4 of the Best Summer Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers love to stay busy! If you’re looking for fun summer activities for your little one, we can give you plenty of inspiration. The following list of ideas will keep your toddler engaged. They’ll also learn something new. Try a few of them and discover your child’s favorites. You’re sure to find activities to enjoy all season! 

Toddlers love to stay busy! If you’re looking for fun and the best summer activities for toddlers, we can give you plenty of inspiration here

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1. Go Swimming 

Swimming is an excellent way to stay active and keep cool in summer. The American Red Cross says it’s also an essential life skill for babies and toddlers. Get your little one started with swim safety as early as possible by having them take an infant or toddler swim class. Once they start getting comfortable in the water, you can start swimming at home or in your local pool. Whether you’re venturing out for form lessons or a leisurely swim, pack the right toddler clothes in a water-resistant bag. Having all your supplies will make it easy to change your little one after their swim session.  

The best toddler girl and toddler boy clothes for a day at the pool include sun-protective swimwear with UV-blocking fabric. Your child’s rash guard sets and one-pieces should be cute and vibrantly colored, but they should also have the right material to help protect their skin from sunburn. Carry a matching sun-blocking hat for them to wear as they sit under an umbrella. You can also give them toddler sunglasses if their eyes are sensitive. 

Pack a child-sized towel with a hood to help keep them warm after they get wet. A hooded French terry coverup with a convenient zipper is comfortable until they can change into a dry outfit. A spare change of clothes like a toddler dress or a bodysuit will make it simple to transition to the next activity. It also keeps things stress-free if you’re dressing your toddler in a small space like a public bathroom. 

Other helpful accessories include hair ties for securing long locks and sandals for protecting little feet. For information on swim safety devices for when your child goes swimming, talk to an experienced and certified swimming instructor. Your toddler should wear a personal flotation device until they are a strong swimmer. However, the Indiana University School of Medicine says Coast Guard-approved life jackets should never take the place of adult supervision. 

*Safety Disclaimer: Never leave a baby or toddler unattended near any body of water without a parent or another adult present.* 

2. Visit a Kid-Friendly Museum  

During the toddler years, your child is learning rapidly. You can satisfy their hunger for new information by visiting an age-appropriate kids’ museum. A museum is an excellent place to keep cool. While you enjoy the air conditioning, you may also be able to get a cold snack at the café after exploring. Many child-friendly facilities will offer discounted admission during the summer months. You will also find plenty of places where toddler-age kids are free. 

While dedicated children’s museums are among the most popular, you can also visit archaeology museums full of dinosaurs. There are history museums with hands-on learning opportunities and aquariums with fish and sharks. Many art galleries have special days for kids. Look for storytime and craft time in their gorgeous rooms and banquet halls. 

Natural science museums let your toddler take a closer look at mammals and birds. They can also learn more about insects and reptiles. Many natural science facilities have exhibits featuring rocks and minerals. Your kid may even be able to pick up a crystal or raw gemstone as a souvenir in the gift shop. 

Some technology and science museums will give toddlers opportunities to do tiny experiments. As they gain STEM skills, they’ll learn how to get excited by innovation. If you’re looking for something interesting this summer, keep an eye out for mobile museums that may visit your area. These exhibits often contain interesting artifacts like mummies or fossils. They may also contain interesting artifacts from local history or inspiring vehicles like old fire trucks or vintage race cars. 

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3. Explore the Wonders of Nature 

Summer is a season to get outside! If you have a park or nature trail near your house, consider exploring it with your child. Of course, you’ll need to check the weather to be sure it won’t be too stormy or hot. If you can, make your plans for the morning to help ensure your discoveries are as comfortable as possible.  

Take a backpack with your exploration essentials. Be sure to pack water and travel-friendly snacks that will keep you both going, such as fruit and crackers. You should also have the right sun protection for your little one. If you plan on spending a few moments without shade, you can choose toddler boy or toddler girl clothes and accessories with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) blocking fabric. This type of material will help safeguard your child’s skin without exposing them to toxic products. 

Since you’ll be trying to keep your toddler cool all morning, you can choose cotton shirts and shorts. While they’re lightweight and breathable, many outfits for boys and girls are also impeccably stylish. Look for garments with fun screen prints and vibrant colors. Tops featuring campfires and forest animals will have you ready for your hike together. Traversing a farm or botanical garden? A toddler outfit set with fruit or flowers is sure to have your little one looking adorable. 

Now that you have their outfits down, satisfy their need for curiosity. Let them bring binoculars or a magnifying glass to look at birds or bugs. If you’re in an open space, they can use a kite to understand more about the wind and weather. Other ways to explore nature together include creating a checklist of animals to find in your ecosystem and doing crayon and paper rubbings on trees and leaves to learn more about their texture. 

4. Visit Somewhere New  

Now that your baby is bigger, you can think about visiting somewhere new together. A special activity will help to expand your child’s horizons while celebrating summer. It doesn’t matter whether you have hours or are taking a week’s worth of vacation time. There are so many things to do that will keep your toddler engaged and active. 

Think about how much time you have and then get planning! When you have the afternoon free, you can drive across town to a playground you haven’t seen before. For those who live near the seashore, it’s fun to plan a morning at the beach eating a picnic lunch and collecting seashells. You could also take a daytime trip to a toddler-friendly theme park or to visit a family member. 

When it comes to dressing your child, pack a lightweight backpack or duffel bag with outfits that are easy to mix and match. Cotton shirts and shorts in complementary colors are an ideal choice for almost any summer occasion. Add some joggers or leggings for evenings and nap time. 

If you end up staying the whole evening, many toddler outfit sets can also double as sleepwear. Dress up the ensemble with cute sandals or a fun toddler cap. Gauze shirts and shorts will make your little one feel breezy all while looking stylish. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and then talk about the event afterward. Your little boy or girl will practice recalling memories and important information as they bond with you over the adventure you had together. 

Toddlers love to stay busy! If you’re looking for fun and the best summer activities for toddlers, we can give you plenty of inspiration here

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Having a Fun and Educational Summer 

Your toddler deserves an exciting and enlightening time this summer! The activities above are sure to please. While your little one will have fun, you’ll find it easy to keep them busy. Remember to take photos to commemorate the events. As a parent or family member, you’ll be glad you did! 

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