4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Here are a few ways you can bring some excitement into your pet’s life while learning how to keep your dog happy and healthy too.

Your dog is always looking for ways to make you happy, and it’s time to return the favor! Getting your pup motivated may take little more than grabbing the dog leash, but many pets need extra stimulation and attention. Not only will the things you do help make your dog’s life better, but they’ll also improve your own health. Here are a few ways you can bring some excitement into your pet’s life while keeping them healthy at the same time, read the article.

1. Bearing Down on Boredom

Anyone who’s had to wait at the doctor or DMV knows what boredom feels like, and so does your dog. Without mental stimulation, dogs will try to find other things to entertain themselves, often getting them into mischief. Some pups start to chew, while others will eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Keeping your pet mentally sharp is the best way to avoid poor chewing habits and have your dog focused on healthier activities.

Introduce your pet to new activities and locations; this forces them to adapt to new circumstances as they learn and explore. Throw on the dog leash and venture on some walking errands, introducing your friends and neighbors to your dog. Bring home a new toy or something that smells brand new to them. New foods are a great option, especially if you turn the event into a smell-fueled hunt for snacks!

2. Regular Vet Visits

Some owners swear their dogs know when it’s time to go to the veterinarian, and though they may not enjoy it, it’s necessary. Taking your canine companion in for frequent checkups will help catch problems early or even prevent issues from arising in the first place. When you can, check your dog’s teeth for tartar buildup that may lead to weak or missing teeth. Don’t be afraid to discuss any issues with the vet, especially if you’ve noticed changes in movement, behavior, or appetite.

Remember to invest in preventative medication as well. You should give your dog heartworm treatments every month, especially for ones that spend a lot of time outdoors, even if they’re on a dog leash. Flea and tick treatments are essential, too, especially for preventing insect-borne diseases from entering your home. Make sure you’re feeding your dog the right kind of food since a healthy diet is just as crucial to a healthy pup as it is to humans!

3. Essential Exercise

Getting your dog moving will keep it looking and feeling physically fit. Chances are, it’s begging you to take it for a walk anyway, so it only makes sense to oblige! Going out for a stroll is great for you and your pup as it gets your blood pumping while allowing your dog to explore. You may even wish to liven things up with an obstacle course that challenges your dog’s determination and creativity! Taking them to new locations will be stimulating in other ways, too, as they experience new sites, smells, sounds, and people.

A dog park is also a great option as it lets your furry friend socialize. It’s important to remember dog park etiquette, so keep an eye out for signage that tells you if a dog leash is needed in fenced areas or if you’ll need to provide your own water. You’ll also get to visit with other dog owners while providing other playmates for your dog to burn off all that destructive energy.

4. Get Groomed

A cool pup is a happy pup, and some breeds need their coat regularly maintained throughout the year; a rigid grooming schedule helps keep your dog feeling fresh. As good as you feel with a new haircut, imagine how great it must be for your hairy hound! Be sure to regularly wash your dog, even if it’s just in your sink or tub. If clipping and styling are too costly or time-consuming, a simple set of electric trimmers will have your dog looking great in no time!

Many dogs need extra care during the warmer and cooler months. Seasonal grooming is essential for long-haired breeds that may overheat in the summer. Conversely, shaving a dog too short in the snowy season may leave you looking for a matching dog leash and coat set! Regular grooming can also help you spot health issues that hide under hair, allowing you to get ahead of such concerns before they become too serious.

Happier Hound

Taking care of a dog is a lot of responsibility. Your pet counts on you to give it the best life possible, and affection is the most important thing you can provide. Dogs are social creatures, and they crave your love and approval. Sharing your life with them is also a great way to keep yourself feeling and looking young and vibrant. Show your dogs how much you care by helping them live a happy life, and they’re sure to return the favor!

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