3 Reasons to Switch to Wishbone Cat Food

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wishbone Pet Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.

Looking to switch to a new cat food? We LOVE Wishbone Pasture. Why? Here are three major reasons to make the switch #ad #addictionpetfoods #wishbonepetfoods

The thing is, I need to talk about my cat again.

I can’t resist! It’s not just the fact that she’s eight pounds fully grown and has a perpetual kitten face, but it’s that she radiates happiness and calm. Sometimes you meet another animal, or another cat, and they don’t seem happy and at ease. Juniper is always happy and at ease. She’s young and playful and LOVES her food. I think the fact that we find such amazing food for her helps tremendously. You can’t go wrong with Wishbone Pet Foods. We love Pasture Cat food for many reasons. These three main reasons made it easy for us to make the switch, and stick with it for long-term. Our happy cat.

1 – TASTE. She loves it! You escape to the rolling pastures of New Zealand, where lamb are given free range to graze, and they are raised free of artificial hormones. The recipe is grain-free and evokes the crisp and vibrant flavors of blueberries, cranberries, papayas and summer mangos. It’s perfectly balanced with the taste of free-range and flavorful lamb.

2 – QUALITY. So much thought and love goes into Wishbone Cat Food in Pasture. They use natural ingredients (more on that soon) with added vitamins and minerals, and they’re free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It’s grain-free and gluten-free, and proudly from New Zealand. The food is for cats of all life stages. Their mission is to bring extraordinary pet food at ordinary prices to busy cat parents like me. Their foods are so natural, and with a purpose of health/wellness.

3 – INGREDIENTS. These are ingredients you can trust. We all know that the healthiest foods come from our own gardens – so Pasture is made with local produce and meats from farmers they know and trust. It has so many awesome ingredients, like lamb, peas, flaxseed, blueberries, cranberries, basil, thyme, and so much more! Even Green Tea Extract!

Look how happy she gets when she sees me with the bag!

I’ve honestly never seen a cat food like this. We can’t wait to try the Roost variety, although Pasture is a big hit around here. I love how it’s so easy to get from Amazon and it ships to us in only a few days, tops. It lasts too!

I love to read about their story and to see how our little Juniper reacts to their food. It’s gotten to a great point where my kids know that feeding the cat is a bonding experience, so they “take turns” feeding her. I love that it’s actually something they argue over, because it saves me the trip, and I’ve certainly seen how it draws our cat closer to both kids. She used to be more skittish and now she actively seeks out both of my kids for snuggles and ear scratches. The best!

Check out their awesome products, here. Do you think you’d pick out Roost or Pasture for your cat?

Looking to switch to a new cat food? We LOVE Wishbone Pasture. Why? Here are three major reasons to make the switch #ad #addictionpetfoods #wishbonepetfoods


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