4 Baby Must Haves You Need for a Stress-Free Parenting Journey

Many things can help us have a stress-free parenting journey available in your local baby stores. With the know-how on the must-haves, you can live a more comfortable parenting life. 

If you are a parent, you know that raising a baby is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort from the parents.  This is because babies need all the attention they can get. 

There would be sleepless nights because the baby might need a diaper change during the night, or they might be hungry. Whatever your baby needs, you will always be there to provide. 

In parenting and child care, stress is something you cannot avoid. You would sometimes be stressed because you might not know why your baby is crying. You can also get stressed if you are juggling work and childcare. 

This is why we are. We are here to share tips on alleviating some of the stress you are experiencing. 

Many things can help us have a stress-free parenting journey available in your local baby stores. With the know-how on the must-haves, you can live a more comfortable parenting life. 

The Style of Filipino Parents

You should establish your parenting style in the early stages of raising your baby. This will help you have a stress-free parenting journey. This is because your parenting style affects the development of your child. 

It was found through research entitled Parenting in the Philippines: A review of the research literature from 2004 to 2014 that the dominant parenting style in the Philippines is the authoritative parenting style. 

The 3 parenting styles used in the Filipino setting are the following:

  • Authoritative – As was said earlier, this had been determined as the dominant parenting style in the Philippines. These kinds of parents show love through communication and setting standards. These allow their child to grow independently. 
  • Permissive – This parenting style is low on standards but communicates highly with their children. These kinds of parents are usually not decision-makers for their children, they will just give advice, but it will still be up to their children if they would follow it. 
  • Authoritarian – This kind of parenting is low on communication but high when it comes to setting standards. This kind of parent usually likes to control their kids. In addition, these kinds of parents are stern. 

If you can find the right parenting style, you can use this to raise your kid. Knowing your style and when to mix these styles can allow you to know your child better and understand them on a deeper level. These things can help you raise your child stress-free. 

What Are Some of the Must-Haves for Me to Have a Stress-Free Parenting Journey?

After establishing your parenting style and how to apply the other styles in raising your child, it is time to equip yourself with some of the must-haves to help you have a smooth parenting journey. 

Save Money With Cloth Diapers

Childcare is for financially stable parents. How do I say so? According to a study, parents must have at least 60,000 pesos to raise a child and provide for their needs. 

Filipinos are frugal and wise with their money when applied in the Philippines. They want to save as much as possible. 

This is where cloth diapers come in. cloth diapers can help parents save money. This is because they could cut the cost of buying disposable diapers every time they run out. 

Cloth diapers come in a variety of designs that are available in most online baby shops. Aside from helping parents cut down their costs, parents also use cloth diapers to protect their children from rashes. Cloth diapers help your baby’s diaper area to breathe, and they use cotton, which is not irritating to babies’ skin. 

Your Everyday Bag

As parents, you want to show what the world looks like. Going out with your babies can be hassle and stress-free if you have an everyday bag that can carry and fit every baby product you need whenever you go outside. 

Some of the things that your baby’s bag should be able to fit are the following: 

  • Changing pads
  • Their diapers
  • Travel wipes for when you change their diapers or when they make a mess during outside meals 
  • Ointment if they have diaper rash 
  • Their bottles and toys
  • Change of clothes 
  • Milk formula and water 

Diffuser for a Better Sleep

Parents can also be stressed when their babies do not sleep peacefully. Babies can have a hard time sleeping if their nap times are inconsistent. If they slept too much during the day, they might not sleep that much during the night. 

Diffusers can help babies sleep better. The aroma can help babies relax and sleep more. The parent can rest or have “me time” to destress when the baby is asleep. 

Safety Is of Top Priority

Parents always want to make sure their babies are safe. If they know their babies are safe, they can be at peace and continue their actions. 

One product that could help you monitor your baby’s safety is a baby video monitor. This is useful when you are in the same space but cannot directly look after your baby. 

For example, you are in the living room preparing food, and your baby sleeps. Baby monitors can help you see what your baby is up to. You can know when they wake up or hear when they cry. 

Additionally, installing baby gates are also a way to keep them safe. If you have stairs, these baby gates can prevent babies from going down the stairs all by themselves. You can also put baby gates at the entrance of your kitchen to keep babies away from sharp objects in the kitchen area. 

Wrapping It Up

Parenting is never easy. The responsibilities you have can be pretty stressful. For you to raise your child with all the love you can give, you must be stress-free. 

If you are stress-free, then you can focus more on your baby. You could provide what they need without missing out on anything. 

Having things or gadgets that could help you make parenting a little easier is important. A little help can make your parenting life stress free.

While investing and gathering on these baby must-haves, you must also remember to look after yourself. Take a break whenever you can; a little rest can go a long way in the parenting journey.

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