3 Best Times to Visit to Bali

Bali is a tourist destination that is never empty of tourists. We will provide several guidelines for those of you who want to go on holiday to Bali so you can choose the right time.

Bali is a tourist destination that is never empty of tourists. You can hire driver in Bali so you can have a pleasant trip. Moreover, Bali is always busy with tourists, almost every year millions of tourists visit Bali and enjoy the beauty of the beaches and mountains.

Bali is an island in Indonesia that has been famous for its beautiful beaches for decades. Almost everyone in the world knows Bali. So, there’s no harm in visiting Bali once in your life.

Bali has succeeded in making many tourists come back again because there is too much beauty that has not been explored. If you are planning a holiday to Bali, you should know that certain times are suitable for enjoying the beauty of Bali.

We will provide several guidelines for those of you who want to go on holiday to Bali so you can choose the right time.

Guide to Choosing the Best Time to Go to Bali

Indonesia is a tropical country so the weather in Indonesia is difficult to predict, including in Bali. Many tourists are a little disappointed because they chose the wrong time to visit Bali.

Therefore, before you leave for Bali, you must first find out when is the best time so that your holiday will be enjoyable. Here are some suitable times to visit Bali:

1. May – June

The months of May and June are the right choice for you to visit Bali. The reason is that currently, Indonesia is in summer. The sun will shine brightly and the chance of rain is very small. From May to June, you can visit the beach or the Ubud area.

If you want to go to Ubud, then the right choice is to go in May. Because at this time, Ubud will hold many interesting festivals. Like a culinary and cultural festival, you can enjoy typical Indonesian cuisine at this festival.

Or if you want to visit the beach, then May-June is the right choice. The beach waves are not too scary, so you can enjoy swimming at the beach comfortably.

The weather in Indonesia during May-June is not too hot and the possibility of rain is also very small. So you can enjoy your holiday in Bali comfortably and won’t feel disappointed.

2. Avoid the rainy season

As we know, Indonesia is a tropical country, so it can rain at any time. Therefore, you can plan to look for car rental and hire drivers in Bali. Renting a car and driver in Bali will make your trip more comfortable.

Especially in the rainy season, you don’t need to have trouble finding public transportation. Because your driver will take you wherever you want. Just imagine, when you go to Bali in the rainy season and have to look for public transportation, you will feel uncomfortable.

It also often rains in Bali, especially in November-March. Avoid coming to Bali during the rainy season, because you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bali or visit the waterfalls in Ubud.

It can rain all day long, so your agenda will be disrupted. When the rainy season arrives, most tourists find it difficult to visit famous tourist destinations in Bali. So they will choose to stay in accommodation and enjoy the rain in Bali.

3. Festival Season

If you want to enjoy many festivals in Bali, then you can choose to come in April-October. Currently, Indonesia is in the dry season so it never rains. So in Bali, many festivals will be held in April-October.

There are many festivals that you can enjoy, such as the Ubud Jazz Festival which is held in August, and various other festivals. Apart from enjoying the beautiful beaches in Bali, you can also learn about Balinese culture and culinary delights.

Many foreign tourists visit in the dry season because they can enjoy the trip and not be hindered by rain. However, you still have to have an umbrella or raincoat ready, because rain can fall at any time, even in the dry season.

Hire driver in Bali will make your trip more comfortable and safe. You can be taken to various destinations without difficulty reading the navigation. You will enjoy a short and memorable holiday in Bali.

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