3 Reasons to Photograph Everything of Value You Own

If you haven’t thought of taking a photograph of everything of value you own, here are a few reasons why you might want to get on that today.

You may not be a photography buff, but there are times you may wish you had been. Think about all the times the kids did something so cute you were sorry you hadn’t picked up your smartphone to snap a shot for their memory book. While that is a moment in time that is priceless, you do have several things of value that you should be taking photos of and saving them to disk, if nothing else. In fact, there may come a time when you thank yourself for doing so. If you haven’t thought of taking pictures of all your valuables, here are a few reasons why you might want to get on that today.

1. To File an Insurance Claim

If you own something of value, you obviously have it insured. From jewelry to electronics, automobiles and even your home, good quality photographs can substantiate the stated value. If ever you have to file an insurance claim against loss or theft, those pictures will come in quite handy.

2. To Make a Quick Sale

There is nothing faster than a same-day sale and that’s what owners of exotic cars often negotiate. It’s only a matter of working with a group like We Buy Exotics that buy and pay within minutes of the transaction to understand how valuable those pictures really were. If you already have them on file, perhaps in One Drive, it’s only a matter of sending them the photos so they can verify the vehicle and the condition it’s in. No matter where you are, if they can see clear photos, companies like that are happy to make an offer.

3. Last Will and Testament

Another important reason to photograph everything of value that you own is if you are leaving those items in your Last Will and Testament. Since every family has that one person who will always contest a will, not matter how clearly it was stated, a picture is worth a thousand words. There is no getting away from the fact that you wanted your eldest son to get the Lamborghini and your youngest son to get the Bentley. You sold the Aston Martin a few years ago, but thankfully you had a picture to make a quick deal of it. In other words, it is pretty hard to dispute what is right in front of you, even if it is only a picture. That’s why you need photographs for last wills and testaments UK, because it will make a difference when you have as many clean shots of your items of value as possible.

You may not be an ace photographer, but it pays to make sure you get clean shots with as many details as possible. The valuation of each item is dependent on an appraisal price and if it should be lost or stolen, that may be the only way to prove its worth. Who knows? You might even have so much fun taking pictures of all your valuables that you found a new hobby to pursue. Just remember to keep them on file and if at all possible, store them in the Cloud. You never know when you might need one of those shots on a moment’s notice.

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