4 Tips for Improving Kitchen Function

When thinking about new kitchen design options, consider four kitchen function considerations that can play a significant role in your choices for your kitchen renewal project.

Many families find that the kitchen space makes up the most often used area in their home. Making meals for yourself or other family members to consume right away or preparing larger batches of food that you might use later in the week when less time arises for cooking includes some of the ways the kitchen gets utilized. The kitchen, known as the hub, hearth and heart of a home, also works for many as a gathering spot for quick meals and entertaining guests.

Although the kitchen works hard to accommodate these varied tasks, its design often hinders those who frequently use it. Because of this, many families decide to invest in remodeling their kitchens to suit their unique needs better. When thinking about new kitchen design options, consider four kitchen function considerations that can play a significant role in your choices for your kitchen renewal project.

1. Increase Storage Strategies

Increasing the amount of usable storage space in your kitchen will likely top your list of kitchen remodeling goals. Consider how you rearrange the appliances so that more cabinet space can fill in. Another, perhaps less costly, way to add more storage involves including the wall areas. Adding shelves and hanging storage systems can often help increase storage at a lower cost.

2. Create More Working Counter Space

Having enough usable, clutter-free counter space to cut and mix ingredients and prepare foods may top your desired outcomes for a kitchen remodel. Adequate counter space nearby heavily used areas, such as the stove and sink, make for a fully functional workspace for food preparation. If your options seem limited, look for inspiration online for design ideas on how to increase this vital space. For instance, you can look at custom home builder pictures to spark possible solutions about how your kitchen counters could function more efficiently. If you would like to know more about home builders visit Carlisle Homes.

3. Add Task Lighting to Work Areas

Appropriate lighting makes cooking much easier and safer to accomplish quickly. Think about adding light under cabinets that hang over work counters and inside cabinets. Additionally, include bright light solutions over the stove and other food preparation areas.

4. Improve Appliance and Cabinet Placement

Appliance placement in your available space remains a keystone to good kitchen design and function. For instance, a refrigerator door that only partly opens because of its proximity to another counter or appliance can become the impetus to rethink your kitchen design. Furthermore, in small kitchens, a critical consideration revolves around the placement of essential appliances and cabinets. For example, proper placement can allow the doors to open and close fully without restriction, making them much easier to use. Measuring your space and appliances can help you determine changes that could improve this common situation.

Although these common kitchen function dilemmas can irritate those who frequently use the kitchen area, these four simple design aspects can help alleviate these issues. In addition, the spaces that do not function well in your current kitchen can provide the spark to help you and your home design team create a kitchen layout that works well for your specific uses and purposes.

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