And I wore a dress and a jean jacket. The sun didn’t come out, but what can you say, except “You’re Welcome.” (clearly that Moana song is in my head) We’ve been geeking out on all things Pixar’s Cars. I’m OBSESSED.

With my youngest starting kindergarten in the fall, and my oldest losing her first tooth, I'm really feeling the ripples of change #life #love #FTSF #family

I’m someone who’s currently obsessed with Cars, you’re welcome. I hope it lasts. I’m someone who’s a lot of things, mulling a lot of things, considering more than one thing in more than one category, dreaming about tons of things, and I’m someone who’s prone to mood changes throughout the day – elevations and de-elevations. Peaks and rises. My temperament is rather mild, but the emotions inside are affected by everything – including the weather. Or rather, MOSTLY the weather. And too many emails, or lack of emails. Too much work, or not enough work. Too many feels, too many fears, not even tears – when I need them. I’m someone who wears red dresses on random Tuesdays, but doesn’t know how to apply makeup to save my life.

*Unless it’s lipgloss and/or mascara. Then, lives can be saved.


I’m someone who can probably do a lot of things, if I put my mind to it, but I’m someone who never believes I can do anything – until I do it. And then it’s not like it’s consistent and I get it and I gain that notch of confidence/experience forever. No, my confidence and beliefs are prone to the same elevations and de-elevations, and peaks and rises that my mood is. It’s just life.

It’s all connected.

This post is about all the things I’m not, though. And I spend a lot of my life proving myself wrong about things I thought I couldn’t do, and things I didn’t think I was. What I’m not, is someone who can roll with the punches. I can adapt, but it’s not an easy transition. It’s like when I walk into someone’s house at any point between November and April, and they say, “Take off your coat and stay awhile!” And I say, “I will, but it takes me awhile to adjust!” Who can argue with that? I can’t.

I take my coat off eventually, on my own time.

With my youngest starting kindergarten in the fall, and my oldest losing her first tooth, I'm really feeling the ripples of change #life #love #FTSF #family

All the things I’m not.. is someone who can roll with punches. I feel things in my stomach, by long route from my heart. It’s the shifting seasons. It’s putting down a deposit at the movie theater for Des’ 5th birthday. It’s Scarlet being so very 7. It’s my marriage being 9. See? 5-7-9. It’s hanging up Scarlet’s dresses – because she can’t yet reach the top of her closet.

It’s lost baby teeth in a tooth box necklace from the school nurse. It’s Scarlet taking showers now – washing and combing her own hair – and putting on a bathrobe “because it feels kinda awesome.” It’s the fact that just last week, I still gave her a bath and carried her “like a baby” into her bedroom because that’s what she likes. Now I do that with Des, but then I help him into 5T pajamas, because the 4T clothes look like a flood is coming. Kindergarten is coming. Freaking kindergarten.

With my youngest starting kindergarten in the fall, and my oldest losing her first tooth, I'm really feeling the ripples of change #life #love #FTSF #family

Des being 5. Scarlet being SO 7. Our marriage being 9, with no nine-year itch. I realize it’s the seven-year itch but I didn’t have it then. I’m just perpetually itchy. I get itchy from odd years and odd milestones. Adult teeth rising behind baby teeth.

Something so adult and permanent on my first baby!

There are many adult things. She has opinions – strong and smart ones – about politics and God. Equality and equity. (although she’s totally fine if she gets 30% more chocolate eggs in her Easter basket than her brother.) She can throw out some quick, theoretical punches. Life is full of these gut punches. Sometimes I roll with them, but some are too big, too one after the other, and too heavy/heady, heady/heavy. These are my struggles, and life will never stop happening – in quick, punching succession – but maybe I’ll be quicker on my feet with time. Maybe the punches won’t go right to my head and to my gut.

Maybe I’ll learn to take them, and maybe I’ll learn how to give a good one right back.

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “All the things I’m not…” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin on the matter: HERE.

Do you roll with punches? Did you shop at 5-7-9?

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  1. I actually did shop in 5-7-9 back in the day, as well as Contempo Casual. I was a serial shopper, as well and as Cher from Clueless once said, “I have one direction and that would be to the mall!” God how I miss those massive shopping sprees. Just saying!! 😉

  2. I do remember 5-7-9, but not sure I would have ever made the correlation to Des, Scarlet, and marriage! 🙂 I’ve gotten better at rolling with the punches as I’ve gotten older and mad my kids have gotten older – but it’s still not always easy.

  3. I have ALL the things to do- overwhelmed I click on your post in my flooded email and BAM! You suck me in… with all the feels, ALL of them.

    Oh Tamara, there is such an exquisite way you have with your words and your evolving perspective that transforms, yet remains the same, that shifts and bends and opens into new heights and great depths- always leaving me breathless.

    There is so so much here I understand- to the core. So much.

    I am submerged in those punches to the gut this season. Well, always really- but ESPECIALLY this season. It takes me time to adjust, acclimate, and find my comfort in ALL things new, changing, shifting…

    I have a feeling, I would take my coat off quickly if I ever came to your home. <3

    1. I hope you do!
      Now that it’s December, I’m sort of back to wearing my coat all the time. Not good with the transitions! They’re like waves.

  4. My son just turned 9 and my daughter turned 5. It’s hard to believe how quickly they are both growing up. Life is definitely changing, but I’m enjoying it.
    I Love Moana by the way. 🙂 Shiny is my favorite song.

  5. How can they be SO SEVEN??? Yikes. I’m not ready (but I’ve said that before, haven’t I?). I do remember 5-7-9 and some other stores that are probably no longer around. I haven’t had a trip like that to the mall in I don’t know how long. I think recent mall trips were when Tucker was younger and we went to ride the little train and listen to the free music thing they had on Wednesdays. I bought us lunch usually, but that’s about all. I love love the photos, as always.

    1. 7.5 is coming!! Next month!!!!
      Mall trips are a thing of my past, unless you count having to stop at the bathroom twice, having to pull my kid off the escalator, and going to Build a Bear Workshop.

  6. As I get closer to 50, I keep thinking about the things I’m not. And it scares me, because I feel like there’s not much time left, in case I want to do them all. But do I? I don’t know.

    1. I think so. Although when I was born my grandparents were around 70 and would still live another 30 years. That’s a LOT.
      I think you’re doing so beautifully in your adventures.

  7. I did shop at 5-7-9! What a blast from the past. I can’t believe your baby is heading to kindergarten. And i’s funny to me that Scarlet has such strong opinions at 7, cause momma, watch out. I can’t imagine what she’ll be like at 12:)!

  8. I can do major damage at Lush and Disney Store when I go to the mall so I try not to go too often. BTW I can’t believe that Des is going to be 5 already. I remember when him and Madison were so tiny just the other day. Time flies doesn’t it?

    1. You have Lush too? I never knew that! I had only seen it in SF and then there’s a few locations in or near Boston, and now one opened up near my parent’s house in NJ!

  9. Adult teeth rising behind baby teeth is SO real. Sometimes I freak out and I ask Reiko if he’s scared and he says “no”, and I tell him “good”. Grade school is coming up for him and I can’t breathe. Ugh!

  10. Yup, I shopped at 5-7-9. I got some cute stuff from there.

    Natalie believes in God. Tommy doesn’t. He’s more into science and facts. When I tell him stories from the Bible, he’s all, “But that’s just not possible.”

    I love Lush, even though some of the products in there frighten me. But those bath bombs rock.

    1. That’s pretty interesting. Only because Scarlet believes in some silly things SO MUCH and others? Not so much. I guess who am I to call it silly?

  11. I have got to start doing the Friday sentence thing. You always have the best topics.

    I was opinionated like Scarlett, at her age. I came from a non-church going family. I am the one who insisted on going to church to learn more about God, so at first mom sent me with other people. But then, she wasn’t sure what I was learning there, so she started taking me to a different one. You might say I dragged them all along on my quest. And over the years, I’ve dragged my parents, who never would’ve traveled for fun, to California, DC, Arizona, and Texas. Parenting is such a great adventure.

    Also, you look so good with lipgloss and mascara.

  12. I did not shop at 5-7-9, but I remember it! I also do not roll with the punches well, but I’m working on it. I’m better than I used to be for some things, and worse for others.

    I miss going into the Disney Store. Maybe I’ll just go in and pretend I’m shopping for a kid.

  13. I had not thought about 5,7, 9 for years?! Did you guys have Wet Seal around you? That was another favorite. I worked at the mall and then I spent way too much time there trying to get just the right clothes. Now I live in sweats. What I am not is a fashion guru anymore….. Love your cute girl!

    1. Yes! And there was Contempo Casuals but I can’t remember if they were owned by the same people or whatnot. They were alike. And I loved both!!

  14. Had to laugh at “SO 7.” Mine is so very nine…going on about fifteen, I think. Where does the time go…? And when you said “freaking Kindergarten” I remembered saying that myself…four freaking years ago! How is my kid going to fourth grade in the fall? What I am not is prepared for her to be so grown up with her adult teeth and sassy confident attitude and all the rest. Not prepared at all.
    I don’t think I ever shopped in 5, 7, 9, but I certainly did my share of mall binge shopping. No more, though. Boy do things change…

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