4 Great Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

4 Great Ways to Stimulate Your Dog's Mind. Dogs are just like humans in many ways. They are empathetic, loyal, and excitable.


4 Great Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

Dogs are just like humans in many ways. They are empathetic, loyal, excitable, and they can even read their owner’s facial expressions. But they are most like us in that they get bored easily. Just like you, your dog can get sick of the same old daily routine. You know you need to feed them, exercise them, and take them to the vets now and then, but another crucial element of dog ownership is providing mental stimulation.

If a dog is not regularly challenged and exposed to new things, it will succumb to boredom and may even act up as a result. You might see them take this negative energy out on your furniture or carpets if you’re not careful.

 To keep your dog’s mind active and prevent misbehavior, here are four creative ways to challenge and stimulate them every single day.

Teach them new tricks

As a human, whenever you learn a new skill or piece of knowledge, you are bettering yourself and stimulating your brain. The same goes for dogs too. Our canine friends are not content to just eat and sleep all day, so make an effort to teach them something new. Start with the basic commands like sitting and lying down on demand, then move on to more complex tasks. Not only will your dog become more intelligent, but you will also be guaranteed to impress your friends too. Take a look at this list of tricks any dog can learn for inspiration. 

Upgrade their toys

Is your dog sick to death of all the same old boring toys? The chewy rubber balls and the ragged stuffed animals you pick up from the bargain bucket at your local pet store might keep them occupied for a while, but they won’t challenge or engage your dog’s mind. Aim to give them more interactive dog toys and puzzles that will occupy their brain and make them think. For example, there are toys you can hide treats inside and your dog has to figure out how to get it. Here are some of the best interactive dog toys.

Introduce them to new people

Whenever your dog meets a new person or another animal, they are introduced to a whole host of new sensations. Take your canine companion out to the park to meet other dogs or invite visitors around to your home. Some dogs can get overwhelmed by new people so start slow and don’t push your dog too far out of its comfort zone.

Run errands together

If you have some jobs that need doing, why not take your dog with you? Go for a run to the post office, a walk to the grocery store, or even take them on a ride through the car wash. All these new experiences provide your pooch with a variety of new sights, smells, and stimulants that will excite them and stave off boredom. And it will give you some company for those boring jobs too.

In conclusion, dogs need stimulation just as much as we do. By following these four tips you will help to engage your pet’s mind and keep them from succumbing to boredom and bad behavior.

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  1. Aw, all great tips and the new toys one is something we pretty much do here weekly as my girls love getting the dog new toys. So, our dog is not lacking in that department 😀

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