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Delicious and Colorful Patriotic Cake in a Jar

First of all, this Patriotic Cake rocks!

Patriotic Cake in a Jar - perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th, and anything at all!

This is character growth because I’m posting a holiday recipe weeks before the holiday.

Usually I don’t even think of them until the week before and I’ll post something wonderful, like Pound Cake Easter Eggs, but I’ll do it the night before. If I’m feeling generous, two nights before. So then it’s all, “Here’s a fantastic recipe, but the stores are already filled to the brim with the holiday shoppers and you’ll never pull this off in time. Good luck!” Yeah, not this time. I’ve got ya. I’m feeling rather generous this week because I didn’t have a great morning, and I’m recovering.

We’re all fine. We all like each other. Just not the best time!

This, however, is the best time:

Cake in a jar

There are a few things I love about my cake in a jar recipe, and not just how PRETTY it is. It’s that once you learn how to make cake in a jar, that sort of opens up your repertoire for similar recipes. You can make them for any season in any color. Rainbows! Valentines! Birthdays! Whatever. Mason jar cake recipes are pretty much always timely. Kid parties. Graduations. Whatever. I know you get the point. And I was going to post these (not make them – I made them years ago) for Memorial Day, but couldn’t get my act together. Maternity leave and all.

This 4th of July Cake in a Jar is fun and Patriotic!! Easy to make ,and kids and adults will love them! Made with pre-made cupcakes, or make from scratch.
I often Google easy patriotic cake desserts, but I often do that the night before. This way you can be prepared early. And remember, red, white and blue desserts are timely several times a year, AND, you don’t have to save these for red, white and blue. Make them any color and any time! You’ve totally got this. Memorial Day recipes. July 4th dessert ideas, usable ANYTIME. And how.

Patriotic Cake in a Jar:


5 Red Cupcakes, unfrosted
5 Blue Cupcakes, unfrosted
4 Glass Jars, approximately ½ pint size
1 Container White Frosting
Red, White, and Blue Sprinkles, assorted

easy 4th of july dessert recipes red white and blue


1 – First, crumble up the blue cupcakes into a bowl. Crumble up the red cupcakes and put those in a separate bowl.

2 – Put some of the white frosting into a small piping bag or a small plastic baggie with the corner cut off.

3 – Take a jar and put a layer of blue cake crumbles in the bottom. My layer was about an inch thick.

4 – Take the frosting and pipe a thick line around the edges of the blue cake crumbles. Make sure you are pressing the frosting against the glass edge as you are going around.

5 – Add a layer of the red cake crumbles next – about an inch thick.

6 – Pipe another thick line of frosting around the edges of the red cake, again making sure you are touching the glass.

7 – Add another layer of blue crumbles, then a frosting line, and another layer of red crumbles.

8 – Now pipe a full layer of frosting over the top of the cake so it’s completely covered. You should be right about at the top rim of the jar.

9 – Sprinkle the patriotic sprinkles over the top.

10 – Lastly, repeat steps 3-9 for the remaining jars.

*Note: I prepared a white cake mix and divided the batter equally and colored half blue and half red. Bake cupcakes according to the package.

4th of july dessert recipes

fourth of july desserts recipes

easy fourth of july desserts

What do you think of these, as far as 4th of July desserts go? Are you often looking for easy patriotic desserts? Have you ever made cake in a jar? So many probing questions! Ultimately, these are meant to be enjoyed, and I think they rock.

This Patriotic Cake in a Jar is fun and Patriotic!! Easy to make ,and kids and adults will love them! Made with pre-made cupcakes, or make from scratch.

How far in advance would you prefer to read a holiday or seasonal recipe?

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  1. These are truly perfect for the 4th of July. Like you I don’t start thinking in terms of a season or holiday until we are closing in on it. Although I do know for blogging and SEO, we supposedly should key in on it earlier than that. Just need to make my mind remember that, I suppose. But still 🙂

  2. Holy yum! Totally pinned 🙂 I think I am skipping blogging about the 4th of July this year and celebrating unicorns on the blog, so this recipe makes me very happy!

  3. I am pretty much crazy patriotic, so you can post a patriotic recipe 365:) Very cute.. my daughter just walked in and said, “Well that looks cute!” She is 22, so works for all ages!

  4. We’re doing 4th of July on my brother’s boat, and these would be perfect. I’m definitely making them! Thanks for posting so early :)!

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