3 Must-Try Self-Tanners

There's just something about glowing skin. Here are some of the best must-try self-tanners to ensure you get the look you’ve been craving.

There’s just something about gorgeously glowing skin that makes you feel happy, attractive, and confident. Yet the sun isn’t safe, and tanning beds aren’t a great idea either. Don’t worry, though; there is another option. Thanks to some clever thinking by those in the know, you can self-tan using a variety of different products to give you that youthful, striking glow you want without any of the unhealthy side effects. With that in mind, here are some of the best must-try self-tanners to ensure you get the look you’ve been craving.

Lux Unfiltered No12 Bronzing Face Drops

Having a sunkissed face can make all the difference when it comes to how great you feel about yourself, and using Lux Unfiltered No12 Bronzing Face Drops is a fantastic way to get that great feeling – and look.

What makes these drops such a good choice is that they’re excellent value for money, with one bottle (which has been designed to look wonderful, as an added bonus) lasting for a good long time; it might cost more upfront, but you’ll have to replace it far less than a cheaper tanning product. On top of this, it has excellent coverage and won the Allure Best of Beauty award, so you can rest assured you’re making a good choice. Lux Unfiltered No12 are available to buy on their website, and these Bronzing Face Drops are also sold through Amazon.

Isle Of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

Self-tanning is a great thing to do, but everyone can tell when you get it wrong. You’ll end up with an orange glow rather than a natural one, and if the product you’re using flakes and crumbles or smells strongly as well, the illusion will be shattered. These are not issues you need to worry about when using the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops, which you can use on your face and body to give yourself an all-over deep tan.

Ingredients include coconut, chia seeds, and avocado oils, which means your skin will be hydrated and look healthy and fresh. Plus, the tanning drops include color-correcting actives, so you don’t have to worry about streaks and lines – and you won’t go orange either.

Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Tinted Tan

You need to take good care of your skin; it’s what gives you confidence and protects your body. Tanning and skincare don’t always go hand in hand, but when you use the Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Tinted Tan product, you can be sure you’re doing the right thing for your body (and you’ll look great while you’re doing it).

This is a gradual tanning formula; it takes around three days to build up to the color you want while ensuring your skin stays thoroughly hydrated at the same time. This can be a great way to keep a natural tan for longer or to give yourself a more subtle fake tan, depending on what you need. No matter why you want to use it, you’re sure to get great results.

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