4 Dream Destinations for a Wedding

These four dream destinations for a wedding have been selected by many couples as the ideal place to have their wedding. Enjoy this list!

4 Dream Destinations for a Wedding

Finally the question has been asked and all you can think about is the big day. It is totally natural if your soon-to-happen wedding is all you can think about. It will symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a chapter where you will have a co-protagonist to love and support you no matter what, and you want that day to be perfect.

One way to make that day immaculate is by choosing one of the most beautiful places in the world as the location of your wedding. Consider a destination wedding to add an extra touch of magic and adventure to your big day. Of course, planning and organizing your wedding in another country will be a bit challenging, but you shouldn’t worry much about that. The four destinations below have been selected by many couples as the ideal place to have their wedding since just the fact that they travelled to a spectacular place contributed to the specialness of their celebration. 

1 – A Greek island

The vastness of the blue sea and sky with a splash of clear white from all the buildings creates a breathtaking view that you can only find in Greek islands. If you want a simple but elegant wedding in a land that combines picturesque places and a lot of venues to dance and have fun, then you don’t have to look any further. The team at goldenappleweddings.com will help you not only with the location and the venues but with every aspect of your wedding. 

2 – Paris, France

This comes as no surprise. Paris is called ‘the city of love’ and a lot of couples choose this city either for their wedding or for their honeymoon. The Victorian architecture that dominates the city, the emphasis on arts, as almost all artistic and literary movements, like Romanticism, appeared there, its rich history and the monuments dedicated to love, like the Wall of Love, are just a few of the reasons why Paris is the dream destination for all couples. 

3 – Verona, Italy

Verona is where Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s most famous and loved characters, fell in love. The ending of Romeo and Juliet’s love story may not be a happy one, but the greatness of love has been ingrained in the city. Festivals, culture and tales of love can be enjoyed while there. It is impossible not to fall head over heels with the city and with the person that stands alongside you during this trip at one of the most romantic places in Italy and all around the world. 

4 – Madrid, Spain

An alternative but still extremely romantic destination that you can go to and get married at is Madrid. If you are outgoing and party people, then Madrid is the city you need to be. It is famous for its excellent bars, delicious food, and the parties that can go on all night. Of course, there are spots that you can go to in order to spend some romantic time with your significant other, like strolling through parks or going rowing. 

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