4 Ways a Family Dog Can Benefit Your Kids’ Growth

4 Ways a Family Dog Can Benefit Your Kids' Growth: So, we have put together this guide outlining just some of these benefits.

4 Ways a Family Dog Can Benefit Your Kids’ Growth:

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but for many parents, the thought of bringing a dog into the family house can fill them with anxiety and worry. While most parents are begged by their kids for a dog at some point, it can be difficult for parents to see past the added financial obligations and commitments that come from owning a pet.

However, research has found that having a family dog can offer health and developmental benefits to your kids as they are growing up. So, we have put together this guide outlining just some of these benefits to help you make a more informed decision when considering a furry addition to your family unit.


One of the biggest ways that getting a family dog can benefit your kids’ growth is the responsibility they learn by being a pet owner. It is important that if your kids are serious about getting a dog, you explain to them why the family pet must be a shared responsibility and not just for you to take care of. By sharing the ownership of the dog with your kids, they will learn how to take care of a pet and provide your dog with what it needs.

For example, dogs require water, food, grooming, daily exercise, and bathroom time as and when they need it. For your children to understand a sense of responsibility you should give them tasks that involve taking care of your family pet.

For example, make them be responsible for the task of feeding your dog three times a day. Also, be sure to teach your kids the importance of feeding your dog the right foods. Only give your furry friend the best dog foods, as noted here.


A canine companion can be a great friend to both parents and children and can teach kids about friendship and loyalty. Making friends is a skill that many kids learn as they get older. But by having a dog at home that provides them with constant and unwavering companionship, it can help them and make them feel supported through the ups and downs of childhood.

Kids find dogs a great source of comfort and can turn to their furry friend when they are feeling sad, happy, or angry.

More Active Lifestyle

When you and your family are a proud owner of a dog, you will find that you spend a lot more time living an active lifestyle. This is because a dog requires daily walks and exercise. Research has found that children that have a family dog at home exercise on average an extra eleven minutes a day compared to non-dog owning children.

Even the smallest amounts of daily exercise can soon add up over a couple of weeks, months, and years. So, by getting a family dog, you are also encouraging your kids to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

Increased Happiness

Dogs can make for great companions and friends, so it is no surprise that animal interaction is proven to increase happiness. So, possibly one of the greatest benefits of having a family dog is how much joy it can bring to both your children, and yourself. As research shows that interactions with animals raises levels of dopamine and serotonin, having a family dog is sure to brighten your children’s day.

Family dogs can enrich our lives in so many different ways, with your canine companion being there to play with during the day, and also to cuddle up next to at night. Having a dog can help your kids’ development and growth while creating memories that will last forever.

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