2022 Summer Beach Vacation Packing List

Nothing says summer like a beach vacation! Take a look at our 2022 summer beach vacation packing list for everyone in your family.

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Nothing says summer like a beach vacation!

Beach vacations are refreshing, fun, and exciting. They also need extra things to pack to ensure your family stays comfortable during your frolic in the frothy foam (say that five times fast). 

Take a look at our 2022 summer beach vacation packing list for everyone in your family.

General Tips for Packing for the Beach

Vacations are supposed to be fun! Pack for comfort first. Go for flowy, cotton clothes, even for chilling at the beach house or hotel at night, because chances are the beach scene will be hot and breezy. Light-colored clothing is best to prevent sunburn, even if you choose to wear long sleeves.

When packing for your summer beach vacation, make sure to choose a large durable suitcase to have plenty of space to pack all your beautiful summer clothes. A lightweight suitcase will also be easier to carry, especially if you are traveling to the beach. In addition, a large suitcase will be more durable and withstand the rigors of travel better than a smaller one. So when packing for your summer vacation, make sure to choose a large and durable suitcase to protect all your beautiful summer clothes.

Appropriate footwear is a must. Sandals and flip-flops are ideal for the sand. Sneakers offer excellent traction, but they are a pain to get all of the sand out of them later. Water shoes are perfect if you want the best of both worlds. They offer more protection than open-toed sandals.

Beach bags are fantastic because they keep all of your gear together in one place. Put your name on the beach bag and choose a unique pattern that stands out from the crowd in case you wander away from your chosen cozy spot.

Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen! Typical sunscreen only lasts two or three hours before you have to reapply it. Set a reminder on your smartphone, so you don’t forget.

Some items don’t make sense to buy ahead of time, especially if you’re flying. Sunscreen is one of those items. The TSA only allows bottles up to 3.4 ounces as carry-ons and 18 ounces in checked baggage. Also, you don’t want the sunscreen to accidentally open or squirt all over the plastic zipper bag it’s in.

Must-Haves for the Beach

These are the items you can’t forget to pack, or there will be crying.

  • Swimsuits are obvious. But you might want to pack two for each person in case you can’t get to the laundry or the laundry facilities are too far away from where you’re staying.
  • Packing beach towels depends on where you’re staying. If it’s a beach resort that caters to sun worshippers, such as an all-inclusive resort Montego, you might not have to pack beach towels.
  • Sunglasses, because they make it easier to see your kids. Make sure they offer UVA and UVB protection.
  • Folding chairs and possibly a folding table. Chairs and loungers are easier to get out of than sitting on the beach. Plus, the chairs make it easier to reach the table when it’s snack time. But again, this depends on where you’re staying. A hotel resort right on the beach probably has chairs already laid out.
  • A cooler to keep drinks, snacks, and possibly lunch cold. You don’t need a gigantic cooler, but at least make it large enough to have enough snacks until you head back to where you’re staying for lunch.
  • Swimming supports or flotation devices for kids that don’t swim very strongly, like items that go along people’s arms.
  • Nothing helps make-believe tales of a princess in a castle come to life more than a sandcastle. You can make it as simple or complex as you like! Buckets and sandcastle-building tools to let your imagination flow.

Might-Wanna-Haves for the Beach Vacation

UV-barrier swimsuits offer protection from the sun’s rays, much like sunscreen does. Look for UPF clothing from major retailers. If you don’t want to invest in UPF clothing, polyester and nylon both do an excellent job of disrupting ultraviolet light before it reaches your skin.

Bring your favorite reading tablet or hardcover book to truly escape from the world. Just sit back, lose yourself in a book, and let the waves rock you to sleep for an afternoon nap.

Running on the sand is fun, but there might be a sharp piece of driftwood or a stick that pokes up through the sand and causes a boo-boo on your little one’s leg. Bring a first aid kit just in case. Make sure your first aid kit has antiseptic, antibacterial ointment, bandages, and pain relievers in case the sunburn makes it hard to sleep later.

Cash for times when the telecommunications are a bit shoddy, or you run across establishments that don’t take plastic. Have some cash on hand with you in case there are no ATMs where you’re staying.

Translation app if traveling to another country where English is not the native language. In case of an emergency, have a translation or interpretation app on your smartphone ready for use, whether it’s an app that translates spoken or written.

Most of All, Bring Enjoyment to Your Beach Vacation!

Vacations, no matter where you go, should be relaxing and fun! Bring your sunny attitude even if some things don’t go according to plan.

We hope you enjoy your time at the beach as you make fond memories you’ll treasure forever!

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