3 Reasons We Have a Culligan Water Filtration System

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I grew up with a water filtration system and once I moved away from home, I had missed it since. That's why I'm so happy to be back to my filtered water roots! #ad #HeyCulligan #CulliganIC

I’m going to be honest. There are more than three reasons we have become a Culligan Water home.

And those first three reasons are: My hair. My skin. And my hair again. That truly counts twice, doesn’t it? Did I mention that I do love my hair? Did I mention that I will do anything for the health and shine and thickness of my hair?

I digress, though. There are a ton of reasons to be a Culligan Water Home, and we’re happy with our new Culligan Water Filtration System. To be honest, I had considered the importance of our water in our everyday life, but I had needed a reminder, before our system was installed. I grew up with a water filtration system and I had missed it daily since. When I grew up and left home, I left that behind. I would still experience it on occasion, but my parents sold my childhood home and someone else was there enjoying it! This brings me back to my roots – my childhood roots, and of course, my healthy hair roots!

Yes, I had to bring up my hair a second time.

I’m going to tell you WHY we chose a Culligan Water Filtration System. We’ve been renovating our house for what seems like forever, and at this point, it’s just the fun stuff. It’s the upgrades. It’s the installations that give us a better and more enjoyable life.

3 Reasons We Have (and Love) a Culligan Water Filtration System:

1 – Our hair! If you didn’t already know, we’re a hair family. When I left home for college, I missed the experience of soft water. Not only that, but my hair suffered. It had a lot of buildup and was impossible to get a comb through. Gone was the clean and shiny hair from my youth! I still had it, but I had to fake it, or hope to get to my parent’s old house on the weekends. When I lived in California, the water was amazing again and every day was a good hair day. I really wanted that feeling again. I missed it. I wanted my hair to feel glossy and manageable like it once was. And considering that I comb the kids’ hair too, I was excited for them to have the benefits as well. This is exactly what we were looking for in our home!

2 – Our skin! I wanted softer skin. Especially in the winter, but also year round as well, we get dry skin. I love how our softened water gets such a nice lather with soaps, detergents and shampoos, letting a little product go a long way. The difference is instant. A water filtration system means softer everything – hair, skin, towels, etc. I couldn’t help but be impressed by how fast we saw the difference. We wash our hands a lot around here, especially with two in school.

3 – It’s clear Culligan Water is a leader in innovative water filtration systems and softeners. They helped us identify our water issues – whether that was hard water, cloudy water, or the taste of our water. They were extra helpful! We love that they have a goal to provide the best customer service experience, in addition to leaving us with water they can trust! That right there is probably our number one reason for wanting to share this experience. I can’t even believe all the preliminary calls to make sure we were ready for our installation, and then the follow-up calls as well. Every Culligan team member we talked to was helpful, kind, intuitive, and fun too! I felt like we were a real part of the installation and understanding how it works.

In fact, be on the lookout for a future Culligan Water post on this blog. Our Culligan Water Filtration System is still new to us, so I plan to write more insights on this new experience as they come along. Right now we’re in the honeymoon period, but I honestly can’t see that ending! Like I said, we had great water in my childhood home and I want to emulate that. What makes it better now, though, is that there’s so much new technology now, like an app! Culligan products and services ensure that every day is a “good water day.” There is never too much information, and our showers/bath/drinking water experiences are now better.

Do you have a water filtration system in your home?

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  1. Ooo I might have to look into this. I get my water from the fridge, but it’s starting to taste weird.

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